This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Hello, I originally had this on, but I was fustrated with that website, so I'm putting my fan fic here. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1: The LettersEdit

Carly, Sam, Freddie, and their classmates were at science class.

“…and that’s why without oxygen, we would die,” said the Mr. Nematode, the health

teacher. Principal Franklin made an announcement on the loud speaker: “This is a message to all seniors.

As you know today you get your collage acceptance letters. You will go to the collage office during

your lunch period to pick them up.”

Everyone started talking about the colleges they applied to.

“Children, children, please settle down,” Mr. Nematode began. “No need to get excited, some

of you will be denied from every college you applied to, and some of you will be college drop outs. So

don’t get your hopes up.”

All the students looked at each other.

The bell rang, and the students left the classroom.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie went to the college office to get their acceptance letters. The line was 40

kids long. Carly and Freddie were eager, Sam wasn’t. In a few minutes Carly, Sam, and Freddie got their


“Okay, so we’re going to open these during our next web show,” Carly confirmed.

Sam and Freddie said, “Yes.”

After school ended Carly went home. Spencer was working on his new sculpture. “Hey Carly,”

he said, “which college did you get into?”

“I didn’t open it yet,” Carly replied.

“Why not?”

“I’m going to open it with Sam and Freddie and hope we get into the same college.”

“Which college did you apply to?”


“Cool, so what are ya gonna learn there?”

“You know… stuff.”

“Wanna help me finish my sculpture?”

“Sure.” Carly got up to finish his sculpture. “What’s it supposed to be?”

“A fan of knifes.”

Carly glared at Spencer.

“I put on extra scotch tape.”

The next day, Carly, Sam, and Freddie were doing iCarly.

“… and that’s why the chicken should have never crossed the road,” Sam said.

“Poor chicken,” Carly added. “…AND NOW!”



Freddie switched to the B-cam and joined Carly and Sam.

“… and now, we open,” Sam said.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie looked and their letters, then at the others. They looked up to the camera

with shocked faces. “We’re not going to the same college,” they said.

Chapter 2: What Are We Going to do Now?Edit

After the web show Carly, Sam, and Freddie went downstairs and talked about the letters.

“How did we not get into the same college?” Carly asked angrily, while getting juice out of the refrigerator, “We all agreed that we applied to NYU.”

“I did, I even paid the graders $20 to make sure I got in,” Sam said eating chicken.

“You can’t pay people just so you would get a better grade on a test,” Freddie explained.

“It works on my Health tests.”

“…and you,” Carly said to Freddie, “why did you apply to Stanford?”

“I didn’t,” Freddie said, “they just put me there.”

Spencer came out of the shower, only wearing a towel, “Hey guys, you all got into the same colleges?”

“No,” Carly said firmly.

“Oh, well why didn’t you get into the same colleges?”

“Because, the stupid test administrators won’t take my bribe, and bone head over here applied to a different college,” Sam explained to Spencer.

“I told you---” Freddie began but Mrs. Benson barged into the door and grabbed Freddie’s envelope.

“Come in,” Carly said sarcastically.

“Good, you got into Stanford,” Mrs. Benson said, “What were you thinking? Applying to NYU?”

“Wait, you changed my college application?” Freddie asked.

“Yes and it was for a good cause.”

“What good cause?” Carly yelled, “We won’t be able to do iCarly.”

“My Fredward will not waste his life doing stupid internet videos.”

“The only thing stupid is…” Sam began, but Carly interrupted her.

“Sam, be nice,” Carly interrupted, “iCarly is not stupid.”

“Says the stupid person,” Mrs. Benson said.

“Did you just call me stupid?”

“Don’t call my sister stupid,” Spencer told Mrs. Benson.

“Where are your shirt and pants?” Mrs. Benson asked.

“My what?”

“Your shirt and pants, you’re only wearing a towel, where are your shirt and pants?”

“You can’t just come into my house and---”


“Okay!” Spencer said, running to his room.

“C’mon Freddie, they sooner we get away from these two the better,” she said grabbing Freddie to their apartment.

“Great,” Carly said sarcastically, “Freddie’s mother put him in the different college, because she doesn’t want him to do ‘stupid internet videos’.”

“Wait a minute,” Sam said.

“What?” Carly asked.

“If I didn’t get into NYU then that test administration person owes me 20 dollars.”

“Is this really the---”

“Laters,” Sam said leaving.

“Ugh, great, how are we going to do iCarly?”

“Why are you talking to yourself?” Spencer asked, while coming out of his room.

“Shut up, Spencer.”

Chapter 3: Sam's in JailEdit

In school the next week, Carly walked into Freddie.

“Hey, have you seen, Sam?” Freddie asked.

“No,” Carly answered, “the last time I saw her she---”

“Carly Shay, phone call in the main office… NOW!!!” said the desk lady.

“I better go,” Carly said rushing to the main office.

When Carly got there, the deck lady handed her the phone with an agervated look, “Try to not be on for too long,” she said.

Carly picked up the phone; “Hello?”

“It’s me,” said Sam’s voice.

“Where are you, you’ve missed the first 5 periods.”

“I’m in jail.”


“I said I’m in jail.”

“How can you be in jail?”

“I went up to the test administrators to get back my $20, and they spent it on pizza, so I used my butter sock.”

“Sam, I told you that butter sock will get you in trouble one day.”

“Anyways, you need to come over and bail me out.”

“Why can’t your mother bail you out?”

“She’s getting plastic surgery.”

“Okay, how much do I need?”


“$250? Sam, where am I going to get $250?”

“Go over to my house and use the illegal money printing machine, the password is-”

“A what?” said the police officer.

“I said… a legal money printing machine,” Sam lied.

The police officer grabbed the phone; “Come here with 250 non-illegal dollars.”

“Okay,” Carly said.