By Seddie Shipper


One night in the seattle,Pam have been married to a rich man Name "Albert".Pam call Sam to her phone and Pam say "Sam you will live now to Canada",Carly and Freddie heard them talk in the phone."OMG! Sam is moving to the Canada" Said Carly Freddie,"Oh no There Will be no iCarly!" Said Freddie.When Sam gets out of the room Sam tell Carly and Freddie that She will now live in the Canada,After that the iCarly trio go to the iCarly to create a short film called "Say Goodbye to Sam".Sam say her last words for the iCarly,She say to the iCarly fans "Hi Sam here,Well I Like to Say my Goodbye word's to iCarly fan cuz' I Will move now on the Canada with my mom and his new husband.Here are my last word iCarly fan's Goodbye to you all".Said Sam to the Fans.When Sam is leaving there is so many fan in there door want to say good bye to Sam.But when Melanie have go to the door,The iCarly Fan's say "Bye Sam",And Melanie Says "Iam not Sam,Iam her twin Melanie" And Sam show up "Good bye Sam We are gonna miss you" Said the iCarly fan.Sam almost cried,And All the iCarly fan's cried and leave,After Sam leave Carly,Freddie,Spencer and Gibby go to her House to say good bye."I Will gonna miss to Carls" Said Sam "Me too Sam" Said Carly,"So Sam it's over" Said Freddie "Yes Freddie" Said Sam. And they all hug,Freddie kiss Sam and hug her.

this not finish