"I'm Carly," began Carly Shay as she twirled with excitment. Her hoop earrings dangled to her shoulders.

"I'm Sam," added Sam Puckett.

"And this is ICarly!" the two friends said together. Spencer Shay, her brother, came through the door with Gibby Gibson holding on to his arm.

"And this is our brother, Spencer, who is crazy about Gibby Gibson." Carly pointed out, feeling a bit annoyed.

Gibby Gibson remained respectfully silent as Sam looked at the camera with a warm smile on her face.

"As you viewers know, that we are going camping in the Devan Forest this summer for two weeks tops." Sam said cheerfully.

"And we are taking the computer and of course, the camera." Carly concluded. She pointed at the camera that Freddie Bensen was holding.

"But first, we are going to play a game called...." Carly said and then, in big bold letters read "Guess What Things We Are Taking" with a song.

Spencer pointed rudely to Gibby. "He bit my arm and it hurts.......!"

Carly ingored him and smiled at the camera. "The way we play this game is really simple, but quite amazing. We grab our camping bag, and then, our ICarly viewers will have to guess." She looked a bit stern as she saw Spencer letting go of his hand. "And before we're interrupted, Gibby bit Spencer arm this morning and he's gone mad."

Freddie laughed and turned the camera towards him. "And we just got off high school and collage, we are still the same size, but different age and housing." He turned the camera at Carly and Sam.

"It's true, earliler this year, Freddie's scrict mom and Sam's mom has devoured into a massive fight and they decided they could live with us instead." Carly stated.

Spencer's face turned as red as a tomato, looked at the camera, and stuck his lip rudely. Carly and Sam were shocked. They never saw Spencer this mad before. Throughtout the entire show, Carly and Sam were still surprised, but acted as cheerfully and excited as they be.