How is Sam feeling?

So this is my version of iLost my Mind, it will include the promo stuff.

Seddie, some Cibby and iCarly friendship.

I think it will be a K+


Carly pulled away from the window and started to creep past the door, she needed to tell Gibby, well she would have, if not for Sam storming through the door at that moment. Carly froze to the the spot and looked up at her friend, who looked annoyed, then confused when she saw Carly stood infront of her. Both girls eyes widened.

"Did you see that?"

"Did you and Freddie kiss?"

Both girls spoke at the same time just as Freddie stepped inside. He looked at both of the girls then spoke "So Spencers in a box?" Both girls turned to him Sam looked annoyed and Carly worried. "I forgot about Spencer" then she left.

Sam and Freddie were left alone.

Sam turned to Freddie "I have to go, Make sure my Mom is ok" She said then turned and walked out. Freddie stood there "But what about the kiss?" he said to himself.


Gibby was trying to get Spencer out of the box. "Lemme ouuutt" Spencer whined. "Im trying"

Bleghhhh sorry im really busy but ill update later XD