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Carly and Freddie's arguement

Carly's Bedroom
iLove Freddie- one shot

Author: Creddie 4 real

RATED T-Mild language and themes: After iParty With Victorious

This is a story about Creddie.


Carly's POV

iCarly rehearsals ended early today. Sam had left to go on a date with Brad. Sam and Brad had been going out for about two weeks now. She realized that she was not in love with Freddie, she was in love with Brad. Freddie had to go to a AV club meeting. Now about 3 hours later I am on my bed. I noticed am feeling different around Freddie lately, I feel a little, well, attracted to him. I know that I have rejected him all these years, but I truly do have feelings for him. I think I might even be in love with him. I am laying on my bed, staring at my ceiling, trying to sort out these mixed feelings. I look over to my left at my clock, 12:00, it read. I am closing my eyes and try to fall asleep, but it isn't working. I sigh and slowly rise out of my bed, put on my pink slippers, and go downstairs.

I go downstairs to see if Spencer is still up. The TV is on, the channel at Celebrities Underwater, Spencer's favorite show. He is sleeping, laying spread out on the couch. His mouth slightly open, with cold spaghetti tacos on the coffee table in front of him. I smile as I get a blanket, cover him, and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight Spence," I say softly. I walk towards the front door and grab my grey sweater from the hook and put it on, leaving the apartment and closing the door. I don't know where I am going exactly. I go down the stairs to the lobby. I see Lewbert snoring away on his desk. I smirk to myself as I walk down some more steps, that lead to the basement of the apartment.

I go down the hall an go into a room. This is the very same basement room that Freddie had when he moved out from living with him mom. It is very dark down here. I sit on the bed and try to think. Then I see a shadow down the hall. I ignore it, thinking I am just going paranoid or just I am just drowsy. I continue to think but then I see the shadow and hear footsteps. I jump out of the bed, walk to the door, and peer out. I see nothing so I just sit down. There is nothing there Carly, it is just your imagination, I tell myself. As the footsteps become louder and closer, my heart begins to pound. I see a figure of a person. Then I see a someone coming into the room. I scream. But then I see who it is.

Normal POV

"Carly?" Freddie asks, coming in the room, sitting on the bed next to me. He is wearing a black shirt and pajama pants. "Oh Freddie it is only you," Carly says feeling relieved. "What are you doing here," asks Freddie. Suddenly Carly feels really cranky and annoyed. "What am I doing here, what are you doing here?" Carly snaps. "Woah Carls whats wrong?" Freddie says, putting his hands up in defense. "I just came down to check something!" "Oh nothing's wrong, I am sorry Freddie, I don't know what's gotten into me," Carly says, putting her head down.

Carly's POV

I feel Freddie placing his new developed muscular arms around me. I feel butterflies in my tummy, "Are you okay?" "Mhmm," I says distractedly. "Carly, I know you better than that, something is definately wrong," Freddie says. I feel his hot breath on my cheek. I am melting on the inside. God damnit Carly, just tell him. "I-I k-kinda.." That is all I can get out. Why do you gotta be so damn pathetic, I yell on the inside. There is nothing to be scared of, Freddie is you best male friend! JUST SPIT IT OUT! "I love you!" "You what?" Oh no, what if he doesn't love me anymore? "I love you, I really do, I say."

Freddie's POV

Wait, did she just say that she loves me?! What the hell, am I dreaming?! "Are you sure that I'm not just bacon?" I don't want her to think that she's in love with me. The truth is, I never got over her, yeah I was shocked when Sam kissed me a few months ago, but she didn't really love me, Thank God. She actually liked Brad. Even though Sam caused me hell all these years, I still care for her and consider as a friend. But Carly is and always be my love and my best friend. I look down at her petite figure in my arms, waiting for her answer. I looked at her long, messy, but soft brunette hair, and her pink cheeks. Her chest was no longer flat, and she had gotten curvier. My childhood crush was now a beautiful young woman. "Really Freddie, I am sure of my feelings, she says." She continues. "I have been in love with you for a while."

"So why didn't you say anything?" I pondered at the question. "I was afraid that you were over me, that you didn't love me back." Carly buried her face in my chest. I rub her back softly and stroke her hair.

Carly's POV

I hid my head in Freddie's muscular chest, waiting for his answer. I feel relaxed that Freddie is rubbing my back and stroking my hair. Freddie smelled like Axe and soap. His hair was shiny from a little sweat. I looked up at him. "I can never get over you, no matter how much I try," Freddie says rising to his feet. I stand up facing him. Freddie is at least five inches taller than me now. He carresses my face, I look in his deep brown eyes. "I love you Carly, always have, always will," he says. He stares in my eyes. I feel the butterflies in my chest again. I am smiling like a goof.

He leans in, and I lean in up to him. Our lips crash into a passionate kiss. His lips are so soft. I back up onto the wall and put my arms around his neck. We are making out with me againsed the wall. I feel like there are fireworks around us. We start kissing with tongue and he puts one hand on the wall and one hand on my waist. The kiss gets more intense. I hope we don't get too far. But we pull away for air.

Normal POV

Carly and Freddie smile at each other, and Carly puts her hand on his cheek. They stare into each others eyes. "It's getting late Freddie, we have school tomorrow." They walk out of the room and go up the stairs. Freddie looks at his watch. "It's 12:50, you're right Carls, we should go to bed," Freddie says as they pass Lewbert's desk. But Lewbert is gone.

They go up the stairs, ignoring the elevator. When they reach their apartments, Carly asks Freddie. "So we're going out now?" "Yup," Freddie says with a big smile. "Finally!" They both chuckle. "Do you want to go to the Groovy Smoothie tomorrow, as a date?" Freddie asked. "Sure, Carly says." "I hope Sam is okay with us dating," whispers Freddie. "It's okay, she will be happy for us," Carly assured him. Freddie smiles his cukey smile. "Goodnight Freddie," Carly says. " 'Night Carls," Freddie says, then kisses her cheek, Carly hugs him. Carly had a slight flashback when she kissed Freddie's cheek when they broke up, back when he saved her life. They departed and Carly went upstairs quickly but softly, not wanting to wake Spencer, to her room. Carly took off her sweater and jumped in her bed. She went to sleep dreaming about tomorrow, with Freddie as her boyfriend.

Well that's it. Theres my one shot :) Don't hate me if it isn't good because I rushed this. Love it or hate it? Comment and tell me what you think!

---Creddie 4 real