This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

First SceneEdit


Oh…..great! The nub stood too close to me and he was talking in a soothing voice and then I kissed him! It just happened like that! And now it ruined our relationship!

Of course, Freddie is going to tell Carly, no, maybe the whole world! Oh…..

"Sam…." Freddie started.

I sat down and said "Leave."

"Huh?" Freddie looked confused.


"Eh?" Freddie cocked his head like a dog.

I threw my water bottle at his head. He snapped out of his shock.

"OW!" Freddie shouted.

"I said LEAVE!" I shouted back.

He left, leaving me alone in the courtyard.

Freddie POV

Oww…Sam threw that water bottle straight into the noggin, or head. Or temple. Whatever word it is, it hurt.

When I went out of the courtyard, I relaxed, but only for a minute. Carly was pulling me in a closet.

"What?" I asked.

"Why. Why would you stand there shocked when your one and only admirer kissed you?"

"Umm…" I started.

"Umm? No, I believe the answer is you should've kissed Sam back." Carly shouted.



"…" I was silent.

BAM! Someone slapped me across the face. I came out of my shock, thinking it was Sam, but it was Carly!

"Go and talk to her. NOW!" Carly yelled.

"Geez, violent AND bossy. Two more traits we didn't know about." I said.

Now I gotta go to the courtyard.

Second SceneEdit

Freddie Pov

I looked out in the courtyard with Carly behind me. She was urging me to go in, but Sam wasn't there.

"Be like a dog. Find clues to where she would be." Carly said.

"Umm…things jut got weirder." I muttered.

I went outside, but all I could find was her water bottle(Yes, the one she threw at me, the bruise is STILL there!)

I picked it up, and I sniffed it. I don't even know why. What I do know is Sam interrupted me.

"Being like a dog and using scents to try and find me, nub?" She asked.

"Well… know….Where were you?" I practically shouted, but I didn't.

"Umm…taking a Wazz. Whaddya think?"

"Sam…When did you start liking me?" I started.

She looked away, but here's the thing; she looked sad and upset. I couldn't help but feel her pain.

"Since…..Since I first met you…." She said, softly.

"What! You hated me!" I shouted!

"No! I didn't!" She muttered.

"Then why did you almost kill me those times?"

"Freddie, I have a secret, but you have to promise to never tell anyone. Promise not to tell?" Sam said.

"Ok, what is it."

"My personality is not mean and nasty." Sam whispered.

"WHAAT! No way!" I yelled.


"Whaddya mean?" I asked.

It cannot be true! She is always mean and nasty!

"The way I was helping you with the project, that's my real personality. The only reason I was acting mean and vicious, was, because you had that crush on Carly and I did not want you to know that I had a crush on you, because you hated me." Sam said.

"What about the other kids?" I asked, shocked.

"Same thing."

"You had crushes on other kids?" I was more curious than ever.

"NO! I wanted to protect my identidy! So they wouldn't suspect me of liking you!"

OMG, I am now shocked. I think Carly knows already, and I was mad about that, but, this secret is…just….SHOCKING!

Third SceneEdit


I had to get it out sometime. I went through 4 arrests and a parole officer to protect a dumb crush! Am I really that stupid! He doesn't even like me back! I'm sure of it. Oh, Benson, why did you have to be so cute?

"I don't believe it! Probably another one of your pranks!" Freddie shouted.

"No, it's not." I mumbled, hurt.

"You were always mean and nasty, even before you met me!"

"Was not!" I screamed.

"Remember when Carly and you became best friends? You were mean back then, too." Freddie said, grinning, like he got me this time.

"I never said I wasn't vicious for food! I love food! That's the only thing I am mean for!" I replied.

"Not believing it," Freddie crossed his arms.

That's when I lost it.

Carly POV

Oh no! She's gonna beat Freddie up! Oh, Freddie, why are you so stupid!


"Fine, don't believe me!" I shouted.

"Oh no, not this again!" Freddie shouted back.

"I loved you, every second since I first met you, I even kissed you to prove it. I want you Benson! No, I NEED YOU!"

Freddie POV

Once she said those 3 words, a memory flashed my mind. Her and her mother, beating each other, yelling at each other, and here I am, yelling at Sam, when I love her, when she loves me, when she needs me.

Then I did the most unlike thing a boy, no, man could ever do: I started to cry.

I started to cry because she DOES need me, and I yelled at her. I felt her pain and now I am in it.

Tears came out of my eyes, and then, guess what?

Sam started crying.

Carly came out, smiled, and pushed us together, and we hugged. While Crying.

Now I gotta plan my first date. Gotta go to Spencer.