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Seddie bumpSeddie Fanfic!! WARNING! Also has Creddie (: Edit

(( Part 1 ))

Sam: Wow, this chicken is amazing Carls. What did you put in here?

Carly: I dunno, I forgot. Is it that good?

Sam: Uhh, yeah! Its like this sandwich was custom made from Heaven.

Carly: Well thank you. Now finish up. I wanna show you something.

Sam: *groans* Ughhh.... what is it now?

Carly: C'mon.

Walks in Carly's room.................

Sam: What?

Carly: Come here. Now, you see this dress?

Sam: Yeah why?

Carly: Well, isn't cute?!!

Sam: *finishes her sandwich* Ehh.

Carly: Ehh? Its cute, right? How can you not respond to this? Its gorgeous.

Sam: What is it for?

Carly: Prom.

Sam: Prom?

Carly: Yes prom.

Sam: Prom? The place where you.... dance... and eat food?

Carly: Yeaahh...? Why are you acting like this is new to you? Haven't you seen the flyers on our lockers in school?

Sam: *looks at her with a blank expression*

Carly: The school announcements?

Sam: *still looks at her blank faced*

Carly: Principal Franklin announced it on the intercom like everyday for the past two weeks!!

Sam: Do you honestly think I pay attention to him unless if he announces that there's free turkey legs at lunch?

Carly: What's more important? Turkey legs or prom?!!

Sam: Okay okay... I understand. Turkey legs is much more important.

Carly: No!! Ughh. Prom should be more important Sam. Prom! The most perfect night of your whole life. *smiles*

Sam: Sure.

Carly: Why aren't you excited?

Sam: Well, its expensive.

Carly: I'll help pay.

Sam: The food there is pretty gross, I heard from my cousin Tanya.

Carly: We'll stop at Steak and Shake before the slow dance starts.

Sam: There will be slow dancing.

Carly: You'll be eating during it.

Sam: And... no one... no one.. Ughh. Look just forget it alright? I'm not going.

Carly: Why not?? You'll have fun.

Sam: No! You'll have fun.

Carly: Sam!

Sam: I said NO!!

Carly: But-----

Sam: Two words. Butter----SOCK!!

Carly: Pshh, I have my own on standby. *grabs out her mini buttersock out her bookbag*

Sam: *giggles* Thats a buttersock?

Carly: I didn't get to purchase a double large. This was all that was left in the dairy section.

Sam: Whatever.


At Ridgeway High School.....................

Freddie: *walks toward his locker*

Sam: Hey Benson.

Freddie: Oh hey. Wassup?

Sam: Nothing. Just playing this game on my phone. You know, Angry Owls.

Freddie: Oh man. I never get past level 16.

Sam: I'm on level 21.

Freddie: Oh.

Sam: *giggles*

Freddie: Whatever. Where's Carly?

Sam: She's at home. She got up late and I guess Spencer is dropping her off here in a half hour.

Freddie: Oh, cool.

Sam: Why you wanted to talk to her or something?

Freddie: Yeah, but its fine. I uh... nevermind.

Sam: Mhmm...

Freddie: Did you hear about the prom?

Sam: Yeah. Carly told me yesterday.

Freddie: Cool.

Sam: Mhmm... *looks at the ceiling*

Freddie: I uhmm, gotta go.

Sam: Yeah me too. You know, to class?

Freddie: Of course.

Sam: Yep.

Freddie: Bye.

Sam: See ya. *waves bye* See ya? We're going to the same class. I'm so stupid.

Gibby: Who's stupid?

Sam: AHHH!! *slaps him in the face* Don't scare me like that.

Gibby: *covers his cheek* You hit me.. HARD!!

Sam: Yeah, and?

Gibby: It hurt!!!

Sam: Get to class.

Gibby: Fine, I will. *still covering his cheek*

This was part 1 of iGo to Prom..... I will add the other pages of the chapters a little later (: <33