Scene 1

Freddie Benson. That name rang in my head over and over and over. We broke up,I should be over him! But I'm not.I will never stop loving him.

At least I hope.

It was a boring day at school,and I was late. I was trying to go to class as quick as I possibly could. Yeah,yeah,I know what your thinking:Why is SAM PUCKETT so anxious to get to class?

Well here's your answer. This class is the only class that Freddie's in. All of my other classes he's not there. I finally reached the classroom door and ran in. This biggest boy bully at our school,Lucas Myers,was right there waiting for me. "Hey,Sam. Why so fast? I thought you hated school? Or did Freddie's nerd-ness rub off on you when you two were dating?" He teased. The whole class laughed except for Freddie. He was to busy texting to notice.

He was probably texting Carly.

"Get away from me,Lucas!" I hissed. I grabbed is shirt collar,fiercely. "Woah,watch out 'gal pal'you might break a nail!" Lucas teased again. I rolled my eyes and glanced at Freddie. I tried to get past Lucas but he was blocking me. Ugh! Why is he bullying ME??? ME! SAM PUCKETT! I was mad. I was FURIOUS! I grabbed Lucas's wrists and threw him on the ground. Everyone laughed at HIM now!


Lucas glared at me and growled. He grabbed the coffee that some girl was drinking and poured it on top of me. It was hot and burning.

Just like the way I'm feeling right now. My cheeks were red,hot,and burning from embarrassment. Freddie went to me. "Sam?" He asked. His voice soft and soothing. He put his hand on my shoulder but I took it off. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. And then thousands of them.

I was bursting into tears. Lucas laughed. He had won. And I lost. I ran out of the classroom as soon as the teacher walked in. "Sam,get back in this classroom!" Mr.Howard ordered. But I ignored him and kept running.
I was feeling a mix of emotions. I was devastated for being bullied. I was embarrassed from being bullied. I was furious at Lucas. Also I was hurt that when I was being bullied while Freddie didn't even notice and kept texting!
Of course,a boyfriend is supposed to stick up for you but so should a friend!
Maybe that proves that Freddie must not care about me anymore.

But I hope that's not the situation.

Scene 2Edit

Think. That's what people often do when their confused or something like that.

And that's exactly what I was doing.

I thought of all the sweet memories me and Freddie had.

But that had all washed away because of that moment in the elavator.

I was sitting in the cold storage room in our school. I shivered. I was sad. I was devastated that Freddie didn't even notice what happened to me. So I did something that I did earlier in class.


Tears were flowing down my face in one great WHISH. When I thought I was alone. I heardfootsteps. Then,I heard a voice says "Sam?"

It was Freddie.

I sniffled. "What do you want?"

"I wanna- Are you crying?" Freddie asked. "Um...maybe." I replied,quietly.

"Anyway,I wanna say...I'm sorry. For,you know,not paying attention to what happened in class."

He's sorry?

"It's OK," I replied. Freddie smiled. "Good,now let me take you to Carly's."

"Huh?" I asked. "School's over," Freddie told me. "It IS?" Freddie nodded. "Oh," I said,feeling rather stupid.

But the good thing that mattered was that he cared about me.