This story is brought to you by CreddieNiranda, regular Creddie Story Writer on this website. Ideas don't stop in my mind. Creddie lives forever in my stories. I've changed the name for a reason. It was originally iSaved Your Life-Aftermath, but I lost the pages with the story on it. So now it's iChange My Mind. Also the last two chapters (chapters 7 and 8) will be from Freddie's point of view.

(Rated T for Teens.)

Chapter 1: iThink About You

My new alarm clock rang loudly and woke me up. I groaned and reached over to turn it off. I pushed the button but the ringing remained. "Huh?" I muttered. I realized the ringing was coming from my pearphone. I groaned again and reached for my purse. I pulled out my phone. Just as I pulled it out it beeped twice. "TWO TEXT MESSAGES" it said. I read the first one. "Good Morning! See ya in school! Luv u! :)! -Justin" it said. I smiled. Man, Justin! I thought. Justin Tyler goes to my school. He's also my boyfriend. I know, I know, you thought I'd go back to Freddie, but we've both moved on. He's dating this girl named Katie, Katie Lotshore. She transferred to our school a couple of months ago. On her first science class our substitute, Mr. Lapski, put her with Freddie so he could help explain the project we were doing. They clicked at first glance. I was happy for them and promised to not get between them. Before I knew that would be IMPOSSIBLE. Anyway, the second text was from Sam. "Mama's coming! Take out the bacon!! -Sam" it said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Still smiling, I got out of bed and went to my closet. I picked out a fuchia Penny-tee that said 'Wild Banana' in blue letters and some shorts. It was going to be hot that day. Spencer came bounding up the stairs. "Carly!" he yelled. "Yeah?" I answered. Spencer appeared in the doorway. "Good, your up." he said. "What's going on?" I asked. "Come downstairs and I'll show ya!" he said as he disappeared into the hall. I followed slowly down the stairs. "You ready?" he asked with a stupid grin on his face. "Sure. Show me." I said. "Ok. Wait here." he said. He ran into his room. I heard a few bumps and grunts and soon, Spencer appeared in his doorway pushing a big item hidden under a white sheet. "Help me!" he cried. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. I leaned against the back. "1...2...3!" I said. I pushed, he lifted. I know I'm not as strong as Sam, but I'd rather push than lift. The object made a light thud on the floor. Spencer pulled off the sheet. Under it was a GIGANTIC gumball machine. "Woah!" I exclaimed. It was the size of Spencer! "You like it?" he asked. "Like it?! I love it!" I said. I gave him a hug, then checked out the gumball macine. It had actual gumballs inside and the coin slot was the size of an original one. Suddenly, Sam came in. "Don't shoot!" she said. "Hey. Have you seen Freddie?" I asked. "UGH! Why do you ask me if I've seen Frednub?!" she said. "He's supposed to come on the bus with us." I said. "You got my... what's that?" Sam asked, noticing the gumball machine. "It's a gumball machine." Spencer said. "My cousin got her hand stuck in a gumball machine." Sam said. "How?" I asked. "I don't know." she replied. "Anyway, do you have my bacon?" she asked, heading for the kitchen. "Yeah. Top shelf." I said. "In the freezer." Spencer said. As if she had to be reminded! There was a knock at the door. "Comin'!" I said. I opened the door and Freddie rushed in. "Close the door!" he said. "What..why do I-" I said. But Mrs. Benson ran in. "Freddie! Let me fix your hair! If you touch it while it's spiky like that, you could prick your finger!" she screamed as she followed him upstairs. "Leave me alone!" Freddie yelled. I looked at Sam and Spencer and ran upstairs. I found them in my bedroom. Freddie was hiding in my closet whil Mrs. Benson was yelling at him to come out. I decided it was time to save Freddie. I turned my clock around so Mrs. Benson wouldn't see it. "Um...Mrs. Benson?" I said. "What?!" she asked. "We're gonna be late for school. You don't want Freddie to miss a valuble day of school do you?" I asked, hoping she'd leave. "Oh, fine. But when you come home Fredward Benson that hair will be FIXED!" she said. She left my room. A few minutes later I heard the front door close. "Ok. She's gone." I said. "Thanks." Freddie said.