This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Ok, there is nothing inappropriate in this story although there is a kiss (hence the name), but it's fairly innocent. This "episode" would take after iOMG. This is just for fun and it's called iKiss you up. it begins right where iOMG left off. It's in Carly's POV. For Creddie!

OMG! What did I just see?!? way. I thought. Why are they just standing there? They act like they're confused...well they shouldn't be! It's pretty obvious!... ...I better leave before they see me I guess...

As I was walking down the school's hallway so many thoughts were swirling through my mind. Along with so many emotions also. I wasn't sure whether to feel relieved that I didn't have to worry about Freddie liking me anymore and I could give up my struggle with my own feelings for him, or defeated because he DIDN'T like me anymore. Wait. Why would I even think that? Freddie has liked me all these years and I turned him down. I had my chance with him...although we were together and we promised if we still had feelings for each other to speak up....NO! I am a sick person to even think about doing that to sam!


I found myself sitting in the lobby for the rest of the night. My project with Gibby was basically done...I just hope Spencer isn't hurt to bad. Wait who just opened the door? I turned towards the rear entrance and saw Brad walking towards me. "Oh hi Brad!' I smiled at him. He really was cute, to bad Sam didn't really love him, that would make things so much easier I thought to myself. "Whatcha doing sittin' here all by yourself?" he asked questioningly. "Oh there is just a lot on my mind that's all" I stood up to meet his gaze. "Oh well me to, especially since you and Freddie have been trying to hook me and Sam up all night". I couldn't help but feel stupid. How in the world could I not have realized my best friend didn't have feelings for my best friend?

"Carly, you in there?" he looked concerned. "Oh yeah just a little bugged out that's all" He looked like the typical boy when he sees a girl getting emotional. " Well, what's wrong?" I questioned whether I should even tell him, but he was part of iCarly now and I needed to vent with somebody anyway. 'Well, you know how me and Freddie thought you and Sam loved each other? Turns out she liked Freddie the whole time..."

"I thought you and Freddie had a thing?" he asked suprised. "Oh no...we used to, but decided to wait to see if we had the feelings". Crap. I regreted saying that as soon as I did. 'Well do you?" he asked innocently. I questioned if I should tell him the emotional battle I've been struggling with since Freddie broke up with me. I clearly felt something for the guy, but at the same time I was to scared he might have gotten over me to even put those feelings into action. "No. I don't. So it's a relief that I saw them two kissing." I blurted out. I was frustrated the more and more I thought about it.

"Oh...well at least you didn't get hurt then and you can be happy for them. Although...I would've pictured you two way before those two." he said. "Well, whatever it won't ever happen so don't get use to that idea." I said as I turned an ran out of the lobby. I couldn't deal with people right now and I would apologize later.

"Carly!...Carly!" I heard Sam's voice from a distance. Great. She is going to tell me exactly what I don't want to hear, but I'll be the good best friend who pretends to be happy for you. I thought. "Carly, whew I found you I have to tell you something you will not believe!" I put on my best "gasp tell me face" and said "well go ahead!" laughing. "Well you know fredlumps right? Well, I sort of took your advice and...kissed him....I wanted you to be the first to know just in case any rumors got around." I'll admit, I was relieved she told me, but I'll also admit that it ruins any hope of it just being my imagination or even her suffocating him and THATS what she saw because that would've made more sense.

"WOW! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!" I scream. "Just like a half hour ago. I needed time to process what just happened then I came and told you!" I look down 'What did he say?" "Well, he told me it was cool when I APOLOGIZED I mean how lame is tthat? but anyway he said we should see if we still feel this way after we go on a date, but right now I guess we're kinda bf/gf" I was screaming in my head...but not the good way. "Oh well that's great! I'm really happy you told me and everything!" "Well of course! remember we said no secrets anymore right kid?" I space out for a second remembering when I found the two of them shared a kiss. I hated that even, I never admitted it, but I'm sure everyone knew i wasn't thrilled. "Yeah..."

[Over announcements] "The entertainment portion of the evening will begin now seeing is how most of you students have finished with your semester projects" Principal Franklin spoke happily. "We will be having a talent show to finish off the night to make this experience memorable. Everyone please report to the auditorium and for those who signed up for the show please report back stage" he finished and the loud speakers went quiet.

After we all filed into the auditorium me and Sam met up with Freddie and it was already awkward after Sam told Freddie I knew. They were talking and laughing and really hitting it off, I was happy they were happy, but crushed that I was the third wheel. "Carly!!!" I heard being shouted across the room. I looked to see Wendy running my way panicking. "Carly thank god I found you! Carrie is throwing up and can't sing. Her spot can't be filled in this short of a time!" I was confused. "What do you want me to do?". I think Wendy thought I was offering help becasue she looked relieved. "Oh I hoped you would say that! You need to sing her song! You know that song inside out! You were at all her practices and you helped her!'. Now I was panicking! "No way I'm not that comfortable in front of people! Everyone's here!" i heard Freddie's warm voice from behind me. "Come on Carly you have an amazing voice and if you know the song what's the problem?" and then Sam chimed in "Yeah Carls, knock 'em dead!" I was trapped now. "Ugh fine...why does this happen to me.

Finally backstage I was only half listening to Wendy walking me through the steps and i hear my name as a substitution being announced. It's time. I run out on the stage and sing "kiss it up" by Miranda Cosgrove. While singing I saw Sam and Freddie kissing in the crowd. For some reason this time it hit me harder then before, I almost stopped singing, luckily it was at a pause in the song. After it was over i ran off the stage being chased by applause.

I run out the doors of the auditorium and from there I break down crying. Why didn't I just tell him my feelings when I had the chance? Now I have to watch my best friend be with him....I really am a terrible person...I should be ashamed of what I'm is Sam after all. I cherish our friendship more than anything, and yet I'm being so selfish. "Carly...?" I hear freddie's voice. I'm to upset i don't even have a reaction and assume it's my imagination. Oh great. Now I'm losing it. "Carly...why are you crying?!?" and then I feel him touch my shoulders. I look up. He is amazing...he's perfect...he's caring, cute, and intelligent and all he ever wanted was me...until now.

Then for some reason I don't feel like being some frail little weakling and I stand up causing him to back away and I yell "GO AWAY NOW! YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT ME!" I start to calm down after I realize what I just said " should be with Sam...". I look up to see his sad face, clearly upset about my lashing out. I didn't mean a single word of it. "Sam is helping Wendy with the materials backstage I saw you running so I followed to see if you were alright." I sit back down. "did you ever imagine yourself with Sam?" I ask so quietly, as if I didn't want him to overhear. He did hear and responded with "No. I really didn't, but I felt all sorts of new feelings for her once she admitted everything to me. I realized i did have feelings for her throughout these years. Of course, i always had feelings for you and probably always will."

I smiled. The Freddie I knew...then I realized i couldn't get to close to him. "Could you just go back inside? please?" he looked hurt by those simple words. "No...i think there is something we should talk about....Obviously your in shock about the whole Sam and me thing, proabably because your afraid there will be secrets...well there won't. We will never have any mistrust in our friendship Carly...I really care about y..." I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned foward and kissed him so passionately, as if I would never have the chance again. Then i realized that's reality. I stood up as fast as humanly possible and said "You should go Freddie!" He stood up also. "We need to talk about this..." I cut him off. "No! We can not talk about this. EVER! You are with Sam and I would never in two billion years want to hurt her. I just can't...just go back to her and promise you'll make her happy...please?" He just stared blankly. "Ok, I'll go back...I guess" and he walked and the second he got through the doors, I burst into tears once again.

OH THE DRAMA! I love stories like this! What will happen between Carly and Freddie? Will they learn to forget the secret kiss they shared? (Please remember I am not a professional so there will most likely be errors throughout the story, and also, this probably won't reflect the real show, but I thought there could be some Drama involved. Til next time! :)