I made this series because two of my favorite shows are iCarly and Zoey 101. So I thought about starting the series of Zoey 10 over, but with the iCarly cast, too. Enjoy! (Rated K+)

Episode 1: Pilot

(Carly's POV)

“Spencer! Hurry up!” I said eagerly. “Yeah! I’m starving!” Sam said. “You’re ALWAYS starving.” Freddie said. Sam punched Freddie and he yelped in pain. “Sam, stop!” I said. We were all excited. Know why? Because we were going to the best boarding school EVER! Pacific Coast Academy. Yeah, most boarding schools are horrible and have terrible teachers, but this one is different. A LOT different. “Don’t worry. We’re almost there.” Spencer said. “Cool.” I said. “I hope we get the same dorm room.” Sam said. “Me too.” I said. “I wish there weren’t TWO different dorms. It would be nice to…I don’t know-” Freddie hinted. ‘Not gonna happen.” I said. “Yeah…” Freddie said. I looked out the window and saw a sign for the school. ‘PCA ½ MILE!’ it said. “Look!” I said. I pointed to the sign. “Finally!” Sam said. “Carly?” Spencer said. “Yeah?” I said. “Will you hand me my sandwich?” he asked. “But you’re driving.” I said. “I know. I just want a bite.” he said. “Ok…” I said. I reached into his bag and pulled out his sandwich. I reached up front and Spencer took a bite of his sandwich. “Thank you.” he said with a full mouth. I put his sandwich back and looked out the window again. “You ok, Carls?” Freddie asked. “Yeah. Just a little nervous.” I said. “Be cool, Carly. Everything will be totally fine!” Sam said. “You’re right.” I said. “Hey! We’re here!” Spencer said. “Woo-hoo!” Sam cheered. We climbed out the car (which by the way was Socko’s) and got out luggage out of the trunk. “This is gonna be SO cool!” I said although I was still nervous. “You sure you’ll be fine Carly? You’re not gonna be able to come home everyday…” Spencer said. “Yeah. I’ll be fine and I’ll make sure to find some way to tell you how everything is going.” I said. I gave him a hug while trying to fight back tears. “Ok.” Spencer said. He climbed back into the car and waved goodbye one more time. We all waved back as he drove off. “Ok. So now what?” Freddie asked. “I guess we should find our dorms.” I said. “Alright. I’ll catch up with you guys after I get settled.” Freddie said. “Ok.” I said. Freddie walked off. “Come on, Sam” I said. “Alright. The quicker we find our dorm, the quicker I can get some food.” she replied. I rolled my eyes. We walked around and found the ‘Dorm Assignment’ room. I knocked on the door. “Come in.” a voice said. I walked in with Sam. A young lady sat behind a desk. “Yes?” she asked. “Um…hi. We’re new here and we just wanted to know what dorm and room we were in?” I asked. “Names?” the lady said. “Uh…Shay and Puckett.” I said. “Ahh, yes. You two are in Brenner Hall. Room 102.” the lady replied. “Thanks.” I said. We left and walked to Brenner Hall. As soon as we got to the main hall, we were lost. “What now?” Sam asked. I looked around. “Let’s go ask her.” I said, pointing to a blond haired girl. I walked up to her. “Hello?” I asked. The girl turned around and smiled. “Hi.” she said. “Can you help us find Room 102?” Sam asked. “Oh yeah. It’s right next to my dorm. Come on. By the way, I’m Zoey. Zoey Brooks.” she said. “Nice name. I’m Carly and she’s-” I said. “Oh, I already know. I watch iCarly.” Zoey said. “Cool.” Sam said. We followed Zoey to our dorm. “Here you are.” she said. “Thanks.” I said. “No problem. And if you ever need help, I’m right next door. Room 101.” Zoey said. “Ok.” Sam said. Zoey left. “Ok. Which bed do you want?” I asked. “Hmmm…I’ll take the top bunk.” Sam said. “Cool. I’ll take the single bed.” I said. I took out my stuff and made my bed. When we were done, Sam started her complaining. “Now let’s get some food! Pleeeease?” Sam asked. “Ok, ok. Let’s go.” I said.

(Freddie’s POV)

“Ugh! Where is this stupid dorm?!” I groaned. I was looking for my building, Fenner Hall. I was starting to get aggravated. “Can you help me?” I asked a boy with weirdly curled hair. “Sure. With what?” he asked. “I need help finding Fenner Hall. Room 203.” I said. “Yeah. It’s right over there.” he said, pointing to a building right behind him. “’Kay. Thanks.” I said. I started to walk off, but the boy called me back. “Hey, wait! Aren’t you Freddie Benson? From iCarly?” he asked. “Yeah!” I said. “Sweet! I’m Chase Matthews.” he replied. I shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, Chase.” I said. “So where’s Carly and Sam?” Chase asked. “I don’t know. Probably-“ I started to say. I suddenly heard someone call my name. I turned around. Carly and Sam were running up to me. “There they are.” I said. “Hey, Fredly.” Sam said. “Hi.” Carly said. “Woah! I can’t believe I’m looking at the iCarly crew!” Chase exclaimed. “Who are you?” Sam asked rudely. “Oh! I’m Chase.” He replied. “Sam and I are getting something to eat. Wanna join?” Carly asked. “Sure. But first I gotta get my stuff to my dorm.” I said. “Ok. We’ll help you.” Carly said. “Ugh!! Do we have to?!” Sam cried. I rolled my eyes. “I’ll see ya later Chase.” I said. “Ok. Bye.” he said. Carly took one of my suitcases and walked with me to my room. “Here it is.” I said. “Nice.” Sam said disgusted. I started setting my stuff on the shelves and bed. “How are we gonna do iCarly?” Carly asked as she helped me unpack. “I don’t know.” Sam said. “I brought all my tech equipment in that case over there. I even brought my cart.” I said. “Where is it?” Sam asked. “In that box. I had to disassemble it, though.” I said.