iGet in Trouble!

This is kinda like a vacation story, but they get in trouble there. It's kinda like iGo to Japan but different. Hope u enjoy


Carly: yawns and checks clock AHH! I overslept! I'll be late for class! runs to the bathroom to get ready

~at Ridgeway~

Sam: You're lucky I hurt him instead of you!

Freddie: Yeah, but how many times have you hurt me!?

Carly: Hey guys!

Sam: Hey Carls. Why are you late? opening locker

Carly: I overslept, now SHH! I have great news!

Sam: Greater than Bolivian bacon?

Carly: Even greater.

Freddie: That is great.

Carly: I got 3 plane tickets! To Australia!

Sam: Whoa! And Mrs. Benson isn't coming?

Carly: Nope!

Sam: screams, I always wanted to try Australian fat cakes!

Carly and Freddie look at Sam weirdly

Sam: Hey. Mama loves her fat cakes, and that will never change!

Carly: Anyway, opens locker, Can I borrow one of you guys' science book?

Freddie: What for?

Carly: I need to take notes for the project.

Sam: What project?

Carly: Oh, Sam.


Carly: chuckles, C'mon. We need to get to class.

Freddie: Ugh. You guys are lucky you have science. I have social studies with Mr. Howard.

Sam: Yep. We sure are lucky.

Freddie: rolls eyes


Carly: opens Freddie's science book and takes notes

Sam: snores with head on desk

Carly: Sam. Wake up.

Sam: still asleep

Carly: shaking Sam, Sam! Wake up!

Sam: Wha-a?

Carly: whispers, You'll get in trouble...

Sam: I hate science...

Teacher: Carly, my Straight-A student, do you have your project ready?

Carly: I sure do! And I have some extra notes, too!

Teacher: smiles, Sam, my Straight-F student, I'm guessing your project isn't ready.

Sam: I'll give you some ham to let it slide!

Teacher: Sam, you can't bribe to get the things you want. You know this leads to a 3 week detention and a-

Sam: You're boring me. I know already. You gave me that exact same message for a month.

Teacher: Have any excuses?

Sam: Actually, I do. And they aren't the same as the fake ones I always give you. Me, Carly, and a nerd are going on a vacation to Australia. So, bye bye detention until next week!

Teacher: Ugh.


Carly: walks through the door, Hey Spencer!!!

Spencer: talking loud over a power drill HEY CARLAY.

Carly: What'cha makin'?


Carly: laughs,

Spencer: turns power drill off, takes goggles off and climbs down ladder, You see there? That's

Carly: Cool thingy...

Spencer: Yeah, but not for long. It will be an AMAZING thingy.

Carly: What?

Spencer: gets a blaster and a gigantic firework hits the 'thingy'

Carly: Ahh!

Spencer: stands proudly

Carly: Do you have to be so abnormal? Whoa! It looks like a tree!

Spencer: Yup. It's an indoor treehouse! And it can support anything up to 100 pounds!

Carly: A hundred?!

Spencer: YUP! Now you can have your little girl memories in there!

Carly: Sure, but not little girl memories.

Spencer: Why not?

Carly: Well..


8 year old Carly: Hey Sam!

8 year old Sam: Hey! Wanna go climb that big tree there?

8 year old Carly: Um, is it safe?

8 year old Sam: Not really! climbs up

Carly: follows Sam

Sam: See? This isn't so bad!

Carly: You're right!

  • A guy chops the tree down and Carly and Sam fall*

Carly & Sam: AHHH!! they crash on the ground with dirt all over them

Sam: Oh my gosh.

Carly: We could have been killed! I'm never climbing a tree again!


Carly: See? That's why I don't want to think about when I was 8 while climbing a tree.

Spencer: Yeah, but you see? This is a sculpture. It's not like a guy is gonna chop it down. It's not even a tree! It's a big sculpture in a shape of one!

Carly: Okay, fine. I'll trust you. But I'm so tired. I'm gonna take a nap. I'll climb it tomorrow.

Spencer: YAY! dances like a little girl