This story is rated T.
Recommended for teen-level readers.

Scene 1(Freddie's Apartment)

Freddie's POV

My mom yelled right before she left the house "I left some Spaghetti in the refrigerator for you. You sure you're going to be okay for the night." I then groan and sigh "YES MOM!" She was going over to a friend’s house for the night so she can visit her. She has left me alone before but she was just being Mom. I then see a blond outside banging on the Shay's Apartment door and I go outside and say "Sam they aren't home...Why such the need to get in?" He then yells at me "MY MOM KICKED ME OUT FOR THE NIGHT!!! I have no place to go. Apparently her and her boyfriend want to be "alone" if you know what I mean." We both shivered at the thought of her mom and her bf having sex. I then say "You can come into my place if you want. My mom went to a friends for the weekend" She then says "Ugh fine. Only because your mom has food!"

She stormed in and pushed me down and ran to my fridge. I got up and say "OW!!!!!" She said "Nobody Cares!" and grabbed the spaghetti out of the refrigerator. I then yell "WAIT THAT'S MY DINENR!" She then looks at me and says "You at least share!!" I then say "Fine you can have some." She then asked "Do you have any taco shells?" I then looked at her questionably and said "Yeah top shelf why..." She then stood on her tippy toes and knocked the box out into her hand and placed them out on my table. She then says "Spaghetti Taco?" I then say "Genius! Didn't even think of that." She blushed and said "I know!' She was cute when she blushed. WAIT WHY AM I SAYING SHE'S CUTE!!! She's a demon! But she does have a nice body.... GAH WHAT AM I SAYING! Maybe it’s my hunger talking.

She pulled out the spaghetti that was heated up in the microwave and made 7 tacos. She grabbed the parmesan from cabinet by her and sprinkled it on the tacos. She then said "MMMM FOOD!!!" I sat across from her and smiled "Smells good!" She then smiled back and said with already a half taco in her mouth "YOU MOM MAKESS GOOF TACOFS!" I then tell her "Swallow before you speak!" She then says "When did you turn into my wife!" still with a mouth full of taco spitting at me. I ate 3 tacos and she ate 3 tacos and there was one left. I was about to grab it when she snatches it and I yell "HEY!!!" She turns it sideways and says "Come and get it" She puts half of it in her mouth and half of it is sticking out for me to take. I bring my chair over and sit close to her and bring my mouth to it and open it up and bring my lips close to hers as she bites off her part while wrapping her arms around my neck then kissing me right after. I kiss her back forcefully swallowing the taco and we both pull away. She smiles and says "Maybe I should cook more often." I laugh and say "I could get used to that."

And to think it all started with Spaghetti Taco.