This is going to be a pretty long story, so it's gonna take a while to post. Especially since I start school on August 31st (this is being posted on August 24) so please be patient during the long periods of time. THANKS SO MUCH!

Story Note:

Single quotes (') mean that a character is thinking.

Chapter 1

Freddie hadn't felt more stupid in his life. Sitting in a bathtub with tick medicine that burned his skin so much 'til it was red. His mother never cared if she embarrased him.

'Why doesn't she believe me when I tell her I don't have ticks?!' Freddie thought as he drained the tub.

He climbed out, grabbing his yellow/orange towel that hung only three feet from where he now stood. He dried his hair and wrapped the towel around his waist. Opening the door with a small creek, he looked to make sure his mom wasn't around then snuck to his room and locked the door. His mom hated that but he needed privacy. He was, after all, 17 years old! The brunette boy opened his closet and picked out a green and blue striped polo shirt that hung loosely around his arms and chest. A pair of black jeans, socks, red Sketchers shoes and he was on his way to Carly's apartment. He knocked on the door.

"Hang on!" sounded the voice of Carly's older brother.

The door opened and Spencer smiled.

"Hey, Freddie." he said.

"Hi. Carly here?" Freddie asked, glancing around the apartment.

"Yeah, in her room." Spencer said. He moved over to allow Freddie entrance into his home.

"Thanks." Freddie said.

He waved goodbye to Spencer before disappearing up the stairs. His heart skipped a beat as he thought of seeing Carly. Especially this late at night (it was only 8:30, but to his mom that was late). He knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Carly said from inside.


The door swung open, revealing Carly with a grin on her beautiful face.

"Hi, Freddie." Carly said.

"Hey." Freddie said.

He noticed the pink and blue Penny-tee that said Crazy Coconut, which clung to Carly's chest. He walked in, taking note of the fresh scent of Cherry Apple that hung in the air.

"I just took a shower before you came over." Carly said, nodding towards the purple towel thrown absentmindedly on top of her bed.

"Figures as much. Your hair is still wet." Freddie said, smirking.

Carly's wavy hair swung back and forth as she breathed before she tucked it behind her ear.

"So what brings you over?" Carly asked, grabbing her brush.

"Nothing. Just gonna ask if you needed company." Freddie said.

Carly smiled as she brushed her brown hair.

"Nice of you to offer." she said.

She giggled and sat down at her computer/TV.

"Let's see if anyone has been on" she said.

Freddie walked over to his girly brunette friend.

"Hey, check and see if Moonlight Twi-blood got any reviews." he said.

Carly obeyed.

"Three new comments." she said.

Freddie read the first one. "'Great job on Moonlight Twi-blood! Freddie looked hot!'"

Freddie hadn't noticed that Carly rolled her eyes when he laughed.

"Easy, Texas." Carly said. "Read the next one."

"'The Idiot Farmgirl needs to be a regular in iCarly movies! Her stupidness is hilarious!'" Freddie read.

"Looks like I'm famous, too." Carly said.

She read the last one. "'I died when the Idiot Farmgirl called Freddie the Vampire stupid! Funny stuff! ROCK ON, ICARLY!'"

"Wow. People really love the Idiot Farmgirl and Freddie the Vampire bits."

"I told ya!" Freddie said. "We should do more!"

Carly giggled and turned to Freddie. "Wanna watch a movie?" she asked.

"Sure. What movie?"

"I don't know. Maybe a mystery?"

Freddie nodded. "That'll work."

"Great. I'll call Sam and-"

Freddie interuppted.

"Does she have to come over?" he asked.

"Oh, come on Freddie. I'll make sure she behaves." Carly said, resting her hand on Freddie's arm.

They smiled then laughed.

"Ok, ok. Go ahead and invite her." Freddie said.