iGo To Juvie
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Author: ILoveSeddie1234321

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Chapter 2

Wassup guys? I'm writing a new fic, and I wanted to show you. There is no shipping in this, so don't expect any Seddie or Creddie kisses. ;)

Chapter OneEdit

"Sam, we are not getting any bacon today!" Carly said as Sam picked up a packet of Bolivian bacon. 

Carly, Sam, and Freddie were at the market buying some things for a new bit on iCarly. 

"Why not?" Sam whined. Carly sighed, 

"One: we're here to get things for the show, and two: I have bacon at home." 

"But not Bolivian bacon!" 

"Stop it! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go check out. You and Freddie can go to the car." Carly said and walked over to the checkout counter.

When she walked over there, the cashier lady had an ugly look on her face, much like a pug. The whole time Carly was checking out, the lady kept staring at her, without moving her eyes to even put the groceries in the bag. She freaked Carly out.

When the cashier finished putting the groceries in the bags, Carly quickly ran out to the car. Inside, Sam kept singing along to some rap on the radio as Carly got in the car.

"You know I want ya, cuz girl I really want ya!" Sam rapped, "And you lookin nice, got me cooler than a bag of ice. Now freeeezzee... Now go! Drop it fast and move it real slow, hooooo, what? You smell so fruity, now- 

"Sam!" That song is dirty!" Carly interrupted as she turned the radio off.  

"But Carly!" Sam protested. "You're such a goody two shoes."

"Excuse me?"

"You can't even listen to a rap! I doubt you've even done one bad thing before."

Carly looked offended, "What about that time we snuck out to go the MMA fight?"

"That doesn't count." Sam said, "Plus it was my idea to sneak out." 

"You wanna see bad?" Carly asked, "Here's bad for you." 

Carly reached in the back of the car and pulled out one of Sam's hitting golf clubs. She then walked out of the car and over to a brand new, red, Volkswagen bug in the parking lot, and much to Sam and Freddie's surprise, Carly started beating the car with the golf club.

Carly could hear Sam and Freddie yelling "Stop!" from inside the car, but she wanted to prove she could be bad.

She was so distracted from hitting the car, that she didn't hear the sirens until the police car pulled up behind her. 

Carly heard a voice speaking through a megaphone,

"Put the golf club down, and step away from the car!" 

Chapter TwoEdit

Carly's stomach dropped to her toes. What had she done? Oh yeah, she just busted up a brand new car with a golf club! 

Why did she let Sam get to her?

She heard the officer talking to her, but she didn't pay attention till she felt two, cold braces being clasped around her wrists. She was being arrested! 

"No, No! Please!" Carly pleaded, but the officer had already guided her inside the car. 

She was sitting in the back of the police car feeling scared and nauseous. What would Spencer say? 

After a few minutes, the officer said, "Do you like music?" 

Carly was confused, "What?" 

The officer looked annoyed, "I asked ya if you like music."  

"I'm on the way to juvie, and you're asking me if I like music?"

"Ok, fine then." he grumbled and turned on 99.3. And to Carly's annoyance, the same rap Sam was singing earlier was on. It must've been a popular song, because the officer started singing along, 

"Ya know I want ya, cuz girl I really-" 

"Shut up!" Carly yelled. 

The officer rolled his eyes and turned the music off. 

"So, where are you taking me?" Carly asked. 

"Where all teens that do bad things go." the officer replied. 

Carly gave high gasp and looked out the window. They were pulling up to a big building. 

"Welcome to Seattle Juvenile Detention center."