New story up! :) This time, they're going "camping"! Again, like my previous story, this one features the characters as 13-year-olds and is meant to be ship-neutral and just fun.
Yukon Lake

In The Woods

The spacing is spazzy. Apologies.

Scene 1

-in front of school-

Carly: "Whoo, it's spring break!"

Sam: "About time."

Freddie: "Yeah, but- pff, you barely picked up a pen. Carly and I actually earned break."

Sam: "So what if I didn't *mocks Freddie* earn it? *voice back to normal* I still loooove vacation." *shoves a cookie into her mouth*

Freddie rolls his eyes.

Carly: "Hey, Sam, we aren't allowed to take food out of the caf."

Sam, seemingly guilty, inhales the rest of her cookie.

Carly puffs a laugh.

Carly: "Come on."

The three walk to the parking lot.

Sam: "Oh no, there's my 'mom'."

Freddie: "Uhh... what's that on her head?"

Sam: *shrugs* "Her bra."

Carly: "Gross!!"

Freddie: "Ew."

Sam: "Yeah... not that normal, is it?"

Carly: "No."

Freddie: "Not at all."

Sam: "Well, I gotta go."

Carly: "Catch ya later!" *hugs Sam* *hugs Wendy good-bye, who entered the picture* "Have an awesome break, Wendy! Have fun in Mexico!"

Wendy: "Thanks!"

Freddie: “See ya!”

Carly: "BYE SAM!"

Freddie: "See ya!"

-Sam & Mom drive off.-

Freddie: "Weiird."

Carly, re-tying ponytail: "Yeah."

Freddie: "So... *shuffles feet nervously* You wanna, uh, grab some ice cream?"

Carly: *smiles* "Sure, Freddie."
Freddie: "Oh my gosh. Cool?"
Carly: "But this is NOT a date! *laughs* We're just two friends, hangin' out at, you know, Carvel's."
Freddie: "I know.. But I will pay for your portion!"
Carly: "Aw, that's so sweet, but you don't have to."
Freddie: "I WILL! It's... cavalierly to pay for a lady."
Carly: "Where'd’cha hear that?"
Freddie: "From my- not from my mom!" *vigorously shakes head*
Carly: "Whatever, come on, let's get going before Sam arrives at my appartment and raids the fridge."
-They leave the picture.-
… -Shows Carly & Freddie walking into aisle of their appartment building.-
Freddie: "See ya."
Carly: "You love that line!" *enters the Shay appartment, Freddie leaves*
-Sam is shown sitting on the couch, watching TV with a Ginger Hail.-
Sam: "Hi."
Carly, gesturing: "Why?"
Sam: "Your fridge and my chainsaw."
Carly: "Ah."
-Spencer appears through the door.-
Spencer: "Oh... the chain is broken again... have to give Lewbster a call. *looks at Sam & Carly* Hi, kiddos, what'cha doin'?"
Carly: "Nothing much."
Sam: "Sup, Spencer?" *sips Ginger Hail*
Spencer: "Get Freddie OVER here! I have vacation plans for the four of us!"
Carly, to Sam: "The four of us?" *sits down next to Sam on couch*
Spencer: "Yeah! Now get Freddo."
Sam: "I'll do it!" *marches out*
Carly buries her head in her hands. Regretfully, Carly: "Oh..."
-Camera stays on living room...-
"Just another puzzle!" "Sam, no!" is heard faintly.
-Shortly on that, Sam appears with Freddie over her shoulder.-
Freddie: "I do NOT enjoy this, being carried like a sack!"
Sam: "Oh, shut up, you’re a sack."
Freddie, now on the ground, angrily: "Carly..."
Carly: "Sam...!"
Freddie: "So, what's up?"
Sam: "Spencer says he has 'vacation plans for the four of us.'”
Spencer: "Which I do! And that wasn’t at all a good Spencer-impression! You need an acting class! From me!"
Carly: "Sorry, bro, but you kinda suck at acting."
Spencer: "NOT TR-.. true."
Freddie: "Okay, whatever."
Spencer: "Alrighty! Back to the plans. So, you guys *points to Carly and Sam* will be sharing-"
Carly: "Spencer! You didn't even tell us what our plans are."
Spencer: "What? Sorry. Oh." *gets himself a Wahoo Punch*
Freddie: "Well...?"
Sam: "What are the plans? *excessively gestures slowly with her hands* Where are we going?"
Spencer: "Ah, okaay. Alright, then. So, the blue flashing one will-"
Carly: "Um, Spencer? WHAT are we doing?!”
Spencer: "Right. Haha, kiddo, this time, I was just messing with you. So, Socko's aunt Tenten made two AMAZING, EPIC light-up tents! So, I decided... we should go camping! Yeah!"
All three have unmoving facial expressions.
Carly: "C-... camping?"
Spencer: "Yeah...? Calm down, kids, it could be really fun."
Sam: "Um... camping? Really? 'Cause..."
Freddie: "It's starting to rain. And it's not even that warm yet. And I don't think there's any way my mom will allow me to go CAMPING."
Spencer, seriously: "I promise, the tents are waterproof, insulated, and won't catch on fire."
Carly: "But they're flashing! From one of Socko's acquaintances! Of course they'll catch on fire!!" *turns around to Sam*
Spencer: "No, no, don't underestimate Tenten. She's a pro."
Freddie: "And about the burning!, that's kinda not the reason my mom won't allow me to go camp-"
Sam: "Guys!!"
-Group looks at Sam and Carly, who have been whispering.-
Carly: "Okay, I know we're all not that enthusiastic- except Spence- about going camping. The weather's not great, the tents are maybe not the safest, and come on- I know all of us are thinking it'll be boring."
Sam: "But think about it- we're all going camping! It could be exciting. We will be able to make everything work, don't worry!"
Carly: "Yeah, it's gonna be a lot of- WHOA!!" *a fatcake drops down onto her head* *looks up*
-Camera shows a dozen fatcakes plastered to the ceiling.-
-Everyone looks at Sam.-
Sam: "Uh... want a fatcake?"
Carly folds her arms: "Why?"
Sam: "Kick the floor, ceiling shakes, fatcake falls down onto lap while I'm watching TV."
Carly: "You will clean all this up by yourself, creative genius of fatcakes."
Sam: "So... yeah. Back to the issue. Camping."
Spencer: "Yeah! >Camp is fun, camp is great, in the sun, in the morning at eight<-"
Sam, Freddie, and Carly laugh.
Carly: "God, Spencer, don't start with that song."
Spencer: "So... them SMILES look way better than them FROWNS on yer facies! *dances questionably* Anyway... the site's north of here, in the woods. Nicie place-eh!"
Carly: "That's so pirate-y. Anyways, cool! Will there be a creek?"
Freddie: "Did you book us a place?"
Spencer: "Creek? Yes. Booked? Not so sure... and we don't know yet if Freddo'll be allowed to come. But we can leave on Monday and stay for five days. Sound goood?"
Sam begins to sniff. "What's that smell?"
Freddie: "Spencer, something smells burnt."
Carly: "Electrical what?!"
Sam: "Never mind it, just help me beat up those flames."
Carly vigorously sprays the flame on the strange-looking pink plastic gadget with an extinguisher.
Freddie: "Phew. Done."
Spencer: "Phow! Now help me clean up."
Sam: "Hmm- this scenario is getting old."
Carly and Freddie at the same time: |"Yeah." (Carly)
|"Mhm." (Freddie)
Spencer: "So... we'll be leaving in two days. *To Freddie:* Enough time to work on yer mom, me hearty."
Sam: *chuckles* "Dude, what up with the pirate talk today?"
Spencer: "Remember that guy with the pirat- or, as you guys thought, 'pirated'- movies? I... I watched one."
Carly: "Yeah... so! We'll go run the plans by your mom now, Freddie."

Scene 2
-Spencer and Mrs. Benson at the kitchen table-
Mrs. Benson: "But my Freddie could get hurt! He could get kidnapped, mugged, or... *widens eyes* *lowers voice* ..he could get snacked on by a bear.."
Spencer: "I promise. Nothing will happen. Even if there were bears, which there aren't, the tents would scare 'em away. In fact, they scare all animals away. And, Freddie'll be under constant, responsible supervision. You could visit him as often as you'd like!"
Mrs. Benson takes a breath. Mrs. Benson: "Well, then... Wait, if I can visit him as often as I'd like to, how close will you be? I thought you said you'd be going up north." *sharply looks at Spencer*
Spencer: "Yeah.. About five minutes north from here, with a car. You know, in that little stretch of woods.."
Mrs. Benson: "Oh. If those few trees will be your campsite. I imagined something quite different. *chuckles* And, truth to be told, I'd actually planned to attend the local AP-Workshop this week. I originally intended for Freddie could go into day care for kids, but I'd be happy if he didn't. *whispers* I don't trust that counselor."
Spencer: "AP-Workshop?" *scratches head and takes a sip of Wahoo Punch*
Mrs. Benson: "Aggressive Parenting." *raises eyebrows* "Got a problem with that?"
Spencer: "Ohh... of course not... who would have a problem with aggressive parenting? -.. So, Freddie has permission?"
Mrs. Benson: "Absolutely. Just a few questions. Where will he bathe? Will he be kept warm at all times? Will there be ticks? Is there-"
Spencer: "He will come home every day to bathe! No ticks! Insulated tents! What else?"
Mrs. Benson: "I will get his care manual." *leaves*
Spencer hollers: "FREDDIE! COME DOWN!"
Freddie runs down from the studio into the kitchen.
Freddie: "Got me permission, bro?"
Spencer: "All set, Fredster!"
Freddie: "Then... where's my mom?"
Spencer: "Oh, she's getting your care manual."
Freddie: "Oh, man! That thing is, like, a zillion pages long!"
Spencer: "What do you mean-"
Mrs. Benson enters with a fairly voluminous book.
Spencer: "I get it."
Mrs. Benson: "Spencer, I expect you to care for Freddie exactly as instructed in my book- 'The Care and Upkeep of Fredward Benson- by Marissa Benson'. Read every chapter carefully, and take notes."
Freddie: "Mom I thought you got rid of that book three years ago!"
Mrs. Benson: "I told you I did- but I didn't."
Freddie groans.
Spencer: "I will. And- holy cream cheese, what is that?!"
Mrs. Benson pulls a huge wooden box on wheels into the room.
Mrs. Benson: "Freddie's grooming box! Sponsored by the AP-Club. Oh, and let me quickly get my first-aid kit." *walks out of picture*
Freddie: "Dude. You won't-"
Spencer, loud enough for Mrs. Benson to hear: "YES, I WILL CAREFULLY FOLLOW YOUR MOM'S INSTRUCTIONS! *whispers* 'Course not. We'll have fun."
Mrs. Benson appears.
Mrs. Benson: "Ok, you're all set for when you leave."
Spencer: "Don't you need his 'grooming box' at home? To take care of him 'til we leave?"
Mrs. Benson: "Don't worry, Spencer. I have back-up. That *points* is just the travel-sized one."

Scene 3
-blur to Bushwell lobby-
Spencer: “Let’s go into the car! >Camping is fun, camping is-<”
Carly: “Shut up!”
Spencer: “Sorry.”
They walk into the parking lot. Spencer approaches an old, beat-up car.
Carly: “This is the… our car?”
Spencer: “It does the job.”
Sam: “I’m happy it… does the job.”
They get into car, and with a loud noise, the car warms up and rolls into action. After five minutes… car stops.
Freddie: “Why’d you… stop the car?”
Spencer: “Get out, guys!”
Sam: “Why? Does little Fredwad need a potty break already? Or is he feeling carsick?”
Spencer: “None of that! *chuckles* Silly kids. We’re here! Now help me-“
Carly: “What?”
Sam: “Camping here?! Why?”
Freddie: “We come here, like, every day with out psychotic science teach’.”
Spencer: “Well, we’re camping here!”
Carly: *sighs* “So much for exciting. *gets out of car* We’ll just have to make the most of it.”
Sam: “It’s gonna rain, like, any sec now.”
Freddie: “Let’s build up then. Tents first.”
All of them take out tents (Not the light-up ones! Mrs. Benson said it’s too dangerous. You could die of electric shock.) and luggage. The guys set up the tents while the girls wait in the car, listening to the radio.
Freddie: “Carly, Sam, get your hand luggage into your tent- you guys get the small red one, Spencer and I will share the bigger blue one.”
Carly, while she and Sam are ‘moving in’: “Why’d we pack so heavily? We could really go home anytime.”
Sam: “Well, you packed at least three hair brushes and five waterproof mascaras!”

Carly: "No, I packed- that's true." *guiltily glances at her toes*
Spencer: “Well, let’s pretend we’re faaar from home.”
Sam: “Sure..”
Spencer: “Freddie, sorry to disappoint, but your mother will check up on you-“
Freddie smiles: “Nah, she’s in the AP, remember?”
Spencer: “Oh yeah.”
Sam: “Uh oh, drizzle.”
Spencer: “Let’s all go into the bigger tent! Grab your PearBooks, we can surf the web that way. All comfortable, in the tent!”
Freddie: “Haha, look at the trailer with my care stuff.”
Spencer: “We won’t be needing that!”
They all slip into the bigger tent.
Carly: “Phew, tight.”
Sam: “You know- tents.” *purposely moves to opposite side of Freddie*
Circle Sam
Carly Spencer
Freddie: “So, what’s the plan, man?”

Sam: "Lame."
Spencer: “Tomorrow, you and me are going to- waait, incoming call. *picks up PearPhone* Hello. *whispers* Freddie’s mom! I’ll put her on speaker.”
Mrs. Benson, through phone: “Are there any flowery fields close to your camp site, Spencer?”
Spencer: “Uh-“
Mrs. Benson: “Make sure to not get them near Fredward, because of three prominent reasons. Number one: a not-yet-existent allergy could flare up. Number two, the vines could pull him down. He could *gasps* dirty his trousers! Number three-*whispers* his self esteem.”
Spencer: “Okay, but... self esteem?”
Mrs. Benson: “Oh, you know… flowers are pretty.. my son might not be the most attractive- I mean, he's gorgeous, but compared to those flowers!…don’t tell him I said that!!”
Sam cracks up.
Freddie, grumbly-yelling: “I HEARD that!!”
Mrs. Benson: “Oh, you weren’t supposed to!”
Freddie: “I know!”
Spencer hangs up.
Freddie: “Why does she always have to..?”
Sam: “Can’t get any dorkier, can it?” *taps Freddie’s head*

Sam can’t stop laughing.

Freddie: “Stop. Giggling.”

Sam: “Oh, it’s not called giggling- it’s called making fun of a dufus.”

Freddie: “Oh my-“

Carly: “Okay! How do you guys feel about going to beds-.. Spencer?”

Spencer, sleepily rubbing eyes: “What?”

Sam: “Goody ‘t stopped raining and you stopped snoring!” Spencer: “I don’t snore!”

Carly: “Let’s get into our tent, Sam, or let’s just hang out with the guys. Yeah, why don’t we do that? Wanna go exploring?”

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