By Booklover101 This is another way Sam and Freddie could have had their first kiss. This is assuming the kisses in iKiss, iTwins, iSaved Your Life, and iOMG did not happen.

This story is rated K.
All can read!

Freddie was leaning back remembering the night two years ago on the fire escape.


"It's so dumb." Sam said.

"What do you mean?" Freddie asked.

"How people get all freaked out over their first kiss," she replied. "It's stupid."

"So you weren't lying?" He asked. "You've really never kissed anyone?"

"Nope," she said. "And I really don't care. I mean it will happen when it happens right?"

"Yeah. I get what you mean." Freddie said. However Freddie still wanted his first kiss. Then he thought, maybe I could share a kiss with a certain blonde haired demon. But he pushed that thought away because of the fear of getting his arm broken.

"Thanks Freddie. You helped me clear my mind. See ya tommorrow." Sam was about to leave.

"Hey Sam." Freddie called. Sam turned around.

"I hate you." He said with a playful grin.

Sam smirked. "Hate you too." Then she walked away.


Freddie was now sixteen and he still had not gotten his first kiss. He really wanted to kiss someone and not just anyone but one girl in particular.

Just then Sam walked into his room. " 'Sup Fredwierd."

"Nothing Sam. Just go away."

"Awww. Did little Freddie get a B on his math test."

"Haha funny," Freddie said sarcasticly.

"But dude seriously what's wrong?"

"I've never kissed a girl." Freddie whined.

"Ugh. We already had this discussion two years ago."

"I know but there is this one girl in particular."

Sam looked hurt. "Man up Freddork. Go kiss Carly."

"I never said I wanted to kiss Carly."

Sam looked confused. "Well who is it then."

"Why should I tell you?"


"How 'bout we play twenty questions."

"Fine," Sam pouted. "What is her hair like?"

"Beautiful, Curly blonde hair."

Sam grew curiouser and scooted closer to him. "What about her eyes?"

Freddie and Sam looked into eachother's eyes. "Sparkling blue."

Sam scooted a little more closer. "What is her favorite color?"


"Her favorite food?"


Sam looked deeply into Fredddie's eyes.Then she leaned forward and kissed him and Freddie kissed her back. Then they pulled apart. Then they kissed again this time longer.

"How are her kisses?" Sam asked.

"Amazing," Freddie replied.

Sam smiled and started to walk away.

"Oh and Sam," Freddie called.

Sam turned around. "Would you like to maybe go on a date with me?" Freddie asked.

Sam smiled. "Sure Benson, just make sure this place has got enough meat for mama. Pick me up at six on Friday." With that being said, Sam left.

Freddie sighed and smiled now content with his life.