Part 1Edit

(Carly is watching some TV whilst Spencer comes in with a book)

Spencer: What are you watching?

Carly: Nothing. What's with the book?

Spencer: It's signed by Oprah!

Carly: Oprah. No way, how did you get it?

Spencer: It doesn't matter (the book magicaly turns on fire) CARLY! (Carly puts water on the fire) Why does that always happen?

Carly: Aww. Your book burnt to pieces.

Spencer: We could always get another one.

Carly: yeah! Isn't Oprah coming to groovie smoothies? She could be a geust star on ICarly!

Spencer: goovie smoothies here I come

(Groovie Smoothies)

Gibby: oh my fudge it's Oprah

Freddie: I have eyes. Where's Sam?

Sam: look Spencer just lrt me order

Crazy Steve: my name is not Spencer!

Sam: don't make me get the butter sock out!

(Craig and Eric run over)

Craig: sorry Sam but

Sam: wait. How do you know my name?

Eric: big fan of ICarly. Anyway Steve here has some minor anger issues

(Spencer and Carly walk in)

Sam: woah. Spencer you look like this guy

Spencer: is anyone else freaked out by this?

(Gibby puts his hand up)

Sam: Oprah has just gone to the bathroom

(Drake walks over to Carly)

Drake: come on Megan we are leaving

Carly: err do I know you?

(Josh runs over)

Josh: I just met Oprah!

Megan: shut it boob. Hey

Carly: er hi

Josh: have we got the right Megan

Eric: that's Carly Shay

Drake: oh yeah ICarly. Big fan

Carly: thanks. Hey are your staying here?

Megan: yeah. See you around? (leaves)

(Oprah bumps into Spencer)

Oprah: I am so sorry. Spencer hey what are you doing here?

Spencer: to get another autograph

Oprah: sure thing (writes auto graph)