"Carly!" Sam Puckett scolded her best friend as she slammed her locker shut. "I didn't stay that!"

"Well, you did," Carly Shay retorted as she did the same. "I heard you say that to Principal Franklin earlier, and speaking of which," she added, a sly grin on her face. "That's the topic we're going to talk about on ICarly tonight."

"Carly, for the last time, I did not say that I love Ms. Briggs," Sam fumed. "It was just a joke......sheesh." She rolled her eyes.

Carly frowned. Sometimes she does not understand her best friend, but..... she might understand a little.

"Hey guys," Freddie Bensen called as he joined them. "Are you ready for - " He stopped to look at Sam's sulky expression. "What's the matter with her?'

"It's a long story," Carly sighed. "How about before we start with ICarly?"

"Sure," Freddie replied. "I don't mind the wait."