In Frostbite, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are going on vacation to Hawaii, but something goes terribly wrong.


(starts in Carly's bedroom)


"WHAT? I was having a great dream where I was in my own fantasy world," yelled Carly to Spencer.

"Did it by chance include unicorns," jokingly asked her brother.


"Anyways, guess where we are going to on vacation," challenged Spencer.

"Is it---"

"Hawaii," yelled Spencer, interrupting his sister.


"Dang! How are you so good at this," wondered Spencer aloud.

(Leave It All To Me plays)

"Man, I have a long ringtone. Who would be calling me at 5 AM" questioned Spencer, breaking the fourth wall.

(scene switches to Ridgeway High School)

"Hey, guys," says Carly to her two best friends, Sam and Freddie.

"Hey," says Freddie

"'Sup" asks Sam

"Spencer and I are going on a vacation to Hawaii later today, just as soon as summer break starts. Do you wanna come?"

"Sure," said Sam

"Yeah," said Freddie.

"Great," said Carly. "well, I gotta get to Biology. I sure hope we aren't going to dicect a frog."

"Ew," they all said simultaneously


(In the Ridgeway Auditorium)

"Congratulating this year's graduating senior class,"announced Mrs. Briggs. "Principal Franklin, you can take it from here."

Eventually, Principal Franklin listed "Fredward Benson" (Yay, that's my boy! Remember to sanitze your hands," cried Mrs. Benson.), and then Orenthal Gibson, Samantha Puckett, and Carlotta Shay.

"Congratulations to this year's senior graduates!"

(Back at the Bushwell Plaza)

"Hey, Lewbert, guess what," said Carly

"Hey, I just mopped there!"

"We graduated," noted Carly

"Meh," said Lewbert, more concerned about the floors.


(At the Shay apartment)

"Are you ready," asked Spencer.

"If Sam and Freddie are."


"I asked them if they wanted to come, and they said "yeah"," explained Carly