Scene starts with Carly, Sam, and Freddie in Sam's room

Freddie: So why are we hanging out here again?

Sam (rolls eyes): We have to wait for my mom to get home!

Freddie: Why?

Sam: She is out buying a new bikini and I have to hide it so she doesn't ever wear it!

Carly (shivers): Ugh, I just got the image..

Sam (Chuckling): Yeah..

Carly: Freddie, we should probably get working on our project...I forgot it's due tomorrow.

Freddie: Oh yeah, shoot...!

Carly: Sam, will you meet up with us later?

Sam: Fine.

[Carly and Freddie leave]

Scene begins with Carly on her couch and Freddie in the kitchen

Freddie: Yo! You want blue tea or pink lemonade, Shay?

Carly: Yo! Give me that blue tea you got there, Benson!

[Freddie comes over to the couch, hands Carly her tea, and sits next to her]

Freddie: Whatcha doin'?

Carly (chuckles): Our project, boy!

Freddie: Oh, let's take a break, we've been working all night!

Carly:, I wonder where Sam hid her mom's bikini...

Freddie: Did you ever think again?

Carly: Whoaa, that came out of nowhere...

Freddie: I mean it's been a long time since that whole "hero" thing...

Carly: Yeah it has, but I don't think we should go out again Freddie...

Freddie (whispers under his breath): Sam was right..

Carly: What?

Freddie: Nothing...I'm just gonna go home.

Carly: Freddie... *thinking: Why can't I just tell him how I really feel...that I would LOVE to go out with him...*

Freddie: No, it's cool.

[Heads for the door]

Carly: Wait!

Freddie: What?

Carly: I..I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.

Freddie: Sure, see ya tomorrow.


Carly: I am so stupid...

[Goes over to door and sits down against it]

Carly:....I'm sick of this.

[Gets up and opens door]

Carly: Freddie, get ready...

[Knocks on Freddie's appartment door and Freddie answers]

Freddie: What are y..y..-

[Carly grabs Freddie and kisses him]

Carly: I love you and I always will...whether you saved my life or not.

Freddie smiles: Good to know..[kisses her]

So I tried this format for a change just to see how it is. Let me know what you think :)