Haha. The description for this poem should be, "ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!". Because seriously, this poem is REALLY fluffy and romantic and a bit OOC. Enjoy anyway! lol.

I hate myself for loving him, the one I despise, myself I lie. 

I hate myself for hurting him so, slowly slowly, he had to go. 

I hate myself yet again, burning passion, being engraved in. 

I hate myself, why must I cry, myself to sleep, every night. 

I hate myself, I cannot deny, I love his ever so twinkling eyes. 

I hate myself, I have to say, I get slashed with his love, every day. 

I hate myself, I go on and on, is loving him really that wrong?

I hate myself, I can't refuse, to enter the battle, but I always lose. 

I hate myself, for even trying, he'll always love her, no use in crying. 

I hate myself, I can't let him go! I must admit to him, I love him so. 

I hate myself, what did I do? I kissed the nerd, my life is through. 

I hate myself, the shock in his eyes had no grace, I ran away, tears on my face. 

I hate myself, he walked up to me, gave a small smile, and wiped my cheek. 

I hate myself, the words came through, "I love you". He smiled, "I love you too." 

I hate myself, for getting so worried, never lose hope, that's my love story.