This story is rated T.
Recommended for teen-level readers.

A Sad Love StoryEdit

by: Mistress of the Strange

You still remember how he asked you out, and you, afraid of being hurt, reject him.

How he didn't gave up and kept asking you out, but always in a nice, respectful way, just like he was.

You still remember how you moved out from Seattle leaving him and Carly behind, how when you saw his facebook update to "in a relationship" your heart broke.

How you confess Carly that you were in love with him and that you missed him in the facebook chat ,how when she asked why did you kept rejecting him all the time you said. "Because I was afraid" But told you that she was sure that he still loved you. But you knew I was too late.

You remember how you learned to live those next month's without him. But you still missed him.

You remember that November 18 were you came into your house and you found your mother sitting in the couch waiting for you.

Suddenly you knew something was wrong. And you were right.

She told you that he has had an accident, and that he hasn't survived.

You cried all the day and you tried to convince yourself that it wasn't true, but you knew that he was gone, and that you'll never see him again.

You couldn't go to his funeral, but the day you visited Seattle the first thing you did was leaving fresh roses in his tomb

It had been more than a year since he left this world, anyway you can't help but look the sky and think:

"I love you, and I always will… Freddie"

Hi guys!

This is story is also in FF, just so you know...

It's rated T, because of the characters dead...

It was also my first history in English,so I know I have some grammatical mistakes, but I am trying to correct them…

I wrote this history for a friend who passed away last year, his name was Jafar. He had this "Sad love history" with a friend called Mariana.