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Rated ~ pg13 carly was watching tv just than freddie came in said hey babe carly said hey baby(kisses him all

over the place) (just than sam comes in and see's carly and freddie kissing each other) sam: carly what are you doing with your boyfirend here? carly: (was not there she was outside with freddie) out side with creddie carly: (saw her boyfirend he was walking across the st when a car came buy she saved his life from the car and carly got hit buy the car) freddie: carly you ok babe carly: yea baby im fine but call 911 freddie: ok babe (he gets his cell phone out and calls 911 for his girlfirend carly) sam(came out bursting in tears) freddie:i called 911 so there on there way sam:ok hey carly you ok girl carly:yea im fine sam. sam:ok carls (the abulnce comes and picks up carly freddie crys) sam:freddie she will be ok freddie:no she will not sam sam: you don't know that do you freddie: no but i love her she is my girlfriend sam:let's go to hoptial freddie:ok sam (at hoptial) um... um... my girlfirend carly shay can i see her nurse:no sorry freddie:what nurse : wait your her boyfirend freddie: yea i am nurse :ok just you what's your name Freddie:freddie is my name nurse:who are you too sam: me nurse: yes you sam: sam is my name im her best firend nurse: sorry only one preson in her room and i am let her boyfirend frist because she was looking for him freddie: she was looking for me aww babe here i come nurse: she is room 701 on fifth floor freddie: ok sam: why him first nurse: because they are dating sam: aww come on jaynn hannas nurse: nope sorry miss sam sam: ok fine (in carly's room) freddie: hey babe doctor: she is pregent with your baby freddie: she what doctor: she is pregent with your baby freddie: can i go see her now doctor: yes you can (freddie goes in and sits on her bed next to her) freddie: hey babe your pregent with our baby carly carly: yes i am baby freddie: when are out hoptial babe carly: today baby freddie: ok babe see you than (kisses her cheek) (kisses her belly) there babe and baby carly: freddie stay here with me tonight freddie: so wait your going home tomrrow carly: yea i am going home tomrrow freddie: ok i will stay here with you tonight carly: thanks baby (the nurse comes in) nurse: carly you can not have your boyfirend stay here tonight carly: what plz what if the baby kicks me freddie: what if it does kick her nurse:ok fine carly:(kisses him) (in the waiting room) sam: can go see her now nurse: yes you can miss sam sam: thank you nurse jaynn nurse: your welcome miss sam ( in the room with carly) freddie:sam shh she sleep so shhhhh sam: ok freddie.freddie: thank you sam sam: your welcome freddie (carly wakes up) freddie: hey babe carly: ( in sleep vicoe) sam it is midnight freddie:yea sam sam: oh didn't know that freddie: yea samantha sam: don't call me that fredward freddie: sam sam: ok freddie fine will go home carly: wanna kiss me baby freddie: ok (kisses her) * just than it was morning carly woke up and looked over at freddie was still sleping next to her* carly: baby wake up freddie: oh hey babe good morning (kisses her) carly: (kisses him back) nurse: so carly you are having twin girls carly*in her mind yes what wanted* freddie: in his mind * yess what carly wanted * carly:hey let's come up with a name wait we are having twin girls freddie: oh sorry didn't know that babe carly: how about sarcltte jaynn benson and bailee madison benson freddie: ok sarcltte and bailee for our girls carly: yes (jordan walks in) jordan: hey mom carly: hey sweetie freddie: hey jo baby girl jordan: daddy im not your litte girl no more freddie: for now you are jordan jordan: mommy where is aunt decaley and pircness sofia carly: im don't know jordan sweetie to be counied

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Bittersweet Symphony: ICarly: Idrink and drive

Theme Song: "Here With Me" ~ Dido

It was almost eleven-thirty at night, Spencer was pacing back and forth in the living room of the house and staring at his watch continuously. He hadn't heard from Carly all evening and he was worried, no worried was an understatement, he was freaked. She had gone to a party earlier that night, but was supposed to be home by ten, it was a Sunday night, so her curfew was earlier. He sighed as he looked out the window in the living room and looked out into the black night. Just then, Sam burst into the house, looking frantic and as if she had been crying. Spencer turned and looked at her and frowned and walked over to her.

Spencer: Sam, where's Carly?

Sam looked at Spencer with tears filling her eyes.

Sam: (tearful voice) Um, Spencer, she—she—(stopped and broke into tears as she sat down on the sofa)

Spencer frowned and sat beside her and looked at her with absolute fear.

Spencer: Sam, WHERE IS SHE? What happened?

Sam: (through severe tears) She—she got in a car accident on the way home! She—she was drinking and Freddie told her not to but she and I both were drinking and she drove drunk and—and—(stopped and continued crying)

Spencer sighed and stood up and his face went immediately pale. He felt lightheaded and expected to just faint any second.

Spencer covered his mouth with his hand as tears filled his eyes.

Spencer: (voice cracking) AND WHAT Sam! Where is she! (tearful voice) Is she—dead?

Sam shook her head no as she wiped tears away.

Sam: (between crying) She's in the hospital—Oak Memorial and—and—(before Sam could finish, Spencer had already ran to the door, grabbed his jean jacket and keys and left the house)

Sam quickly wiped her tears away and ran out the door after him.

Theme Song: "The Gift" ~ Christophe Beck

When Spencer arrived at the hospital, Sam arrived minutes later. Spencer ran up to the information desk, where there were six nurses behind the desk, busy writing, typing, answering phones, reading files.

Spencer: Um—um, excuse what room is Carly Shay in?

A female nurse who looked a lot like actress Blake Lively, looked at him.

Nurse: Are you family, sir?

Spencer: Yeah, I'm her brother, Spencer Shay, and her guardian. Ple—(stops as tears cloud his eyes) Please tell me she's alright.

The nurse looked at him with sympathy and frowned.

Nurse: Follow me Mr. Shay.

The nurse walked from behind the desk, down the hall and Spencer followed her, with Sam following behind. Spencer's heart was racing dramatically. He felt his stomach turning in knots, he felt weak in the knees. As the nurse walked with him in the room, Spencer saw Carly lying in the hospital bed, IV's hooked up to her everywhere, bandages on her forehead. She was hooked up to a life support machine. Spencer sighed and frowned as tears streamed, as he saw Carly.

Spencer: (tearful voice) Oh God, Carly. (looked away and scoffed as he tried hard to fight from breaking into tears)

Nurse: I'm so sorry, Mr. Shay, she came in with broken ribs, her legs and arm is broken and she had some internal bleeding. When she came in, she couldn't breathe on her own, so we have her on life support.

Spencer looked down at the floor and exhaled loudly, wiping tears away.

Spencer: (low shaky voice) Will—will she make it?

Nurse: (looked down and sighed) I—we don't know. She IS on life support, the next couple of hours are very critical. When she first came in, she flat lined three times, so she's in unstable condition. All we can do now is wait, wait and hope and pray.

The nurse patted Spencer on the shoulder and walked out the room.

Spencer walked over to Carly's bed and pulled up a chair and sat down beside her bed. He took her hand in his as more tears clouded his eyes.

Spencer: (tearful voice) Carly, can you hear me? C—Carly?

Spencer looked away and broke into severe tears. He lied his head on the bed, beside her still body and cried. Sam stood by the doorway nearby and watched as tears streamed. Freddie was on his way back to the hospital with his mother. She knew it was all her fault, Freddie told her and Carly not to drink, but with her encouragement, and drinking, it made Carly drink as well. Sam wasn't sure if Carly would make it through or not, but she sure hoped Carly did, because if not, it would horribly impact the lives of her, Spencer and Freddie, forever and nothing would be the same again…

Freddie had arrived back at the hospital, with his mother, Marissa, Freddie had a few bruises on his face and was limping from the crash, but was pretty much, ok. They saw Spencer was in the waiting room with Sam. Spencer was sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee in hand, looking down at the floor with a look of a million fearful thoughts. Sam was sitting in a chair nearby, with a worried look, a very worried look, her arm in a sling from the crash, a big bandage on her forehead.

Freddie and his mother looked at Sam.

Freddie: How is she? Any change?

Sam looked up at them and shook her head with a sad expression.

Marissa: (scoffed and frowned) Oh poor Carly.

Spencer stood up and turned and looked at Sam and Freddie with an eyebrow raised.

Spencer: (low voice) Um—(stops and looks down and frowns) Who was drinking?

Freddie: Not me, I TOLD Carly and Sam not to drink.

Spencer looked up at Sam and frowned.

Spencer: You were drinking?

Sam looked down and held an expression of guilt.

Sam: (low voice) Yeah. Spencer, I—(Spencer cut in)

Spencer: (coldly) Tell me! (stops and sighs and briefly closes his eyes) Tell me the entire story of what happened—NOW, Sam.

Sam's eyes filled with tears as she closed her eyes briefly.

Sam: Um, we were partying at the house with everyone and-

Voice trails off as we go into:


House Party earlier That Night with Sam, Freddie and Carly:

Theme Song: "Damn it" ~ Blink 182

Carly, and Sam were dancing with two of the guys at the party, a party FILLED with people, inside and outside, front and back, the guys dancing with Carly and Sam were quarterbacks of the high school football team, they were dancing to Damn it by Blink 182. After the song was over, The quarterback who was dancing with Carly, his name was Brad, took Carly's hand and lead her to the drink table.

Brad: (puts his arm around Carly) So, how about I fix the prettiest girl in the room here a drink? (laughs and hugs her warmly)

Carly: (smiles) Sure, I could use some punch right now.

Brad: (laughs) No, not punch, beer.

Carly: (frowns at him) Beer? Uh, no I'll pass.

Sam and her dancing partner came walking over to the punch table beside Carly and Brad.

Sam: I will gladly take another drink! Whoo! (laughs loudly and the two guys with Sam and Carly laugh as well)

Carly looked at Sam with a frown of surprise.

Carly: Sam! You've had beer?

Sam: (laughs as she's handed a cup full of beer by Brad) Yeah, of course, what's the big deal?

Freddie: (walks over to them) The big deal is both of you are underage. You shouldn't be drinking.

Brad and the other guy looks at Freddie with a angry look.

Brad: (coldly) And who even ASKED you dork, get lost before we both bash your face in.

The guy with Brad laughs as Brad pushes Freddie away hard.

Sam: (laughs loudly) Yeah, go away—FREDDIE! (Brad and the guy with him and Sam all laugh loudly)

Sam hands Carly her drink and smiles.

Sam: Come on Carls, chug a lug, chug a lug. (Brad and Sam laugh)

Carly looks at the drink with a deciding look.

Carly: I—I don't know about this, Sam.

Sam: Oh come ON Carly! We're seniors, this is our SENIOR year in high school, lets make this last year fun. Besides, it tastes like kool-aid. (Brad and Sam laugh)

Freddie: Carly don't. You'll regret it.

Brad and the other guy looks back at Freddie with anger. Brad looks at the guy standing beside him.

Brad: Do me a favor, trash him for me.

The guy laughs and walks away towards Freddie, Freddie looks away and frowns with worry.

Freddie: Oh here we go, the joys of being unpopular in high school.

The guy grabs Freddie as Freddie starts running out of the house, and picks Freddie up and carries Freddie out the house.

Carly: Sam, where are they taking Freddie? (looks concerned at Freddie who's being carried away)

Sam: (turns Carly's head away) Never mind him, DRINK CARLY.

Carly looked at the drink with a frown.

Carly: (sighs) ONE drink Sam, I mean it.

Sam: (holds her hands out and nods) ONE drink, fine Carly Shay.

Carly took the drink and drunk it all in two gulps. And after she finishes it, Brad and Sam both laugh and cheer happily.

Carly puts the cup on the table and scoffs and smiles.

Carly: Its not too—bad. (laughs)

Sam puts her arm around Carly and smiles. Sam was obviously drunk, Carly could smell the strong liquor on her breath.

Sam: Course its not, Carly. Everything here is ALL good. (Brad and Sam laugh loudly)


Theme Song: "Blame It On The Alcohol" ~ Glee Cast

It had been two hours into the party, the house was still CROWDED with people everywhere—both inside and out of the house and the alcohol was starting to wear off of Sam and Sam was developing a headache hangover, but she couldn't find Carly anywhere, she found Freddie stuck in the trashcan, thanks to Brad's friend.

Sam: Ok, where is she? Its getting late and I'm ready to leave—NOW.

Freddie: I was ready to leave three hours ago.

As they went out to the backyard of the house, they heard the loud music playing, the song "Blame It On The Alcohol" by the Glee cast, there was a crowd, a huge crowd gathered around the pool area, where there was a medium sized platform where the band of the house party was performing at earlier. Sam and Freddie looked at the crowd as they walked over to it.

Sam: Nice song, bad timing. (held her head and winced in pain)

Freddie: THAT'S why I told you not to drink. Hangovers and problems, that's all drinking brings.

Sam: (looks at Freddie) Well thank you, Mr. Afterschool special guy.

Sam and Freddie walked closer to the crowd and walked into it and was standing in front of the platform and were surprised at what they saw. Carly was on top of the platform, dancing with Brad to the song, Blame It On the Alcohol, with a full cup of beer in her hand. Sam could tell Carly was apparently drunk—way drunk, with the provocative way Carly was dancing with Brad.

Freddie: Oh my God.

Sam: (smiles) Way to go Carly! (laughs)

Freddie hit Sam on the shoulder.

Freddie: Sam! No, not way to go! We have to get her down from there. She—she's been drinking, look at the cup in her hand!

Sam: What? It could be punch Freddie.

Freddie: That's not punch Sam, they don't SERVE punch here at these parties.

Sam frowned.

Sam: They don't? (scoffs and laughs)

As Sam and Freddie saw Carly dancing even more provocative with Brad as the crowd around them were cheering loudly for them and the music blasted on, Sam frowned.

Sam: Ok, now I say we need to get her down—before well—this turns to a porn party. (Freddie scoffs and shakes his head)

Sam climbs on the platform and grabs Carly's hand.

Sam: Carly, let's go. Its time to go home, my head hurts.

Carly: (looks at Sam with her glazed eyes and smiles) Sam! (laughs loudly) NO! I'm dancing with Brad, we'll leave later!

Carly laughs and Sam frowns as she can smell STRONG liquor on Carly's breath. Carly takes sips of her beer and continues to dance with Brad. Sam sighs and takes Carly's arm and pulls her off the stage.

Sam: No Carly, we're going home now. You're drunk, I can tell because your breath smells of alcohol and cheetos.

Sam leads Carly away through the crowd as the crowd boo's loudly. Brad looks enraged and follows Sam, Freddie and Carly as they walk into the house. Brad grabs Sam's arm and spins her around.

Brad: Hey, where are you taking her?

Carly yanks her arm away from Sam and smiles.

Carly: YEAH SAM! (laughs)

Sam: I'm taking her home, she's drunk.

Freddie: Yeah and Spencer is going to kill her, if he finds out she's been drinking.

Brad: (laughs) Wait, so what if she's been drinking, she's CAN'T leaving! We were just having fun!

Carly: Acually, I feel—sick. (looks down with a sick look and she laughs) Is the room spinning? (scoffs and smiles briefly before looking with a sick look again)

Freddie: Ok, Carly you need air, Sam, let's go.

Sam: Yeah, bye Brad, sorry.

Sam and Brad and Carly walk away and Brad looks enraged.

Brad: Wait that's it! You all are gonna leave! Carly, you leaving, baby! (scoffs and shakes his head) damn losers. (laughs) Wait til everyone at school hears about how you three are asshole losers! (laughs and walks away back out to the backyard)

Theme Song: Boadicea ~ Enya

As Carly and Freddie and Sam walked outside, Carly walked to her car and leaned over the driver's side door.

Carly: I—I feel like—like—(stops and turns around and vomits on the ground near her car) Ugh, I—I need to go home. I don't feel so good.

Freddie: Carly, how many drinks did you HAVE?

Carly holds up seven fingers and laughs.

Carly: Seven. (laughs) Yeah. Ok, get in everyone, lets go home.

Freddie: Whoa, Carly, you can't drive, you've been drinking.

Carly: Yes I can, I'm fine.

Sam: Carly, freddie's right, let's just walk home or something. Even I wouldn't get behind a car tonight.

Carly sighed and looked serious and wiped her face with her hands and smiled briefly.

Carly: I—I'll be fine, Sam and Freddie. I'm not that drunk not to drive. Ok, trust me? (frowns and looks hurt) You guys do trust me, right?

Sam sighs and frowns, she knew Carly shouldn't be driving but she knew it would be a VERY LONG walk home, and it would be past the ten o'clock curfew for Carly, if they decided to walk home. Sam sighed.

Sam: Fine, we'll let you drive—(Freddie cut in)

Freddie: WHAT? Sam, NO!

Sam: No, its alright Freddie, we'll both be in the front seat, monitoring her, helping her dive. It will be fine.

Freddie: How will it be fine, Sam! She's drunk! I—(Sam cuts in)

Sam: FREDDIE! Stop, alright? We are NOT leaving her car here to walk, and you and I can't drive a stick shift, so what? If we walk, we'll be home by midnight—way past Carly's curfew. And she just got out of trouble with Spencer for missing her curfew by three hours last weekend. PLEASE, it will be fine.

Carly: Yeah Freddie, besides I'm a great driver, you've seen me, seven little drinks isn't going to ruin that. (laughs) It will be fine, we'll be laughing about this tomorrow on Icarly, with—pizza.

Sam and Carly laughs.

Freddie sighed and frowned and nodded, with an unsure look.

Freddie: Al—alright guys, fine.

Sam, Freddie and Carly all got into Carly's car…..

~End of Flashback~

Theme Song: "Lightning Crashes" ~ Live

At The Hospital:

Sam: So, that's what happened. (stands up and looks at Spencer with tears in her eyes) Spencer I am so sor—(Spencer cuts in)

Spencer: (tearful voice) DON'T! (coldly) Don't you DARE tell me you're sorry! I—I don't even want to hear it! This—this is YOUR FAULT Sam!

Sam: (between tears) I know and I'm sorry!

Spencer: (between tears) Sorry! SORRY! Sorry, Sam, she could die! How—how could you do this!

Sam sat in the chair again and broke into tears.

Freddie: (tearful voice) This was all my fault. I should've done more.

Spencer: (tearful voice) No! No Freddie, this is NOT your fault! (looks at Sam as tears stream) Sam, I will never, EVER forgive you for this. She is in a hospital bed on life support because of you! YOU!

Sam: (between tears) Spencer, I—(Spencer cuts in)

Spencer: (between tears) No SHUT UP!

Spencer started pacing and closed his eyes shut tightly, he balled up his fist and could feel his anger raging, his emotions pulsating. He sat down in a chair across from Freddie and Sam and broke into tears again. The nurse walked in the room and looked at Spencer with a saddened look.

Nurse: Spencer Shay?

Spencer stood up and looked at the nurse with his wet, crying eyes.

Spencer: (tearful voice) What's wrong? Is she alright?

Nurse: Um, test results came back on her broken left leg, she-she may never walk again, due to the injury.

Spencer looked away and sighed with a deep hurt expression.

Nurse: Also, um—(sighs) She—there—(stops and frowns a bit) there's a chance she might not make it. You have to take that into consideration

Spencer: (tearful voice) WHAT?

Freddie and Sam gasp with horror.

Nurse: She—well usually, those on life support for three hours or more, they usually don't make it. Especially after a crash like the one she had, I'm just giving you some advice, here. We'll see how time goes, but right now, she's not even showing any signs of life or breathing on her own. (frowns) I'm sorry.

The nurse walks away and Spencer leans up against a wall and looks down at the floor with his eyes clouded with tears and he sighs with a hurt expression. Marissa walks to him and looks at him with sympathetic look.

Marissa: Oh Spencer, I—(Spencer cuts in)

Spencer: (coldly with a tearful voice) leave me alone.

Spencer walks off out the waiting room and down the hall, angrily. Sam sat there and felt like her heart was about to beat out of her chest, not only was it her fault that Carly was in the hospital, but if Carly died, that would mean the end of her friendship with Spencer, and she would have lost Carly forever. Sam didn't know what to do—all she could do was hope, hope and pray that Carly lived so that what was already a devastating event, didn't turn into a horrific, sad, tragedy.