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iAm Not Perfect
Carly's Bedroom
Author: Magicboots

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Chapter 3

Chapter OneEdit

All she ever wanted to be was perfect. Lovely hair, cool make-up, pretty clothes, stylish shoes, caring parents, amazing brother, fun best friends, big house, tons of money, everything in the world. But this scene in the Shay apartment was as far from perfect that Carly could imagine. Her hair was a mess, her mascara was smudged, her clothes were wet, she was wearing her old flip flops, her mother lived overseas and her father was in a submarine (or something like that, Carly was too frazzled to remember), her brother was hanging upside down from the ceiling, her best friends were nowhere to be seen, she didn't even live in a house, and although she had a fair amount of money, she wasn't really thinking about that.

"SPENCER!!! Why?!?" she was fuming... A rather large grrrunglefidf fell before Carly's ears as Spencer, well, fell. Her eyes widened in shock, and she rushed to help her brother up.

He replied in pain, "Sorry, Kiddo, I thought you were that crazy girl who ran into the lobby last week shou-" Carly cut him off with a shrieking voice.

"I don't CARE! Listen, I didn't really need water balloons thrown at me after I've walked home after the worst school day ever!". And with that, the 16 year old sprinted up the stairs to her room.

Freddie's smiling face was right in front of Carly's eyes. She fingered the glass cover, the red, wooden frame. She had an entire wall completely covered of photos of him, each one she had placed herself. There were already photos of all of her friends when she moved into her newly decorated room, but she arranged them into an order. She had a section of herself, one for Freddie, a section for her and Freddie together, another for Sam, a section for her and Sam, a section for Sam and Freddie (although that section was lacking photos), a section of Spencer, a section for the siblings together, and there was a place for any other photos; stuff like photos of Gibby.

She moved onto the maroon colored frames; photos of her and Freddie. She smiled as she remembered the iCarly awards...

Then she moved onto the pictures of Sam in the blue frames. A Fat Cake was being torn apart in one of the pictures.

Once Carly had stopped feeling sorry for the poor item of food, she moved onto the pink framed photos, the ones of the two girls together. She and Sam were hanging upside down from a branch on the old tree at Seattle park...

A crazy, curved, yellow frame caught her eye, and she saw Spencer pulling a funny face. She laughed at that one, and moved over to the green photos.

Ugh, there was a photo of her and Spencer at Christmas 10 years ago. She was going to take that one down!

Before she could focus on the gap where her front tooth should've been in that photo, a rather large purple photo caught her eye... Sam and Freddie were in some sort of field. A meadow, possibly? She'd never noticed the photo before... Upon further examination, she saw that Sam was on his back, her head layed on his. He was laughing widely, and she had a sweet, small, almost embarrased smile. Surely she was imagining the little moment? Yes, she must have been tired. She feasted her eyes upon her bed, and, with all thoughts of her terrible school day gone, jumped into bed.

"Who, what, where, when, why, and how. Adjectives... Verbs... Nouns..." She muttered. She sounded rude... She didn't mean for it to come out that way, but after receiving detention earlier for slamming her locker, getting a 65 on a test in Math, getting her perfect model of the solar system ruined, and her best friends avoiding her all day, Carly didn't really care.

"You arrogant brat! How dare you sass me, Shay?" Briggs spat through her teeth. She despised children, especially when they were like Carly.

"No, Miss Briggs, I'm not sassing you. You asked me to say what I'm supposed to do, and I answered." Carly answered more politely than the first time. In the back of her head, there was something telling her to yank Briggs' wig off, but Carly didn't feel like seeing an old lady's baldness on the worst school day ever.

Miss Briggs started yelling... "You get out of my classroom! Get out!!! Getoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetout! Carly!!! Carly! Carly. Carly... Carrrrrrrly... Carlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..." her teacher's squealing voice turned into her older brother's voice.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and sighed, "Spencer, what is it? It's a Saturday, and I wanna sleep!" and snatched the covers up over her head. Spencer pulled them back down, and replied " Freddie's here with some stuff for iCarly, and he wondered if he could plug some whatsitmijiggy into the abbafabbadoodaa- or something like that. And he wanted to see you.".

Her eyes lit up. Freddie wanted to see her? Really? Honestly? Maybe, just maybe, he'd want- no, no, she knew he wouldn't. He'd probably just want to ask her something about the rehearsals. Or why she had decided to iCarly on Sundays instead of Fridays. Something like that.

Spencer could see that Carly was awake, so he decided to back out of her room. Carly took a shower; she washed her hair with shampoo, scrubbed herself with her strawberry body wash, and then dried herself. Once she had pulled her dressing gown on, she made her way over to her chair and hairdryer. Now, with clean hair and berry smelling skin, she wanted to get ready. A brown mini dress stood out to her, so she changed into that. She popped on some grey flat shoes, and headed up to the studio. Well, after she applied her mascara and some lipgloss.

"Hey, Freddie!" she said cheerily, and he jumped a mile in the air. He turned around from his 'nerd cart' as Sam would call it, and smiled at her.

"Oh, hey, Carly. Errrr, lookin' good..." Freddie said quietly. In reality, Freddie thought that Carly looked more than good, and that she looked more gorgeous than anyone else on the planet. He kept that to himself. In fact, he punished himself for even thinking that, he had a girlfriend! A girlfriend that Carly didn't even know about.

Carly smiled at him, "Thanks... So, what did you wanna tell me?". He looked at her nervously, and began to speak.

"Well, lately I haven't been hanging out with you. Neither has Sam. It's because- it's because we've both been too scared tell you the truth. Sam's still too scared, so we decided that I'd tell you. Are you ready for this?" he asked her. Carly was confused...

"For what?" she replied. He opened his mouth, and began again in a terrified manner.

"Me and Sam. We're.... dating. Have been for 3 weeks..." he stuttered. She stared at him, opened mouthed. And although she would never admit it, she was heartbroken. He'd chosen Sam. Not her. She put on her best 'happily suprised' face.

"Oh. That's great. Yay!" she said as convincingly as she could. It didn't fool him. His face was distressed.

He admitted something that shocked her, and very much angered her. "Thing is though, and Sam doesn't know about this (and you're not going to tell her), I also kinda really like someone else. I mean, I think I might even... love Sam, but I think I might also love this girl. She's perfect. Sam's amazing, but she has flaws. And when I say love, I don't mean teenage love, I mean LOVE..." he whispered. Carly felt like punching him. How dare he?!? Even if Carly did have a crush on Freddie, no one, and she meant no one, messed with Sam's emotions. She would murder the girl, whoever she was.

"Who? Is? She?" Carly's words were brittle and cold. Freddie took a deep breath.

"You," he said, simply. There was an audiable whoosh as the air rushed out of her lungs.

She gasped, "No, no, no. No, you've got it wrong. You're over me! You LOVE Sam, she's into you! C'mon, you know that!!!". Freddie shook his head.

He took a step closer, and whispered in her ear. "Tell me. Tell me you don't want me, and I'll walk away. I'll go to Sam. I'll tell her you know about us, and I'll sit next to her. I'll brush her hair out of her face," he brushed Carly's hair away, " and I'll put my hand on her face gently," he put his hand on her face gently, "and I'll kiss her. I'll kiss her until she tells me to stop," he looked at her. "All you have to do is tell me to stop..." he said.

Carly finally spoke, "No... Don't... stop. Please... Please don't stop. Kiss me!" and what happened next they both sort of regretted, but both enjoyed too much... He kissed her gently on the lips, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Her hands knotted themselves into his neat hair... And then within the next five sceonds, everything changed, and Carly hated the fact that it did.

A/N: Yeah, I'm sure that you could guess what happens... OK, not the best. To be honest, I think that it's terrible, but trust me it'll get better (hopefully)! And it WILL be more about Carly dealing with her problems rather than Seddie/Creddie, but those two do come into play. Yes, this very obviously Creddie now, but for any Seddiers, don't give up! Neither should any Creddiers now I've said that!

Chapter TwoEdit

Disclaimer: Does it look like I own iCarly??? It does? But I'm a girl!!!

She woke up. Again. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Carly screamed into her pillow. "Why?!? WHY???? Stupid, sick brain! I dreamed that that I had a dream then I woke up and then I got ready and then something happened in the studio!!! But it was all a dream! It's not even Saturday, it's Thursday! I don't even own a brown mini-dress! I don't even have my own shower!" Carly yelled. And then futher terror struck her. Another school day.

After ten minutes of crying into her pillow, she decided that it was time to pull herself together, and get ready. Carly didn't really feel like a shower, because she knew that if she had one, she'd be in there all day. So, Carly chucked on a little pink T-Shirt and a denim mini-skirt, pulled on some brown leather boots and sat down at her desk.

"Gah," she thought. "I look terrible!" her mind stressed. Her eyes, to her, were small and had bags underneath. In reality, she just looked like she needed a nap. Her skin, to her, was oily and blotchy. In reality, she just need some blush to liven her cheeks up. Her lips, to her, were dry and cracked. In reality, they were perfectly fine, pretty compared to any other girls' in school. She thought she was ugly. She was NOT ugly. Carly turned away from her mirror. She couldn't stand to see her own face in the mirror, and even she did have to apply her make up, she would have to do it blind. She put on her eye shadow, and didn't do a bad job. It was better than what some of the girls who looked in mirrors did! She put on a quick coat of 'Invis-a-shine' lipgloss, and scooped up her school bag with one arm. Her boots clicked as she made her way out of her bedroom. As she turned off her light, she caught one last glimpse of herself in the mirror. All thoughts of ugliness vanished from her mind. Carly Shay was anything but ugly.

"Hey, Kiddo! Feeling better? You didn't look too good yesterday... Huh. Anyways, whatcha want for breakfast. I've got fibre nuts!" Spencer looked at Carly's disatisfied face, and continued, "Or, you can try my edible shoes!".

She looked at the green mush which was supposed to resemble a shoe. "Y'know, for an artist, you STINK at making edible sho- Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" An orange glow errupted from the 'shoe'. "It's on FIRE!" she screamed. A burst of foam came out of his hands, and Carly just stared at Spencer. "Dude, you know what? I'm gonna eat something on my way to school..." she smirked. She clip-clopped her way out of her apartment.

A beep! came from her phone, and she checked her inbox. 'Ugh,' Carly thought to herself as she stared at the text, 'I see the school has put the text messaging system to NO use.' She read the text aloud. This is a reminder to all students that today you will have to stay until 3:30 as we are holding an assembly in the gym. And that we WILL find whoever stole the school hamster. Carly was so wrapped up in her little bubble that she notice the sound of Freddie's door opening. It was only once she had put her PearPhone away when she realised that she was no longer alone.

Freddie and his company stopped. Carly's eyes widened in suprise. "Oh my God. Wh- where were you two yesterday?" What were you two doing together?!? was the question Carly really wanted to ask.

Sam muttered, "Weeeeeeeeell..... See, I'm not doing so well at school, and this amazing... ly stupid," Sam caught herself in time, "boy offered to help me study," she lied expertly.

Carly's eyebrows narrowed. "What? You honestly expect me to believe that?".

"Kinda.....?" Freddie murmured. Carly tilted her head down slightly, and she spotted Sam and Freddie's intertwined hands.

Carly asked them roughly, "Then why are you holding hands?". They looked at her guiltily.

Sam shouted out desperately, "We can explain!". Freddie nodded his head whilst Sam subtly removed her hand from his.

Carly shot back, "Oh really??? Then EXPLAIN!". Her friends hung their heads down. "That's what I thought,". She walked away...

A/N: Sorry Creddie fans... but we can't let you have all the fun, now, can we? Yeah, it's a little shorter, but I felt it was good place to end the chapter...