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Best Friends

by StraightACarlaay!

Ok, I'm writing this story considering my fave vacation place of all times and my ultimate favorite iCarly movie, iGo To Japan! Carly, Sam, and Freddie are all 13 years old like in Season 1. Picture this like a movie/episode. :)

Note: I'M NOT A SHIPPER of anything- I just had fun writing this.

Part 1

Scene 1

Carly yawns and glances on the clock. 7:15. Ugh- way too early for a Saturday.


Carly drowsily opens her eyes.

"CARLY!" Spencer bounds up the stairs to Carly's room. "Carlaayy!"

"WHAT?!" Carly demands.

"I have exciiiting news!", Spencer proclaims, out of breath. He builds fists and scrunches up his face excitedly.

"I don't wanna know. GOOD NIGHT." Carly grumbles and pulls her blanket over her head.

Spencer: "Ca-arly, don't be like that! I'm talking juicy fun for you, your friends, and I! And I...was that right?"

Carly: "Riight. Whatever you have, it'll probably burst into flames. Now leaaave!"

Spencer pulls Carly's blanket away. Carly shrieks: "AAAhhhh!!"

Spencer: "Hahahahahaa, that worked. Get dressed and come down to the kitchen!" -exits-

Carly groans, plants her feet on the floor, and walks to her vanity. She takes out her hairbrush, brushes her hair, and twists back one side of her bangs. There. Now she disappears in the bathroom and emerges in a light lilac Penny-T and black short-shorts. Finishing touch- a dab of lip gloss and a couple of bracelets.


"Good, about time!", retorts Spencer.

Carly rolls her eyes and skips down the stairs. -enters kitchen-

Spencer: "Looky, I even made you break- ahh!"

Carly: "Oh my god!!"

They both grab kitchen cloths and beat up a flame on the kitchen stove.

Spencer, quietly: "Okaay, the scrambled eggs didn't go that well... how do you feel about cereal?"

Carly sighs. "Oh well."

After cereal...

Carly: "So, what's up?"

"Well...the Dorfmans invited us to come to the annual Raisin Parade this year. And youu can bring your friends!"

Carly, shocked: "WHAT?! That's your idea of juicy fun?!! I- um- have plans."

Spencer grins. "Kidding! We're going to the Caribbean for five days! Pack, kiddo, we're leaving today!"

Carly, shrieking: "OMG, what?! Ohh my god! How? With Sam and Freddie? Where?" *jumps up and down*

Spencer: "Yup! You see, Socko's friend and his family were gonna go there today- they're a family of five- but they fell ill with the flu. Well, one of the kids did, but that's not the point.. Oh yeah, and we're going to Puerto Rico."

Carly: "Aww.. anyway, what's Socko's friends' name?"

Spencer: "Travis, why?"

Carly, smiling: "Uh-huh, of course it is. Go on!"

"Well, now me, you, Freddo, Sam and-- Mrs. Benson, sorry-- are going instead, you know, like taking their places. Of course they are informed- man, what great vocab I have today!- and we'll meet at the airport at 12:30 today, flight's at 3:30. Get packin'!!"

Carly: "And you didn't tell me- whyy?!"

Spencer: "I loove surprising my little sister! Who's the best?" *they hug*

Carly: "You are! I can't believe it! I need to call Sam!* -goes into bedroom, picks up PearPhone, and speed-dials Sam*

Sam, over phone: "Hey Carles!"

Carly: "We're flying to Puerto Rico! Aah! Today afternoon!"

Sam: "I know! No, mom! Sorry I gotta go... NO, I already said I wouldn'-" *hangs up*

Spencer is heard yelling: "Carly! Want Socko's girlfriend to give you a special light-up cell phone case? So you don't lose your cell?"

Carly: "What's her name?"

Spencer: "Sally, why?"

Carly: "No thanks, I'll pass!"

  • doorbell rings*

Carly: "I'll get it!" *runs downstairs and opens door* "Freddie! What's up?"

Freddie: "Please explain to my mom that no, I won't interact with Puerto Rican hobos!"

Mrs. Benson appears. Mrs. Benson: "You don't know what kinds of diseases you might find on those people! I can only give you so many vaccinations! Hello, Carly. Freddie, you are coming home, we need to pack and install a special passcode on your wallet."

Freddie, groaning: "Mom..." *door shuts* *arguing is heard faintly*

Carly, muttering to herself: "Special passcode...?"

For the next few hours, Spencer, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Mrs. Benson pack.

Spencer: "Alright, almost twelve pm, we have to get crackin'! Carly, you ready? *knuckle-punches himself* "We're meeting Sam and the Bensons down in the lobby. Lewbert hired a taxi and-"

Carly: "Spencer!"

Spencer: "What?"

Carly: "You're not wearing pants."

Spencer looks down. Spencer: "Oops, I must have packed them. But my boxers are cute, right? Look at the duck-"

Carly: "Go get dressed!"

Spencer: "Okay!"

-in the lobby of Bushwell Plaza-

Mrs. Benson: "But you said you'd hire us a taxi! We should have left for the airport ten minutes ago!"

Lewbert: "Nnnaaahhghrhh!" *slams office door*

Carly, sighing: "I'll call a cab." While she does that...

Freddie: "No! Stop attacking me, Sam!"

Sam draws away with a satisfied face. Sam: "It's clear- you packed anti-bacterial underwear."

Freddie, defensively: "So what? I bet... half of your suitcase is full of food!"

Sam, thoughtfully: "About."

Freddie: "Yeahh!"

Sam: "We never bet."

Freddie grumbles. "I know."

Carly: "Guys, the taxi should be here any minute now."

Mrs. Benson: "Good. Freddie, make sure you have everything. Sam, Carly, and Spencer, you too! Everyone got their sunscreen, cloud block...?"

Spencer: "Cloud block?"

Sam hisses to Carly: "Why'd she have to come?!"

Mrs. Benson raises her eyebrows threateningly.

"Ooh, the cab's here!" Carly quickly says cheerfully.

  • Lewbert screaming in the background*

Everyone trades glances: "Let's get outta here."

Part 2

Everyone: "Let's get outta here."

They get into the taxi. Spencer sits next to the driver (Socko's cousin Tex), Carly sits between Sam and Freddie in the back. And where's Mrs. Benson? Next to Carly, and Freddie sits on her lap.

Freddie groans.

Scene 2

They arrive at the airport.

Carly: "So glad we're finally there! C'mon, let's get out." *jumps out of cab*

Sam gets out and, after Freddie struggles with his mom, he gets out, too.

Freddie: "Thank goodness! Finally!!"

Marissa (Mrs. Benson!) takes out the suitcases with Tex's help. Tex gets back in the cab and leaves.

Mrs. Benson: "Hey! Where is Spencer?!"

Carly: "Oh my god, he must have still been in the cab!"

Marissa: "Well... Mr. Tex will probably bring him back. Oh, that irresponsible dope!"

Sam: "Cool it, lady, he's comin'."

The taxi pulls up to the side and Tex winks through the window. "Dude fell asleep", he chuckles.

Spencer jumps out of the cab. "I'm baack!"

Mrs. Benson scolds, "Spencer, how could you have fallen asleep? You are very irresponsible. You're really a 26-year-old, but you act like an unseasoned tot. Shame on you!"

Freddie: "Mo-om, let's get a move on. It's almost 1:15."

Mrs. Benson: "Very sensible, Freddie. Come on, take your suitcases, let us go."

Carly's baggage- a royal blue duffel bag and a black soft knapsack. Sam's- a pink and brown checkered suitcase and the same hand luggage as Carly's. Mrs. Benson and Freddie share a huge pine green suitcase. Freddie brings a gray sports bag as his hand luggage with him, while Mrs. Benson has her huge first aid kit. Spencer has a dark red plastic suitcase and no hand luggage. All three kids have their PearBooks with them, too.

Everything in the air port goes smoothly until the security guards find a huge metal baseball bat in Sam's bag. Aside from that, they make it through all the checks at the air port without a racket.

-In the gate area-

Sam and Freddie sit down next to each other near the window.

Freddie: "Forty-five minutes 'til we leave!"

Sam: "I'm so hyped! Almost five whole days in the sun, without my mom!"

Freddie laughs.

Carly: "Spencer and I will go and get snacks. BRB!" *exits scene*

Freddie: "Hey, where's my mom?"

Sam: "I think she went to the restroom. Thank god!"

Freddie: "She's such a pain. Oh my god, that old lady's bacon over there looks SO tasty."

Sam: "Oh, yeaah! Wait here, Freddud, while Momma gets herself some free bacon."

Freddie: "But you can't just-"

Sam: "Yeah, yeah. Shut up."

Sam sneaks up to an old white-haired snoozing lady, snatches the bacon, and returns to her seat. "Got it! Lady was asleep. *chews* Want some, Fredopher?"

Freddie: "No way. I'd feel guilty- oh, goody, there's Carly!" *smiles*

Carly: "Fat shake for you, Sam, and- Sam?! Where'd you get that bacon!?"

Sam: "Ohh, yeah... just give me my fat shake!!"

Freddie: "She took it from an old lady!"

Carly, shocked: "SAM!"

Sam: "Chill, she was asleep!"

Carly sighs. "Okay, then. A bag of chips to share, a donut and smoothie for each of us, an organic veggie wrap for- hey, where's Mrs. Benson?"

Mrs. Benson appears. "Right here, I had to use the ladies' room, excuse me. *widens eyes* Is the food organic, Spencer?"

Spencer: "Oh, well..."

Carly: "Yeah! We got you an organic veggie wrap."

Mrs. Benson: "Thank you, that's very kind. But what about Freddie?"

Carly: "Oh, um... a... doughnut? Smoothie? With, you know, fruit?"

Mrs. Benson sighs. "Oh well, I guess it's fine. But I'm not happy with it!"

Freddie: "Wow... second time she's let me eat a doughnut... mmm!"

Spencer: "Boarding time!"

Scene 3

Plane seating- Window | Carly | Sam | Freddie |Walkway| Mrs. Benson | Spencer | extra seat | Window

Carly, after eighteen minutes in the plane: "Why didn't we start yet?!"

Mrs. Benson: "You know planes never start on time. They still need to check nd make sure that every single-"

Sam: "Enough, lady, who gives a rib?"

Mrs. Benson: "^.^ Please."

A white lady in a black skirt, in heels and with tons of eyeshadow and lipstick, marches into the picture.

Spencer whispers: "Hot stewardess."

Stewardess: "You guys want any beverages? We have Ginger Hail, Peppy Cola, Slite, water, apple juice, orange juice, Wahoo Punch, and Oystemato. Any ice-"

Spencer shrieks. "No, aah!"

Stewardess: "What's wrong?"

Spencer, still shuddering at the thought of Oystemato: "Nothing. Just... memories."

Sam: *gesturing to her & Carly* "We both want a Ginger Hail, one with ice."

Mrs. Benson: "Freddie, we both are getting organic spring water."

Freddie rolls his eyes.

Stewardess: "So I take that as two Ginger Hails- one with ice- and two waters."

Spencer: "One Wahoo Punch, too, please!"

Stewardess: "Sure thing." *walks away*

Spencer: "She's so hot!"

Freddie, nodding: "Smokin'."

Mrs. Benson: "FREDDIE!"

Suddenly, an old woman appears.

Old woman to Mrs. Benson, Freddie, and Spencer: "Give it to me!"

Mrs. Benson: "Um, excuse me, who are you and what do you want from us?"

Old lady slaps Mrs. Benson's forehead.

Mrs. Benson: "Thaat's it! I'm getting a- WHERE is she??"

The old lady is gone.

Steward appears. Steward: "Sorry for the... inconvenience. She's from the mental asylum group that's traveling with us today." *walks away*

Mrs. Benson snorts. Mrs. Benson: "Violence like that in front of my Freddie. Unacceptable. Spencer, pass me those disinfectant wipes, they're in the seat next to you." Spencer gives them to her.

-view to the kids' seat-

All three are on their PearBooks, surfing the web-

Carly *How To Keep Hair Protected From Salt And Sun*,

Freddie *Wi-Fi In The Rincon Resort*,

Sam *Puerto Rican Grilled Cuisine*.

Sam makes a weird sound and turns around in seat. Opens seat belt and looks at seat behind her. View to a grinning little boy kicking Sam's seat. Little boy: "Haha, I kicked that blonde barbie's seat!"

Sam, disgustedly: "Blonde barbie? *yanks boy's hair* That'll do."

Mrs. Benson: "Excuse me, but is there a problem?"

Freddie: "No, mom! No, mom, there is not!"

Mrs. Benson: "Ah, alright, I guess I'll take a nap now."

Carly: "Sam, do you always have to be so violent?"

Sam: "Yepperooney."

Freddie: "Yepperooney?"

Sam: "Hey, got a new 'nickname' for Tech Geek! Fredderooney!"

Carly snorts. "Fredderooney?"

Spencer is heard snoring.

-after about one hour-

Freddie, Carly, and Sam are all drowsily typing on their laptops.

Sam: *yawns* "How much longer?"

Freddie glances at his watch. Freddie: "About two and a half more hours.."

Sam groans: "Ugrh!"

'Hot Stewardess' enters scene.

Freddie: "There she is again." *sighs*

Carly hisses: "She wears way too much makeup!"

Stewardess: "Would you guys like any snacks?" -shows selection of packed plane snacks-

Sam snatches herself two bags of BBQ-flavored chips, Freddie grabs himself Nacho Cheese Doritos, and Carly gets herself a bag of Animal Crackers.

Freddie: "Gracias!"

Carly: "Thanks, Lily!"

Sam looks at name tag. Sam: "Yeah... Lily."

-shows Spencer and Mrs. Benson still sleeping-

-sped-up camera shows a landing air plane, group walking through airport, bus getting loaded, and driving up to the "Rincon Resort"-

Part 3

Scene 4

-in the lobby of hotel-

Carly: "Ouh là là, this place is amazing!" *puts on sunglasses*

Sam: "Oh, dear sun, shine upon me!"

Spencer: "Yeahh! I'll go check us all in!"

Mrs. Benson: "I'm coming with you, Spencer, I have to make sure that everything-"

Carly: "OKAY! *smiles* C'mon, guys, let's check out the pool and beach area! Oh, the water's glistening so nicely in the sun!"

Mrs. Benson, turning around from the check-in place: "Nuh-uh, not until I apply some sun, salt, chemical, and cloud block to your skin! >All the chemicals may harm you, if you<"

Freddie: "Mom, do you see any clouds?, and DON'T sing the song in public!" *pulls a travel-sized sunblock out of pocket, applies a bit, and passes it to Sam and Carly*

Carly and Sam apply the sunblock.

Carly: "I guess we're all set!"

Mrs. Benson: "Be careful not to drown!"

Sam: "Blah, blah, there she goes again, let's just GO!"

Mrs. Benson sighs.

Excitedly, Carly, Sam and Freddie run out of the back of the hotel and begin to explore the beach & pool area.

-next to the pool-

Carly: "Wow, this place is so nice!"

Sam: "I feel like a prin-cess! *undresses to her bikini and puts clothes on a white poolside chair* Yup, Momma thought of wearing her bikini underneath!"

Carly cockily replies: "So did Carly!" *pulls of clothes and places them on poolside chair next to Sam's*

Freddie: "Carly, nice bikini!"

Carly: "Eyes away, dude!"

Sam: "Dude, she hardly fills her top, why-"

Carly: "Too far!"

Freddie loyally to Carly: "Big bust, or small bust- I will always love you!"

Sam snorts.

Freddie isn't wearing his swim pants- his mom made him put on a pair of anti-bacterial undies. So he just takes his shirt and shoes off and stays in jeans.

Carly slips into the water. Carly: "Whoo, this is so nice!"

Freddie: "I don't think I'll go in yet because-"

Sam pushes Freddie into the pool.

Freddie, spluttering: "Not cool!"

Sam shrugs. Sam: "Oops! Muscle spasm." *jumps into pool with huge splash*

Shows the three in pool for about five seconds.

Scene 5

-all in hotel room, kids are dripping of water. In the kitchen-

Spencer: "Okay- I'll sleep on the couch over there *points to 'living room' with a fold-out couch*. The rest of you can have the beds. I'd say Mrs. Benson and Freddie *quickly bends down and whispers to Freddie: Sorry, man.* yeah, share one and the girls get the other."

Freddie rolls his eyes, but his mom smiles. Carly and Sam high-five.

Mrs. Benson: "What do you say to some traditional Puerto Rican cuisine? Our hotel offers a very nice restaurant."

Carly: "I'm in."

Spencer: "Sure."

Freddie: "Done."

Sam: "Food food food!"

Mrs. Benson: "Okay. Freddie and girls, take a cleansing bath and come down to the lobby quickly. Spencer and I will meet you there."

Spencer: "Chillin' on the couch."

Mrs. Benson: "Catching up on the computer! Spencer and I will go and change now."

Mrs. Benson and Spencer each go into a bathroom with a pile of dinner clothes to change into while Carly, Sam, and Freddie look around in the kitchen. Sam stores her own food in the refridgerator. Mrs. Benson appears. Spencer is seen waiting at the door.

Mrs. Benson: "Freddie, make sure to thoroughly 'poo up and completely dry your hair! And also make sure to not slip, fall, and break your-"

Freddie: "Ugh, MOM!"

Sam: "Bye! *pushes Mrs. Benson out of the door to Spencer who's already in the hallway and slams door shut* Alright, so now we're rid of the grown-ups."

Sam, Carly, and Freddie walk into the adjoining bedroom. Sam throws her backpack onto the bed nearer to the balcony.

Sam: "Called it! In your face, Fudgeface and Psycho-Mom-Who's-Not-Here!"

Grumbling, Freddie drops his handbag onto the other bed.

Freddie: "She'll powder me in bed, I just know it."

Girls laugh.

Carly: "Okay, there are two bathrooms. Which two of us get to shower first?"

Freddie immediately: "Sam and me!!"

Carly: "Why?"

Freddie: "You NEVER know what pranks Sam might pull on you!"

Sam rummages through her suitcase for body and hair wash stuff.

Sam: "I'm too tired to bother with you. *pauses* Now get in the shower before I give you a sand wedgie!"

Freddie looks at Carly: "Right. She won't mess with me."

-half an hour later, in the lobby...-

Mrs. Benson in blouse and skirt reading a flyer. Spencer using computer in casual jeans and a clean white t-shirt. Carly's wearing a hot-pink layered miniskirt and a white camisole. Sam's wearing a jean miniskirt and a black camisole. Freddie is in khaki-shorts and a navy-and-white striped polo shirt. Both girls are wearing a bit more makeup than usual, and Freddie tried gel in his hair.

Mrs. Benson: "There you are. I was engaging in a few nice flyers here."

Spencer, starting to walk towards restaurant: "You look good, kids. Now let's go check- aah!" *slips on a wet slimy leaf on the floor*

Freddie, Sam, and Carly laugh.

Mrs. Benson: "Spencer, are you alright?"

Spencer: *shakes out his hair* "Yeah, phew! Well, let's go in!"

Everyone walks into restaurant.

Sam shivers. "Phow, it's cold."

Mrs. Benson, to waiter: "Excuse me, we need a table. I have a very hungry little boy with me."

Waiter: "Then, why don't you.. uh, bring him in here?"

Mrs. Benson points indignantly at Freddie, who rolls his eyes, aggravated.

Waiter: "Al..right? Follow me."

Sam, mockingly to Freddie: "Little boy."

Freddie rolls his eyes again.

All sit down at a big table next to a window.

Sam: "I'd like this beef."

Carly: "Traditional salmon for me, please."

Spencer: "I can share this huge shrimp dish with the others. We'll mix and trade foods!"

Waiter: "Okay, coming up."

After thirty-five minutes...

Sam: "Where's our food??"

Carly: "I'm starving. I'm a half-dead girl."

Freddie: "You can eat me if you're going to die. I sacrifice." *holds up both hands and gazes adoringly at Carly*

Sam: "Gosh, you're so annoying. She'll never love you, okay?"

Mrs. Benson: "Is there a problem?"

Freddie: "No, mom. No, mom, there is not!"

Sam, muttering: "Now where have I heard that before?"

Spencer: "I'll go and ask. This is ridiculous. *leaves table* *returns* Couldn't find the waiter dude. I gave a different guy our orders."

Finally, they get their food after about five minutes.

Part 4

Scene 6

-Camera showing Room & Balcony Door-

-Camera zooms in on Mrs. Benson sleeping. She's wearing a sleeping mask and earplugs. Sam, Freddie, and Carly are all sitting on Carly and Sam's bed. It's 11 pm.

Freddie: "At least we got our food.. gosh, I'm so full!"

Carly, whispering: "Shh- your mom."

Freddie: "Pff. She can't hear. And no, she needs an >adequate amount of sleep<.

Sam: "Good. Let's do prank calls!"

Carly and Freddie look at eachother undecidedly. Suddenly, the door to the kitchen/living room opens.

Spencer: "Did I hear prank calls?" He has dark blue sleepwear with light blue cars on.

Freddie: "Uh, oh."

Carly: "Spencer! Were you eavesdropping?!"

Spencer: "Noo, just had my ear pressed against the door!"

Carly rolls her eyes. Carly: "That's eavesdropping. And please don't spoil our fun!"

Spencer: "Don't insult me- this is what Spencer loves to do!" *rubs Carly's head*

Carly tidies up her hair again.

Sam: "So, who should we call?"

Freddie: "How about Ms. Briggs? That old dragon deserves some dinner fun!"

Carly: "Dinner fun?"

Freddie: "It's around dinner time over there in Seattle." *shrugs*

Sam: "Lett doo eet!"

Spencer: "Huh?"

Carly: "Let's do it."

Spencer: "Oh."

Carly: "Let's go onto the balcony though. I'll go and get my PearPhone."

Spencer: "I bought us an internet connection- I'll log onto the web and check out some teachers' digits in the school directory. Carly, I'll use your PearBook, k?" *grins excitedly and sneaks off*

Carly: "K-k."

Carly fumbles around in her luggage while Spencer logs onto Carly's laptop. Then, he spreads out towels on the balcony floor. The three sit down in the warm Caribbean night air. Carly appears with her cell phone.

Carly: "I'll dial Ms. Briggs now. What should we say?"

Freddie: "Ask her if her fridge is running! If she says *mocks Briggs* >Yes, why and what do you want?<, *back to normal* then say 'go catch it'!"

Sam giggles. Sam: "Okay. Carles, don't mess up!"

Spencer reads out Ms. Briggs' phone number. Carly taps the screen and sets the phone on speaker. They wait.

Carly: "Crabs, she didn't pick up."

Freddie: "Aw. Should we call someone else?"

Spencer: "Sure."

Sam: "Mr. Howard. Second-worst teacher in Ridgeway history."

Carly: "Who's first?"

Sam: "Ms. Briggs, of course! She made us watch Scottish Highland dancing!"

Carly: "Ah. But I think Mr. Howard is worse."

Freddie: "They're both horrible."

Girls and Spencer laugh.

Freddie eagerly: "Let me call!"

Carly: "Okay." *hands Freddie phone*

Sam threateningly: "And DON'T mess up, Fredducini!"

Freddie dials Mr. Howard's phone and taps 'speaker'.

Sam hisses: "Did you add star-67?"

Freddie: "No!uh."

Through speaker, Howard picking up the phone is heard. Everyone holds their breaths.

Freddie: *clears throat and lowers voice tone* "Hel-lo! This is, uh, the refridgerator- agency, of, um, the Freddeh- the Federal Enfridgement.. sour-ces."

Mr. Howard: "What? Hey, isn't this Carly Shay's cell number?"

Carly and Sam's panicked face is shown.

Freddie: "Er, no, excuse me, this is uh- the, um- R.A...F.E...S. I don't know a, er, certain... Carly- May!..."

Mr. Howard barks: "I'm enjoying a Brussel Sprout tea right now and don't want to be bothered. Speak!"

Freddie: "We would, um... is your... fridge *hiccup* - refridgerator, um, running?"

Mr. Howard: "YES! Why?!"

Freddie: "Then, er, go and, um,-"

Sam yells into the phone with a funny accent: "CATCH IT!" *hangs up*

All of them laugh.

Sam: "You messed up, dork!" *begins to beat Freddie up*

Spencer: "Hey, hey, there, NO violence!"

Sam complains: "Ugh!"

Freddie: "Ow!!"

Carly: "That was so funny! The R.A.F.E.S!"

Freddie hiccups.

Sam gets up, gets a wet soppy bikini top, sneaks up to Freddie, screams and squeezes out the cold water over Freddie's head.

Freddie: "AAAAAAH!"

Sam: "Scaring someone cures hiccups."

It worked.

-Camera shows sleeping, snoring Mrs. Benson-

Scene 7

-next day on the beach, 8 am-

(Pic of beach- )

-shows Carly, Sam, and Freddie walking across the lobby headed to the beach. Freddie has on swimming pants and a white T-Shirt, Sam and Carly each have on their bikini tops. Carly has on a flowy white skirt and Sam has on a purple mini. All are carrying white towels and are barefoot.-

Carly: "I so can't wait to get into the ocean!!"

Sam: "Breakfast was so amazing!"

Freddie: "Let's put our stuff on that white beach chair under the palm trees right there."

They walk over and dump their towels onto it. Carly and Sam get out of their skirts, Freddie out of his shirt.

Carly glances at Freddie. Carly: "You need to work out."

Sam snickers. Sam: "Seriously, dude."

Freddie rolls his eyes. Freddie: "Let's just swim."

The three casually skip towards the glistening ocean. Suddenly, Sam stops in her tracks and pulls Freddie and Carly behind a palm tree.

Sam: "Holy. Cheese."

Carly: "What? I want to-"

Sam: "SHSHSH!"

Freddie, quieter: "Okay, what on earth is going on?"

Sam: "Ms. Briggs! Look over there! *points down the beach* See, there in the red Randy-Jackson-embroidered bikini? Gross."

Carly: "I'm nauseous."

Freddie fakes gagging.

Sam: "She's going back into the pool area. Good."

Carly: "Probably into the hot tub. Grown-ups love that. Hey, we haven't tried that out yet!"

Freddie: "Maybe after the ocean. Need to go in there before my psychotic mom returns."

Now, the three run towards the sea, plunge in and happily bob in the waves. They play 'Ring-Around-The-Rosie' (watching out that nobody's looking), Marco Polo, and they race. Sam and Freddie engage in a water-splash fight.

Sometime later, Sam, Carly and Freddie get out of the water.

Carly: "It's so warm... but I feel cold! Brr!"

Sam: "Yeah. Let's get our towels."

They run across the beach to a white folded chair. They each grab one white, fluffy towel and dry off.

Sam: "Uhrg, my hair is crazy."

Carly: "I told you to brush it this morning!"

Freddie states: "People ALWAYS tell her a lot of things, but she NEVER listens!"

Sam: "Yeh didn't feel like it." *sticks tongue out at Freddie*

Freddie, Sam, and Carly start to walk across the beach, up to the pool area. :

Carly: "Another reason why I love this place: It smells amazing!"

Sam: "Yeah, the beach looks untouched."

Carly: "Freddie, why isn't your mom here to supervise you? Isn't she afraid you'll drown or get eaten by a shark?"

Sam cracks up.

Freddie glares at Sam. Freddie: "She's at the spa. 'Til noon. She'll never know I was in the ocean."

Sam snorts.

Carly: "Ooh, spa! Spas are fun, yay!"

Sam looks over to couple lounging in the pool. Sam: "I loooove this pool- it's shaped like a duck bone!"

Freddie raises his eyebrows. Freddie: "So?"

Sam: "I freakin' love meat! Figure it out, stupid!"

Freddie sighs.

They walk along the concrete and Carly stops to smell a fuchsia exotic flower.

Carly sighs. "This smells amazing! I so need a" *points to flower* "this-flower scented perfume!"

Sam: "Good, no sign of Briggs."

Sam slips into the hot tub. It's built into the regular pool. Sam: "This is so relaxing."

Carly steps in and sits on the bench. Carly: "Aah.."

Freddie: "Oh, phshaw, hot tubs are just for gir- ohh, this feels sooo good!" *waves around his feet and creates waves with his fingers*

Suddenly, a loud splash is heard.

Carly takes in a breath. "What was that? Where's Sam?"

Sam's head pops up on the rim of the hot tub. Sam: "I jumped into the pool! And holy chiz, it's cold!" *pulls herself up and into the jacuzzi* "But soo refreshing!" *jumps back in, but climbs up again*

Sam: "Look what I found at the bottom of the pool!" *holds up an <iLove iCarly> pin*

Carly: "Ohh, awesome! It's always nice to see evidence of all the fans we have."

Freddie: "Totally cool! But isn't it insane?! Ms. BRIGGS IS HERE IN PUERTO RICO! That's probably why she didn't pick up her phone in Seattle!"

Sam: "Probably? Diphthong."

Carly: "You're right! But, we just have to hope not to run into her..and holy cucumber, she looked gross in that bikini!"

Sam: "Women over ninety really shouldn't walk around in bikinis."

Freddie: "Gosh, she really isn't ninety. Maybe..."

Sam finishes the sentence: "At least three hundred fifty-six."

Carly and Freddie at the same time- Carly: "So true!", Freddie: "Yeah."

They chill in the hot tub some more, then play around in the empty pool. They go back and forth between the jacuzzi and the pool.

Sam: "I'm hungry!"

Carly: "Yeah, I'd say let's dry off and grab lunch."

Freddie checks his waterproof watch. Freddie: "Yikes, my mom will be back soon. If she spots any sand on me, she'll freak!"

Carly smiles. Carly: "Okay, you can shower first."

Sam smirks.

Get out and wrap their towels around themselves. They walk across the area next to the pool: and through the lobby. In the lobby:

Strange guy with weird accent: "Hey, what are you kids doing?" *waves a newspaper at kids*

Freddie: "We, uh, just came from the pool and-"

Guy: "Get out immediately! I don't want you in here! You are dripping wet!"

Carly smiles knowingly. She pulls a fake moustache and a sunhat off the man. Carly folds her arms.

Carly: "Why.?"

The strange guy is Spencer in disguise! Freddie and Sam burst out laughing.

Spencer: "Ha! Had you tricked for a minute."

Carly, again: "Why?!"'

Spencer: "It was fuun! I- aah!" Spencer slips in a puddle.

Sam: "Dude, you always fall in here!"

Spencer: "Yeah, huh! Well, I met this Puerto Rican ladygirl... she says she likes moustaches and so... I faaked one!"

Carly and Sam trade glances and chuckle. "Of course."

Freddie: "Is she hot??"

Spencer quickly replies: "Smokin'."

-In the hotel room-

Freddie, Carly and Sam have showered. It's about 12:30 pm. Carly put on a short purple halter sundress and Sam has on a short beige strapless sundress. Freddie's wearing his hawaiian print shorts and the same white shirt. They are all lounging in the kitchen.

Mrs. Benson knocks and enters. Mrs. Benson: "Good morning, children! *winks* Or should I say, good afternoon."

Carly, unenthusiastically: "Hi, Mrs. Benson."

Mrs. Benson, bright: "I met your biology teacher in the lobby! Why don't you go down and-"

Sam: "Oh no. No way."

Carly: "No, no."

Marissa raises her eyebrows.

Marissa's eyes flicker to Freddie. Mrs. Benson: "Freddie, you haven't 100% dried your hair! You could catch pneumonia, or even a cold! Come with me."

The girls snicker as Freddie gets led off to the bathroom.

Part 5

Scene 8

Next morning, 8 am, everyone shown in a spacious taxi, driving. All outfitted in jeans and boots. Carly has on a hot pink camisole, Sam a blue tank top, and Freddie a blue polo shirt. Spencer: white T-Shirt. Mrs. Benson- flowing floral blouse. Sam, Carly, and Freddie are sitting way in the back, Mrs. Benson next to the driver, and Spencer alone in the middle with a bag for grocery shopping.
Carly, yawning: "Spencer, where are we going and what are we doing? And why did you tell us to wear this ridiculously warm getup?"
Spencer: "You're going to L-O-V-E it!"
Sam: "Don't tell us we're going grocery shopping!"
Spencer: "No! We're talking seriously juicy fun!"
Freddie, impatient: "Just TELL us, man."
Spencer: "Okay. HORSEBACK riding!!"
Sam and Carly: "Awesome!"
Freddie: "Wow!... but, my mom?"
Spencer: "We're all going together. She's okay with it."
Mrs. Benson: "Yes. We are going to have an experienced guide and good ponies."
Carly: "Did you tell them that Sam, Freddie, and me, we're experienced riders?"
Spencer: "No worries, you three are getting spunky horses. I think."
Sam: "Super."
Mrs. Benson: "A change of scenery, on horseback, is always idyllic. And I'll get my vitamin D while riding in the sun, too." *puts on sun glasses and adjusts giant sun hat*
Carly: "Are we, like, gonna gallop on the beach?"
Spencer shrugs. Spencer: "Don't know, kiddo. But definitely not Mrs. Benson and me!"
Freddie: "Um.. *swallows* will we.. you know... fall off?"
Sam snorts. "If I'm lucky, you will."
Mrs. Benson: "Oh, Freddie, if they let you get thrown, I will sue the place!"
Freddie: "Don't embarrass me! And I will be careful."
Mrs. Benson: "You better be." *starts engaging taxi driver into a conversation about Puerto Rico's religious aspects*
Spencer: "We're there!"
They're driving past a sign saying >Pintos 'R' Us< and down a dusty road to a dusty big open area with the beach right behind it.
Freddie: "I call the shortest pony!"
Sam: "Wimp."
-get out of taxi-
Blonde, no-nonsense-looking lady with a tight, high bun approaches: "Hello, I'm Michaela, and I will be your riding guide. iCarly team, it is such an honor to have you riding here! I heard that you kids are all experienced riders, yeah?"
Spencer: "They are."
Mrs. Benson: "They go so fast, they're probably not even aware of where they're going!" *laughs*

Sam, quiet, to Carly: "She's laughing at her own barely-a-joke lame joke."

Carly: "Poor Freddie."
Michaela: "Yeah.. awesome. You will all ride single file and behind me, okay? I will have you there *points to Mrs. Benson* riding right behind me. Follow up with you *points to Spencer* and then I want the geek- Freddie, right? Then Sam, then Carly. Carly, your pony has a tendency to kick other ponies, that's why you're at the end."
Carly, Sam, and Freddie, and the grown-ups nod. Freddie rolls his eyes at the >geek< remark.

Sam, quiet, to Freddie: "Geek."

Freddie, quiet, to Carly: "Rude."
Michaela: "I will help you grown-ups- excuse me, what were your names?"
Spencer: "My name is Spencer and she's Marissa."
Mrs. Benson: "No worries, please call me Mrs. Benson."
Michaela: "O...kay, Mrs. Benson... and Spencer. Well, I will help you mount up. Sam, you'll ride that creamy pinto over there, Alberto. He feeds off your energy, so know what you're doing, al-righty?"
Sam: "No problem!" *walks to the pony tied up next to a dry field*
Michaela: "Freddie, you'll ride Cheyenne. She takes it easy." *points to a brown & white pony*
Freddie: "Got it."
Michaela: "And you, Carly, will ride Copycat. She's pretty young and loves to eat and canter, so watch your back. She's like a dog! Really, she got raised in my house. She doesn't even know she's a horse."
Carly: "Ooh, k!"

Carly and Freddie go to their horses.
Michaela: "Marissa- excuse me, Mrs. Benson- you'll be riding Pinta. She's Copycat's mom."
Mrs. Benson nods and shifts her feet. Mrs. Benson: "Nice. At least my mount and I will have a common interest- maternal instincts. Can you please direct me to a lady's room?"
Michaela: "Sure- right over there. *points to small yellow house that says >Surf Shop<* Spencer, you get the chestnut, Honey, over there in the shade. See her? Yell when you're ready to mount!"
Spencer: "K!"
After a few minutes, everyone except Spencer is mounted. Spencer sees that and is shown trying to mount his horse.
Spencer: "Aaah!" *saddle slips to the side and Spencer falls onto the ground*
Everyone: "Spencer!!"
Michaela: "Uhh, you weren't supposed to mount yet! I hadn't yet tightened the saddle cinch!" *laughs nervously and walks over to Spencer*
Spencer: "I thought I could mount by myself..." *rubs his back*
Michaela, while tightening the saddle cinch onto Honey: "Are you still up for riding?"
Spencer replies weakly: "Yeah.. I think so."
Michaela: "Here, step onto my hand and pull yourself up. On three. One- two- three!"
Finally, the ride begins.
-blur of them riding off, and whole trail ride (Puerto Rican forest, beach, meadows, streets). Song played shortly: Money Honey. Briefly, Mrs. Benson screaming: "I'm having anxiety!" out of a jungle is heard. Arrival back, dismounting. Horses get brought away by Michaela, the gang is standing in a shade waiting for the taxi-
Freddie: "Holy chiz, that was cool."
Carly: "Amazing! So exciting."
Sam: "Very very fun."
Carly, Sam, and Freddie have a group hug.
Spencer: "You guys can go again tomorrow."
Mrs. Benson: "Phew. I'm beat! I'm going to go purchase five small waters from the surf shop now. Spencer, come with me."
They leave.
Carly: "Soo thirsty."
Sam and Freddie at the same time: "Same."
Sam: "Dude!"
Freddie: "Wha- no, don't- *gets slapped by Sam* Ow!"
Carly: "No violence! I will now move myself between my two bickering, buut... on-the-same-wave-length friends."
Carly steps in between Sam and Freddie.
Sam and Freddie at the same time: "We are NOT on the same..."
Sam: "Enough!"
Freddie: "Not my-"
Sam: *starts charging at Freddie* "Freddependant, you better-"
Carly: "GUYS!" *yanks Sam away on her hair*
Sam: "Ow, ow! Hair, hair!"
Mrs. Benson and Spencer return. The fight is forgotten- everyone quenches their thirst. Soon after, the taxi drives up once again. Everyone enters it. Same seating as before. The taxi starts driving.
Freddie: "Ahh.. so air-conditioned."
Sam: "Who says 'air-conditioned'?"
Carly: "Hey, Spencer, where are we going?"
Spencer: "Oh, I told Peter- the driver- that I wanted to pick up a few groceries. So, the supermarket!"

Sam rolls her eyes.
They drive up to a market. Sped up: Spencer enters and comes out again with two bags' worth of groceries. They start driving towards the Rincon Resort.
Carly: "What'd 'cha get?"
Spencer: "Oh, you know. Your average- groceries..."
Carly: "Nothing for us kids?"

Carly, Sam, and Freddie pull puppy-dog faces.
Spencer breaks into a huge wolfy grin: "I bought each of you kids a HUGE Hershey Kiss!"
Carly, Sam, and Freddie cheer.
Mrs. Benson: "Oh please, that's not healthy."
Sam: "So what?"
Mrs. Benson indignantly huffs and half-rolls her eyes.
Scene 9
Spencer, Mrs. Benson, Carly, Sam, and Freddie are shown walking to the beach in just swim wear. Mrs. Benson is, though, wearing a waterproof dress.

Sam, to Carly: "What is that?"
Carly: "I don't know. It's weird what the fashion industry has produced, isn't it? Well, I'm still tired from the ride. Let's go catch a few waves!"
Lobby person calls though: "I'd advise against that! There are biting microscopic jellyfish in the water at this time of day. You'll itch."
Mrs. Benson: "I'd want to refrain from that."
They cross the lobby and go into the pool area.
Sam: "It can't be that bad. Let's go into the sea anyways."
Carly: "Hm... little Carly feels unsafe."
Freddie: "Freddie will protect-"
Spencer: "I will test the water for you kids. Wait here."
Mrs. Benson: "I will warm up in the jacuzzi meanwhile. Freddie, stay away from sharks, crabs, rays, whales, parasites, and sea gulls!" *walks to the jacuzzi*
Spencer: "Sharks, crabs, whales, parasites, and sea gulls?" *goes into ocean*

Sam: "She's a parasite."

Carly: "Sam!"

Spencer immerges out of the ocean a few minutes later.
Freddie: "How's the water?"
Spencer: "Warm and nice! I don't see what that hotel man- ow!"
Carly: "Spencer?"
Spencer: "He was... right... I NEED TO JUMP INTO THE POOL! NOW! IiTCHY IiTCHY..."
Spencer's >Itchy Itchy< gets fainter as he jumps into the pool and stays underwater for quite a while.

Part 6

Scene 10

-This evening, in the hotel room-

Carly: "Today was *yawns* soo cool. The horses..." *sighs*

Freddie: "I'm tired too, but-"

Sam, finishing his sentence: "I still want to do something."

Freddie and Sam trade angry glances.

Carly smiles. Carly: "Soo not on the same wavelength."

Freddie snorts.

Sam: "Puh-leeze. That nubcake jus-"

Carly, loudly: "ANYWAY! I agree, the weather's so nice, this tropical breeze, it's still so warm out..."

Spencer: "Oh, you kids could still go swimming! The pool and hot tub have cooolio underwater-lights. Well, do whatever you want, but *yawns* Spencer's going to bed. G'night."

Carly shrugs: "Great!"

Freddie: "I'd say, let's do it."

Sam: "Sleep well. We'll do somethin' fun, don't worry."

Spencer: "Good." *exits*

Sam, Carly, and Freddie nod to eachother, go into the bathrooms, slip into their still-wet bikinis/trunks, and appear at the room door. 9:00 pm.

Quietly, they slip into the illuminated hallway, move to the elevator around the corner, take it down to the ground floor, and walk in the lobby- all without talking. They wave to a hotel cleaning dude and run across the "yard" to the pool- which is, indeed!- brightly lit up. Sea birds calling.

Laughing everyone jumps into the "covey" part of the pool.

Carly: "The water's so nice... silky." *does an under-water front flip*

Freddie claps.

Sam begins back-stroking. Freddie is nowhere in sight. Carly flips a couple more times. Slowly, everyone moves their way to the deep end of the pool. After a while, they've had a lot of fun, including a "who-can-hold-their-breath-underwater-the-longest" contest (which Sam wins) and jumping into the pool in wacky ways (ex. walking straight into the pool like Mr. Howard would.)

Carly's teeth begin to chatter. Carly: "Let's go out, 'k?"

Sam, bobbing peacefully in the water: "We still have to shower...?"

Freddie pops up and shakes his hair.

All of them pull themselves out of the pool, then jump back in to a different area of the pool and swim to the ladder. Climb out.

Freddie smacks his forehead. Freddie: "Darn it, we forgot our towels!"

Carly, glancing longingly toward the jacuzzi: "Well, then, why don't we go into the hot tub? I mean, until we, um-"

Sam: "Get the guts to walk to the elevator without towels? You guys are such wimps- but whatever, let's go." *pushes Freddie into cold part of the pool and slips contentedly into jacuzzi*

Freddie yells and splutters. Carly nonchalantly jumps into hot tub and goes underwater.

Freddie swims to jacuzzi and wants to pull himself over the border into the jacuzzi. Almost there- until Sam pushes him down into the pool again.

Freddie pops up. Freddie: "Enough!" *takes the normal way into the jacuzzi*

Carly: "Pools are so addicting." *sits down on the hot tub floor, bubbling*

Everyone sits down on the built-in bench.

Sam: "Let's play Spencer's weird game- Truth or Truth."

Freddie: "Yeah. Let me start. Carly- truth or truth?"

Carly: "I guess I'll go with truth."

Freddie, seriously: "Would you ever think of going out with me anytime soon?"

Carly: "You're so sweet, but sorry, I don't think there's a chance."

Freddie: "Yeah, I didn't either."

Sam: "Why'd you even ask?"

Freddie: "There is ALWAYS hope."

Sam: "Dork."

Carly: "Sam- truth or truth?"

Sam: "Hard one. *fakes thinking face* I think I'll pick the truth."

Carly: "Surprise! Okay- hmm... what's the worst thing you've ever done that I don't know about?"

Sam: "Hfm... let me think on this one... soaking Ms. Briggs' shoes in molasses, maybe? No, there was worse... sorry, Carles, really? I D K."

Carly and Freddie laugh.

Carly: "Totally fine, I- molasses in Briggs' shoes? Oh my god!"

Sam smiles. Sam: "Yup, you know, first you gotta-"

Carly: "No no no, no pranking lessons now! I meant, we should totally prank Briggs!"

Freddie, out of tune: ">I love you, you like me, let's grab Sam and prank Francine!<"

Carly and Sam crack up.

Carly: "Yeah! I mean, we're here, she's here...? What do you think?"

Freddie gulps. Freddie: "But if we get caught, I'll be stuck in detention for- for 'til college!"

Sam snickers and snorts. Sam: "Nice, Carles, ye're learnin'!"

Freddie glances at his waterproof watch. Freddie: "Yikes, we should go back to our room, it's after 10 pm."

Carly: "You're right. Let's go, um, without towels, back to the elevator..." *all start to emerge out of hot tub*

Sam: " our room..."

Freddie: "...shower..."

Carly: "...and go to bed."

*They leave.*

-next morning in the kitchen-

Spencer: "Good mornin', kids!"

Carly, Freddie, and Sam mumble: "Morning.."

Spencer: "So. I have a very fun program for toda-a-ay!"

Freddie: "'T'sup, man?"

Spencer: "We'll be exploring the Puerto Rican-"

Carly: "Ooh! Rain forest? *flustered* Sorry, go on."

Spencer: "-the Puerto Rican airport. So we'll be ready for it when we leave."

Sam: "Sorry... what? I couldn't hear you, the ridiculous was just too loud."

Spencer: "Hahahah, kidding! We're going rock climbing!"

Freddie, hopefully: "Really?"

Spencer: "Nope! Why don't you go swim a little bit."

Carly: "Aw, it's getting old. That's basically all we ever do."

Spencer: "Oh. Yeah. How 'bout the beach?"

Mrs. Benson appears.

Mrs. Benson: "Oh, did I not hear >beach<? It's about time we went there together, to soak up some rays, and essential Vitamin D, and maybe tan a little bit. *winks at Carly and Sam & then nods at Freddie* Come with me." *holds up a suspicious green tube*

Freddie: "Mom, I do NOT need a crab repellent!"

Mrs. Benson: "Yes, you do, Fredward." *takes Freddie by his arm and hastily pulls him to the bathroom*

Spencer, Sam, and Carly start to crack up over their glasses of orange juice.

Spencer: "Crab rep- haha!"

Carly: "Haha, YOU should maybe use some! I remember you telling me that you wouldn't sculpt a crab for me because you were afraid it would come to life and pinch you!"

Spencer: "Who would be afraid of *looks down* I'm afraid of crabs."

Carly: "Don't worry."

Sam: "We won't tell Mrs. Benson."

Spencer: "She'd spray that nasty spray all over us, too."

Carly: "Yeah, it's nasty! I can smell it reeking even from here."

Sam: "It's more of a friend-repellent."

Freddie and his mom appear. Both have green-tinted skin.

Freddie, groaning: "Don't even ask."

Mrs. Benson smiles: "Oh, the coloring just comes from the ingredients in the crab repellent. >When the crabs crawl up, you don't want them to-<"

Freddie: "Mom! Stop singing!!"


They disappear into their bathroom and emerge. Sam's wearing a navy miniskirt and her bikini top, Carly's wearing light denim daisy dukes and her bikini top.

-in the lobby-

Mrs. Benson to hotel person: "Just to make sure, excuse me, mister. Are there any dangerous crabs on the beach that don't get repelled by crab repellent?"

Hotel dude: "Crab repellent? *clears throat* Well, no, I sure don't know about the repellent. Is there one? You know, my daughter-"

Mrs. Benson, cutting him off: "It's from the >High-Handed Moms' Parenting< shop."

Hotel dude: "I'd be into that! I'll google it. Well, back to the crab issue. All the crabs are pretty small, and they don't pinch. If you're lucky enough to even see one. Nothing to worry about, ma'am."

Mrs. Benson: "Okay, then. And there are workshops all around the world. If you sign up, you get a trial-sized care package for your child. Give me a call- *hands business card* if you need any help. Let us go." *adjusts flowing flowered dress*

Hotel dude: "Nice- I'll check it out."

Sam, under her breath: "Poor daughter."

Mrs. Benson: "You see, there are people other than me who feel their children need to be protected from the hazards of the world."

They walk to pool area.

Sam: "Race you guys to the water!" *darts toward the ocean. Wins. Freddie's close second.*

Carly, out of breath. "Not- fair!"

Sam smirks and Freddie does a victory dance.

Sam: "Ya didn't even win, Frednerd, what up with the dork dance?"

Freddie clears his throat. Freddie: "That was, um, the... 'second place dance'!"

Sam: "Even dorkier."

Sam and Carly throw themselves snickering into the waves. Freddie rolls his eyes and joins them.

Sam smiles at Freddie.

Freddie: "Uh, oh- no..."

Sam dunks Freddie underwater.

Carly: "Sam!"

Spencer is shown attempting to swim. He slips and sputters.

Carly: "Spencer! Can you even swim? You told me you swam at the gym twice a month."

Sam mutters to Carly and Freddie: "I never believed that."

Spencer: "Actually- *rubs eyes* I've swum there... twice? Nohohoh- once.. My first and only time swimming. But DON'T TELL ANYONE! *yells* I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!" *covers his face*

Carly, laughing: "You just told about everyone at the resort that you can't swim. Well, I think it's definitely time for you to learn how- oh my-" *gets pushed, falls, and splutters*

Freddie: "Sam! What was that for?"

Sam, sorta awkwardly: "Anyone up for a water fight?"

Carly, now back up: "Why'd you-"

Sam: "Swimming lessons are BORING! And Spencer can also participate in a water fight." *splashes Freddie in the face*

Freddie: "Aaah! I'm so getting back at you, SAM!" *tries to dunk Sam underwater... but gets dunked down himself*

-movie/episode ends with the four splashing around happily in the blue Caribbean Sea-



Mrs. Benson: "Watch out for crabs."

Sam: "We didn't get to prank Briggs."

Ms. Briggs: "Heard that!"


Don't worry, it's not the end- I'll definitely want to write other stories around Carly, Freddie, and Sam! ;) ♥ Any suggestions?