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This is my version of the series finale of iCarly.

Part 1: iQuit iCarly For GoodEdit

Carly and Sam were talking about what they were going to do next on iCarly. Sam said "We should make a man and a squirell get married." Carly shut up Sam. Freddie ran through the door and screamed "KA Pasa!" Carly said "What up." Freddie said "The tickets to Prom are here." Carly pushed Sam over and ran to the mail box. Carly said "Now my dad just has to come home and." Spencer said "That's gonna be a problem girly. Dad is stationed in Italy and he can't come home." Carly screamed "Spencer! Do not kid about that." Spencer said I'm not.

Carly sat in her room crying because dad could not come home. Sam came in and said "Cheer up kid. You could stay home with me." Carly cried harder.

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