(Seattle Sam walks in angry)

Carly: whats wrong?

Sam: I got a letter from my cousin Lexi

Carly: and?

Sam: she's all girly and she's invited us to San Fransico

Carly: I've alway wanted to go there, hey Spencer can take us

(Freddie walks in)

Freddie: we are going to San Fransico!

(Freddies mom walks in)

Mrs Benson: San Fransico is very dangerous I'm coming with you

Freddie: mom!

Mrs Benson: you being left alone with your ex girlfriend... I don't trust you!

(Gibby walks in)

Gibby: I packed my suticase

Sam: we are not leaving yet!

Gibby: oh well I'm ready

(ANT farm)

Chyna: did you hear about ICarly coming!

Olive: ICarly a webshow created by Carly Shay, Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett!

Chyna: so you've heard... I really want to preform on their show

Fletcher: I want to meet Spencer he's the artist remember Merry Nosemass? Classic!

(Seattle five days later ICarly land in San Fransico)

Gibby: San Fransico!

Spencer: Sam where's your cousin

Sam: the pink limo!

Lexi: Samantha!

(Lexi runs over to Sam)

Sam: hi Lexi

Lexi: is that Freddie... I cannot believe you broke up with him

Sam: just take us home

Lexi: sure thing

more coming soon