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In Mr. Binkly's Classroom......

Carly: *walks in with Freddie*

Freddie: So...

Carly: So...

Freddie: Who's the lucky guy you're going with?

Carly: What do you mean? *takes a seat*

Freddie: I mean as in your date to prom.

Carly: Oh I don't have one.

Freddie: Seriously? *smiles and takes a seat as also*

Carly: Yeah. But I'm not gonna be alone.

Freddie: Ohh... *looks away*

Carly: I'm gonna be with Sam.

Freddie: Sam? But Sam already has a date.

Carly: She does? Oh, well she never told me about it. Now I'll be all alone.

Freddie: Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Carly: About what?

Freddie: I wanted to know if maybe ----- *bell rings*

Sam: *walks in class*

Mr. Binkly: Tardy again Samantha.

Sam: What's new?

Mr. Binkly: Of course. Okay guys, we're pairing up in teams. Pick your partners quickly.

Sam: *motions Carly to join her*

Carly: Sorry, I'm with Freddie.

Becky: Pssst! Sam, over here!

Wendy: Yeah Sam.

Sam: *sighs* Alright. *walks over to their group*

Wendy: It's so obvious.

Sam: *takes a seat* What are you babbling about?

Becky: You're totally in love with him.

Sam: What?!!

Wendy: *looks over to Freddie*

Sam: No I'm not. *looks away*

Becky: Sammy, let's not deny anything.

Sam: Shut up!

Wendy: So you do still love him. *squeals*

Sam: For the love of fatcakes, please shut up!!

Becky: If you do, then why aren't you speaking to him?

Wendy: Becky, don't you see? She's way too broken right now.

Sam: Excuse me? Broken?

Wendy: Look at him. He's basically suffocating Carly.

Becky: Ohhh. So he likes Carly? *looks in Carly and Freddie's direction*

Sam: *stares at her with a blank face* Just be quiet, before you damage your brain more than it is.

Wendy: Sam, go talk to him.

Sam: No.

Wendy: Dude, why not?

Sam: Because... he doesn't even notice me.

Wendy: Yes he does.

Sam: No he doesn't. All he cares about is Carly.

Becky: But wait, isn't he going to prom with some other chick?

Sam: Yeah Jessie.

Wendy: Jessie Fisher?

Sam: Yeah.

Becky: The hillbilly.

Wendy: Have you seen her?

Sam: No.

Becky: Wait, are you going to prom?

Sam: Yeah why?

Wendy: Well do you have a date?

Sam: Uhhh... sorta.

Becky: Great. All you need to do is try and make Freddie jealous and show your guy off in front of him.

Sam: That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard in my life. Well, besides the time when my mom told me that babies come from dinosaur eggs. Besides, I doubt he'll get jealous.

Wendy: Why?

Sam: He doesn't love me. He never did.

Wendy: Don't say that. You know he loves you.

Becky: Yeah, just give him a little time. He's probably confused.

Sam: Confused about what? Seems like he already made his choice. *looks at Carly*


At the Shay's Apartment..........

Spencer: *on the phone* Look, I'm just trying to find the directions to her house............No!! I'm not going to Jen's house just to play with her pet kangaroo.

Ms. Benson: *walks in with T-Bo*

T-Bo: Hey Spencer!

Spencer: *on the phone* I'll call you back. *hangs up the phone* Do I seriously need to get some locks on my door? I mean...

Ms. Benson: We need peanut butter.

Spencer: Huh? What are you guys doing?

Ms. Benson: None of your beescheese!

T-Bo: Don't be rude Ms. Benson. He's just curious.

Spencer: Uhh, you don't have to tell me.

T-Bo: We have rats.

Spencer: Rats?!

Ms. Benson: Yes rats. Icky, sticky, huge rats.

Spencer: Shouldn't you let Lewbert know or, call an exterminator?

T-Bo: Talk to Lewbert?

Ms. Benson: Call an exterminator?

T-Bo: Why should we call an exterminator?!

Ms. Benson: Ugh, and the last person I wanna see is Lewbert.

Spencer: Wait, why would you use peanut butter anyway? I thought rats liked cheese.

Ms. Benson: Well you thought wrong!!

T-Bo: Again with the rudeness man.

Ms. Benson: Look, I'm trying to get rid of these rats. If you wanna be all sweet on him, then ask him for you stay over here until you find a place of your own.

T-Bo: Well.....

Spencer: Do you still need peanut butter? *holding a jar of it*

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