(It will take a long while for this story to be completely finished since I have LIMITED access to the internet, but I will do the best I can.)


Voices...everywhere. But from who? Why did her head hurt? Why did she taste blood? What happened, when, how? Why couldn't she open her eyes? Questions that were lost far from answers. She bit her tongue, the sharp pain rattling her aching body.

Wait, crying? Who's crying? She thought. And screaming? And yelling? Is it me? No, hold on! Give me answers! her mind begged.

She felt lost in the haunting silence of her eyes. Blind. What happened? Wouldn't anyone answer her? Then...darkness.

Chapter 1:

"C'mon, pick up!"

Spencer paced nervously in his bedroom, listening to the endless ringing of his sister's phone. As he dialed again, a pain shot his heart. Something was wrong. Very wrong. Carly had not come home an hour ago and Spencer's mind was spinning.

What happened? he kept thinking.

Just as he was about to dial Carly again, he heard his front door burst open. He ran to his living room.

"Carly Shay, you'd better have-"

He stopped when he realized it wasn't his sister that crashed through his door, but a bruised Sam.

"Sam!" he said, picking the blonde up off the floor. "Are you ok? Where's Carly?"

The unshed tears in Sam's eyes caused a knot to form in the middle of Spencer's stomach.

Spencer raced to the hospital in his car with Sam in the passenger seat holding an ice pack to her cut forehead.

God, please... Spencer thought.

He pulled up to the hospital doors and bounded from he driver seat, pushing himself to get to the floor Carly was on. A nurse stopped him in his tracks.

"Sir, you don't belong-" she started.

"Please, my name is Spencer Shay!" Spencer rushed through his words. "I'm looking for my sister, Carly Shay! Do you know where she is?"

"Yes, of course." the nurse said with an upset frown. "Follow me."

Spencer wrung his hands until they hurt. He followed the nurse with shaky feet.

"In here, Mr. Shay."

Spencer peeked into the room and turned away, tears clouding his eyes. The knot in his stomach tightened. The sight of his sister in the bed, like a fragile rag doll, felt like his eyes were being burned.

"Will-will she live?" he choked in a gasp.

The nurse's expression did not change when she shrugged.

"The doctor's aren't sure" she said. "She arrived in critical condition. Fortunatelyl, she can breathe on her own, but they aren't sure how long that will last either. We have her under close watch in case she flat lines again."

"Again?" Spencer said.

"She did once immidiatly after she arrived." the nurse said, nodding. "She has a few cracked ribs, a broken arm and leg, and a minor gash on her forehead."

Spencer couldn't see straight. He sat down and watched the floor spin.

"Hey," Sam called from the stairs. "Isn't anyone going to take care of me?"

(Chapter 2 in progress)