Sam and Freddie B.

Scene 1-Sam's POVEdit

Freddie started dating some new chick named Emily Goldman. She is mean to Freddie. He was on the phoce with her and she was yelling at him for just joking around with her. Ugh! She'll never get his humor! I am in my room listening to country music. I'm only listening to it 'cause Emily hates it. Haha! I came across thing song that REALLY got what I was feeling called:You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift.

The next day me,Carly,and Freddie were at the park and he was frowning and looked upset. Carly got up to get us chili dogs and Freddie's face was red and tears were about to come. He has the sweetest smile and I haven't seen it since he started dating Emily. I always make him laugh when he's about to cry so I thought I could do the same now. "So...Fred-A-Lupe has Goldman?" I asked.

"Bad." He replied. "She is really mad at me and she said if I don't get her a great anniversary gift then she's done with me." Freddie said,sadly. "Oh well,why don't you get her a new heart. 'Cause the one she has now must be a black hole!" I pretended to joke around...but I was serious. Freddie laughed. "Yeah,I guess...yeah...I guess that maybe we should break up." Freddie said.

Oh no. I love Freddie but I don't want him to be unhappy. "You should do whatever feels right," I told him.

Freddie looked shocked. "You,Sam Pucket,just said that?" He asked. I nodded and smiled.

Carly came back with some sloppy,yet delicous looking,chili dogs. "Hey,Best friends!" She called. She each gave me and Freddie a corn dog and she sipped her lemonade.

And for once in my life,I felt bad for Freddie for having to have a rude,violent,annd careless girlfriend. But if only Freddie could realize...

He belongs with me

and I belong with him.