Sam is still getting over what happened because of Gibby, but seeing him with the cast, she sympathizes and buys him a smoothie. Carly and Freddie meanwhile talk about their kiss, and see if they want to start dating, since Sam and Freddie's relationship is uncertain. On the next iCarly webshow, Carly and Sam ask the fans who they think would make a better couple, either Sam and Freddie, or Carly and Freddie. The results come after the webshow, and both of them are even. Sam, Freddie, Carly, and Gabe (Gibby's formal name) all discuss the problems with them dating, and they all decide to just become friends again. Sam states that without insulting Freddie again, she can't survive. Freddie tells her that he misses her insults. So all four friends stay friends. Poor Sam starts having dreams that night about how she is losing Freddie to Carly. Her dream sequence is that Carly is making out with Freddie and insulting her. The next day, Sam and Carly get into a fight, with Sam ending up quitting iCarly. She then talks to Freddie about her dream and how she quit iCarly. Freddie reminds her that it was just a dream. Freddie and Sam kiss over and over again in Freddie's room. Sam and Freddie repeatedly remind each other that they love each other between each kiss. They continue to kiss over and over again. Carly goes into Freddie's house to tell him that Sam quit iCarly, and sees Sam and Freddie kissing. Sam and Freddie explain what is happening, and Carly runs out of the room telling them that iCarly is over unless they go back to hating each other, and leaves the room. Sam and Freddie share a long kiss, and then they agree with Carly, and they break-up. Sam talks to Carly about how all of them are back to being friends, and no one will date anyone in their friend circle. Meanwhile, Spencer starts dating a new girl named Jenna, and tells her that for the first time, he is in love. The iOMG 4 Part arc is over. The next episode is iStill Psycho, and Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby are all friends again. Spencer will be dating Jenna for the rest of the season, and he might even find a wife in her.


Sam all dressed up for her date with Freddie.