Scene 1-Sam's POV

I was at my locker at school and Freddie came over. "Hey,Sam," He said. "Can you do me a favor?" I grabbed my backpack and threw it over my shoulder."Sure,whatcha need?" I asked,carelessly. "Can you sing a song at the Moonlight Dance?" Freddie asked. "Um...why?"

"Because I want you to sing for a girl I like..." Freddie told me. "What girl?" I asked. Freddie gulped. "Maddie Votique..." He said. I sighed. "What song?" I asked,very annoyed. "Break My Heart," Freddie said. "Why that song?" I asked. "Because in the beginning he says:So your the girl,I heard the rumors. You got the boys wrapped around your finger! And I heard about her,and she has boys wrapped around her finger," Freddie tells me. "Fine!" I groaned. "Thanks!" Freddie squealed and hugged me for the "thanks". Ugh. So I am singing so a girl can date him...what do I get in return? Actually,I SHOULD sing that song cuz Freddie broke my heart by wanting to date MADDIE VOTIQUE!

Why can't he see that I like him and that I care for him where Maddie doesn't even know he exists!?