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Recommended for ages 10 and up.

A Love StoryEdit

By:Seddie Shipper


Carly,Sam and Freddie are reading some comment's in there last episode.There is One comment from BigDaisy200 and she Comment: "Freddie don't say it to Carly and Sam this comment,Do you like Sam or Carly?" and Freddie get his laptop and go to his room.He destroy his big Carly picture and burn it.And say to himself "Ok Freddie,What will you answer".So he tick and he answer to BigDaisy200 "I Love Sam a little.First I Was dating Carly and Sam told me that Carly never inlove in me soooooooooooo I Say to Carly what Sam Say's to me and we broke up"


Carly and Sam is reading comments and they see BigDaisy200's comment and they read the comment and they see Freddie's reply.Sam's eyes have been bigger.When Freddie have enter the room and she throw him-up.And she Question Freddie a Question "Do you love me" and He reply "Yes!Yes!Yes!".Then Carly go to the lobby and she cry.And ask herself "Why Freddie love Sam,I Know that Freddie never love Sam".So Carly find brad and make him as her Boyfriend.Carly say to brad:Brad can you be my boyfriend?" and Brad answer's:Ok.So Sam and Freddie fighting about the comment.


In the School many of Carly,Sam and Freddie's classmate read the comment about BigDaisy200's comment.One of Freddie's nerd Friend tell him "You like Sam" and Freddie Say's "Yes,a little".Then his friend tease him "Seddie!Seddie!Seddie!".In the next iCarly Many of there Creddie fan go to their studio.And Get Carly and Freddie to Kiss.One of their Creddie fan get the Camera and make them kiss.".Sam take Freddie in Carly's Living room and Talk.


Many of Creddie fan's leave and Get Freddie.But when they gonna get Freddie,One of the Creddie fan Say "Guys,It's to late".They see Sam and Freddie kiss

The EndEdit

Hope you like it

Seddie Shipper 02:32, April 29, 2011 (UTC)