This is a story about Seddie.


This is a story about Cam.


This is a story about the iCarly gang.


This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
My new iDS&F prediction. I saw all videos of Dan including the secret one, they say Spencer goes fishing so that's what I did. Also, in the second video, the iTackle... it shows them beginning in the Shay's Apartment so that's what I'm doing :)

Scene 1: Shay's Apartment. Guessing the episode starts not in the cliffhanger scene.

Sam and Freddie enter the apartment

Sam: Hey Carls!

Freddie: Ola Senorita

Carly: Hey Sam and Ola Senorito?

Sam: Why did you leave the lock-in so early?

Carly: Well...I had some "issues."

Freddie: Like what issues?

Carly: Uhh...Spencer puking...

Sam: That's a big issue

Carly: And the MoodFace App...

Sam: I'm not in love with Brad!

Carly: Okay!

Freddie: Whatelse?

Carly: And uhh...I saw YOU GUYS KISSING!!!

Freddie: We can explain

Carly: Explain later cuz Spencer and Gibby are going fishing

Sam: I thought Spencer never fished?

Carly: He once did with Socko when he got his fishing rope and now with Gibby cuz Gibby wants to get more fish for his dad

Spencer: Let's go!

Carly: Why us?

Spencer: Cuz there might be a bear and...

Sam: There will be no bears

Spencer: Alright!

Freddie: So what are we gonna do?

Carly: You *points at Freddie* and You *points at Sam*

Freddie: Don't point at us!

Sam: It's weird

Carly: Got some explaining to do!

Spencer: Won't I have a goodbye?

Sam: No

Carly: Bye

Freddie: OCHO!

Carly: So...

Sam: Let's have lunch!

Carly: NO

Freddie: But we're all hung...

Carly: You've got some explaining to do!

Sam: Can't we just eat first

Freddie: Come on we're hungry!

Carly: Alright. Spencer made Spaghetti Tacos before we left so that's our lunch!

Sam: Good!

Freddie: Amigo!


Scene 2: Carly's bedroom

Carly, Sam and Freddie look at each other

Carly: So

Sam: So what? Oh yeah, the lunch was awesome!

Freddie: Soo good

Carly: I'm not talking about lunch! I'm talking about the lock-in!

Sam: Right. Well...sam trying to change the discussion and looks at carly's bed...I see you have new pillows that says Fudge Control and Purple Jerk

Carly: Stop trying to change the discussion!

Freddie: So here's what and Sam had a discussion and....

(flashback of some parts of iOMG)

Freddie: But Carly's still right. Look, I know it scary to put your feelings out there. Cuz you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way! But you never know what might happen if you just...Sam kisses Freddie

(flashback ends with Sam and Freddie kissing but only the first of it)

Freddie: And Sam kissed me!

Carly: Then why did you kiss back?

Freddie: Cuz Sam leaned more

Carly: Hey, why isn't Sam talking about it?

Sam: Cuz...I'm embarrased

Carly: Why?

Sam: Cuz Freddie's a dork and I kissed him

Carly: But why did you kiss him?

Sam: Carly come here!

Carly goes to Sam

Sam whispers: Can we talk about it personal?

Carly whispers: Sure!

Sam whispers: thanks

Carly whispers: welcome


Freddie: Why me?

Carly: Just go. You can dare me anything later

Freddie: O-kay.

Freddie leaves and Carly closes the door

Sam: I'm in love with Freddie

Carly: OMYGOD.

Sam: Remember when we kissed?

Carly: Yeah

Sam: So we stopped being enemies and became "frenemies" right?

Carly: Yeah

Sam: Then when Brad came I think it was the time to "change"

Carly: Why?

Sam: Cuz they are two dorks!

Carly: And why'd you kiss Freddie?

Sam: Cuz it's the time to "reveal" cuz you said to make a move

Carly: Right.

Sam: So is that a nice explain already?

Carly: Yeah. BUT

Sam: Ugh I hate buts!

Carly: You have to go on a date

Sam: With whom?

Carly: Freddie

Sam: Ugh.

Carly: Don't worry I won't be here

Scene gets cut to Sam and Freddie's date

Carly: And I'm here behind the bushes.

Scene ends with Sam and Freddie smiling.

That's all for Part 1. Gonna do next scene soon!