This SEDDIE story is told in Sam's POV. enjoy!

I pushed him against the wall. Don't you ever do that again. You hear me, Benson? I-I hear you, he said weakly and frightenedly. I let him go. What'd you do? Carly asked Freddie. Nothing. he answered quickly. I gave him a glare. I, um, maybe pepper-sprayed her locker. he said. Carly spit out lemonade. YOU WHAT? she said, surprised. What's wrong with you? Tired of living?! she said. No! She kept spitting spitballs at me during class! Freddie said. Oh quit whining. At least I didn't dump 'em in your pants. I said. You did! he yelled. C'mon. You know how Sam is! Dangerous! And yet you act like you didn't expect it! Carly said, tired of hearing our arguing. Now come on. Let's go rehearse for iCarly.


Okay. And then I say, 'Whoo! Fried chicken wonderland!' I said unenthusiastically. Carly sat down at a beanbag and stopped rehearsing, so I sat down too. What's wrong, Sam? You started acting different since we started rehearsing. Carly asked. Different? I said confused and bewildered by her comment. Even Freddork was listening to us. I'm gonna go use the bathroom, Carly said.

I got up when she left. Now I was alone with the dork. Hey, what's going on? He's walking over to me and my heart is pounding fast. Why didn't it pound when I shoved him against the wall? I have a million questions inside of me that I want to be answered. I felt them spinning around me so much I started to get dizzy. It seemed Freddie wasn't walking toward me, he was just getting some equipment. I couldn't help my dizziness, and I fell, when I felt a hand grab me. I turned and looked and I saw that Freddie grabbed me before I fell. I felt electric flying through me, when I started to speak again. Thanks, I blushed. No problem, he said, smiling a bit. Wow, his smile is so powerful it makes me smile. Wait, what am I thinking? I must be having hallucinations from my dizziness.

Carly had been gone for a long time. When is she gonna come back so I can stop being alone with this nerd? I don't want to be alone with him. My heart feels like it's about to burst. Carly!! Please come in. I feel like I'm gonna...fall asleep. That's when my prayers were answered and Carly came through the door. Carly, thank goodness your back! I said. What? I've only been there for 45 seconds. What? I thought. 45 seconds? More like an hour, as it seemed to me.

Come on. Let's rehearse now. Carly said. Um, no thanks. I'm gonna go home. I said. Why? she asked. To think.. I said. About Freddie, I thought. To think? Carly thought. What was that supposed to mean?

The next day at school, I went to my locker, and Freddie was there. Great. Carly had come late. Again. But as I thought about it yesterday, maybe I should just tell him that I..I..l-l-lii-i...I can't even say it. See all this pain he's been causing me lately? Why, oh WHY do I <insert the word LOVE here> him? Freddie? I said. Oh, gosh. How did that word that's been spinning around in my mind for weeks manage to slip out of my mouth? No turning back now. He was surprised that I didn't turn his name into an insult. Uh oh. I have a feeling this is gonna be bad, Freddie thought. He gave me my full attention. I think I...I.. I looked into his brown eyes. ARGH! If we were dating already I would kiss him right then. I gotta go! I left and ran.

Later, a little bit after school, I hid in the supply closet, burrying my head into my knees, thinking about how great it would be if Freddie and I were dating. How could I have gone to, I hate you. I'm gonna get you someday, turn into, I love you, Freddie..? Then the door suddenly opened. It was..him.. I don't even wanna say his name. Principal Franklin. (XD totally got you thinking it was Freddie!) Geez. Now I'm gonna get in trouble for being in the supply closet.

We were walking. Sam, why were you in there? he asked. I heard his soft, nice voice and felt I could tell him everything, but it would be too much to explain. I just looked at him. We continued walking. Is something wrong? he asked. Actually, yeah. There is something wrong. I said, finally speaking to him. Tell me. he said. I smiled. I told him about how I started to like Freddie, his cute nerdy brown eyes, everything. I felt like we had walked across the Pacific Ocean, though we only walked to the end of the short hallway. Well. You don't need to fight love. There may be a chance he loves you back. Just don't give up. he said. I thought about what he said. Who knew a principal could give such great love advice? Tell you what. I'll let this detention slip slide. Only this time, because I love giving out love advice. It feels nice to help people with the love in their lives, cause.. I can tell you this: Love is stronger than anything else. And as I've been watching you two around a lot, I actually thought about how you two would be a cute couple. Not to be awkward, though. I smiled, though. I thought it was great how he cared about love. I also smiled at the fact he thought we were cute together. He was right. Why ignore it, when you can fight for love, especially when there's a chance he might love you back? I thought. Then thought and thought and thought. He caught me when I fell, something another boy wouldn't do. He obeyed me when I pushed him against the wall. Even though he was scared of me, he didn't bother to fight. He cares about me. He really does. That's the conclusion I came up to. Thanks Principal Franklin. You're the best. I'm gonna go talk to him. I said. Thanks. Remember: Fight for love. Fight, no matter how much it takes. Love is stronger than anything, so you'll get to him for sure. he said.

At Carly's apartment, Carly and Freddie were talking about iCarly. I slid down the wall, with my head in my knees again, thinking about what to say. Then I saw him coming up to me, and my heart raced. Hey, I said trying to play it off cool. Hey. he smiled back. He slid down the wall next to me in the same position I was in. Talk to me. he said. What? I asked. Come on. Obviously, something is the matter with you. Talk to me! he said. Okay. Here's my chance. I had a flashback of what Principal Franklin said. Remember, love is stronger than anything. Fight for it. I couldn't think of anything to say to make the conversation less awkward. So why use words when you can use actions? Go for it. Kiss him. I told myself. No, you might make things awkward! Even if I do, I can still fight for it. So the positive side of me won, and I grabbed his shoulders and kissed him, like we were the only two people on Earth. I was surprised. He kissed me back. I let go, and he said one word: Wow. I smiled.

And that's how our love began. We were happy together, and that's all that was important.