This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Hey guys! It's ILoveSeddie1234321 with an iOMG continuation! Whoop Whoop! Haha. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! :)


"I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there, because you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way, but you never know what might happen..." The little voice echoed around in my head. 

Those were the words that made me lose control. Before I knew it, I was kissing Fredward Benson. The "Stoopid Tech Stooge" that I always teased and harassed. 

Why? Why did I have to be in love with "him"?! I had kept this such a good secret! In fact, I told Carly only a few weeks ago that I never admit anything, and this kiss just let the cat out of the bag. 

I finally pulled away; I couldn't tell if he was shocked in a bad way or just plain out shocked. We stared at each other as he tried to say something. 

"Sorry." I said awkwardly. 

He replied saying, "It's cool." with his mouth wide open. 

We kept on staring not taking our eyes off of each other. It was too much. 

I broke the stare and ran inside. I didn't hear footsteps behind me, so I knew he wouldn't even care to come and talk. But, I wouldn't even let him talk anyway... Nevermind that! He could've said something other than that stupid little, "It's cool.". I just spilled put my secret and he replies with that?! 

But then again, I couldn't be mad at him. He was still surprised that someone that he thought hated him just kissed him. 

I sat in one of the bathroom stalls trying to hold back tears. I couldn't believe it... iKissed a Nerd. 

Chapter 1

It was the morning after the lock-in and Spencer had driven Carly and Gibby to the Shay apartment. 

Carly was quiet the whole way home and continued to be as they walked in; just last night she saw her best friends Sam and Freddie kissing. 

She didn't understand, because Sam always hated Freddie. She remembered the day that Sam, Freddie and herself had to judge kids for the talent show.

"Oh look, you invited the doof!" 

"Ugh, I didn't know 'that' was going to be here!" 

Carly snapped out of her flashback to see Spencer and Gibby staring at her like she was crazy. 

"What were you thinking about?" Spencer asked suspiciously as Gibby continued eating his second cup of chocolate pudding. 

"Um," Carly said nervously, "Nothing." 

Gibby made a face, "Are you sure? You looked like you were having a flashback or something..." 

"Pshh...what? No..." 

Spencer rolled his eyes, "Sureeee. Now what is it really? You were quiet the whole ride home and now you're acting really-" 


Spencer stared at her, "What?" 

"Last night at the lock-in I saw Sam and Freddie all like, "mwablehmawbleh"!" Carly blurted out. 

Gibby's mouth dropped open, "AWESOME!" 

Both Carly and Spencer turned to Gibby. Gibby shrugged, 


Carly looked at him weirdly, "You said "AWESOME' to Sam and Freddie kissing...?" 

"Duh! They're obviously meant for each other! You didn't see it?" Gibby said as he put a spoonful of pudding into his mouth. 

Carly just shook her head and looked back at Spencer. 

"So, Sam's in love with Freddie?" Spencer asked slowly. 

"I honestly don't know." 

"Does Sam know you saw? Or Freddie?"


"Well, you're going to have to tell them." Spencer said.

Carly sighed, "I know. But why would Sam not tell me that she was in love with Freddie? We all promised each other that there wouldn't be any secrets between us." 


"Well what?!" 

"Sam kinda has a point in not telling you." 

Carly blinked, "W-What?" 

"Well, would you want to tell Sam that you were in love with one of her best friends?" Spencer asked. 

"Uh, I don't know... Not really."

"Exactly. Sam has been teasing and messing with Freddie since you guys were 11. I bet she thinks it would be weird to confess that she was in love with him." 

"Yeah, I guess." 

They finished their conversation and noticed that Gibby was still here eating his third pudding cup,