ok so this epiosde 1 season 1

carly: hey baby im pre ...*passes out*

emma: dad mom passed out (emma's dad was at work)

sam: emma whats wrong

emma: aunt sam! mom passed out she was saying something to me than she passed out.

sam: ok emma is she ok emma

emma: i think so

sam: ok you take your mother to the car and i will call your father

emma: ok aunt sam

(sam calls freddie)

freddie: sam look i can't talk right now cause in the middle of inport meding so just leave mesgae at the beep

sam: hi freddie its sam um.. carly passed out and me emma pagie niki and baliee areb go to hoptial so when your meet us at the hoptial ok bye freddie

(at hoptial)

doctor kyle: ok mrs. benson you are having baby girl

carly: i am

doctor kyle: yes you are mrs. benson

emma: what mom your pregent

pagie: what mom is pregent

ninki: she is emma

emma; yeah mom is

baliee: what mommy your pregent im going to be a big sister finally

carly:i know baliee

(freddie walks in)

to be conuined