Sam and Freddie decide on whether to keep dating or not.

In this iCarly episode, Carly and Gibby team up to break up Sam and Freddie. It all starts when Sam and Freddie constantly make Carly their peacemaker. Carly lets out her anger on Gibby, and seeing Carly unhappy, Gibby tells Sam that Freddie wants to break up, and vice versa to Freddie. Sam then comes to Gibby's house and beats him with the butter sock. Freddie meanwhile goes to Carly's apartment and tells Carly what happened. Meanwhile, Carly is in on the plan, and reminds Freddie that she and him haven't talked about dating since he saved her life. Freddie then finds out that Carly was the one who started the whole break up plan. He leaves to tell Sam. Although before he leaves, he kisses Carly passionately. Meanwhile, Sam walks in and sees Carly and Freddie kissing, and runs upstairs crying. Freddie goes up to talk to her, and tells her Carly and Gibby's plan, and the whole scheme. Before Sam leans in to kiss Freddie and decide whether or not they will continue their relationship, they hear Carly crying downstairs. Sam and Freddie both rush downstairs, and they see that Carly has left the house. When they go to the Groovy Smoothie, they find her sitting in the corner and drinking a smoothie. The gang talks about what happened, and they all become friends once again. It is unknown what will happen to Sam and Freddie's relationship, Gibby, and Carly because this is Part 3 of the iOMG 4 Parts. Meanwhile, Spencer attends the Socko family reunion, and we finally get to see Socko.