Sam, Kayla, Carly, Freddie

Fun, new story- <3 <3 Carlaay

The weird brands are spoofs of real brands. :P

Scene 1

Carly, Kayla, Sam, and Freddie in the Shay appartment's living room.

Freddie: "Great iCarly today! Loved the bit where you gave Lewbert a virtual make-over. He looked so gross and unruly on that <before> picture." *laughs*

Carly: *snickers* "Yeah, but sadly, he still looks like that in real life."

Sam: "Yeah. The man's revolting."

Carly: "Totally. It felt so good to trim his hair and airbrush his face- even if it was just on a screen."

Freddie throws a sideglance at Sam. Freddie: "I think someone else needs a haircut..."

Sam, chewing a Fruit Leather: "What'dya mean, Fraud?"

Carly: "Fraud?!"

Freddie, smirking: "I mean that a certain person in this room has hair that's stringy, waay too long, tangly, greasy, always in her face..."

Sam hits Freddie across the face. Freddie: "OWW!! That HURT, Sam!"

Sam: "Want another one?"

Freddie: "NO!?"

Sam: "Ohh, Fredderly.." *pushes him to the ground*

Carly: "Guys! Stop!!"

Sam: "O-kay... he started it!"

Freddie: "WHat are you talking about. YOU're the one who slapped me across the face!" *indignantly points at Sam*

Sam, mocking Freddie's voice: "YOU're the one who insulted me!"

Carly: "Ya know, Freddie might not be so wrong! When's the last time you got your hair cut?"

Sam: "Two, three years ago? How should I know?"

Carly and Freddie trade a look. Carly: "Yeah, we're going to the salon first thing tomorrow. And a facial wouldn't harm either... and- *gasps* oh my god, Sam! Your nails! You're in an absolutely desperate need of a mani. And a pedi." *glances at Sam's feet* *shudders*

Sam: "But.... okay." *pulls a strip of bacon from underneath her nail* "How can I do this *points at her nail* if you make someone cut my nails?"

Carly: "Oh my GOD!"

Freddie: "GROSS!!"

Scene ends with Carly tugging Sam out of the apartment.

Scene 2

-in the Crown Ridge mall, at a counter-

Sam: "Free facials?!?! Carly?! You told me we were going to-"

Carly: "I made up the free candy shop!!"

Freddie: "Well, yeah, Carly is right though, this is like CANDY for your FACE!"

Sam: "Shut up."

Carly: "Come on, it'll be fun. Thank god I could convince Spencer not to come with us."

Spencer, popping up behind her: "Whhatt did I hear?"

Carly: "Spencer! Shoo!"

Spencer: "Whatever, I wanted to go to Cinnabun anyways! Yeeaahah!"

Sam: "Catch'ya later."

A lady with black hair swept into a high bun approaches them. "Hello, may I help you?"

Carly: "Yeah. My friend here wants a facial." *points to Sam*

Sam: "Yes... I want a facial.."

Lady: "Okay, go sit over on that chair, and I'll get you started!"

Carly, whispering to Freddie: "Thank god she didn't recognize us from iCarly."

Freddie: "She probably doesn't watch it."

Carly and Freddie are seen walking away, while Sam is getting her facial, asleep.

-blur-> Carly, Freddie, and Sam walking in the mall-

Carly: "I am so glad you let us buy you a mani, a pedi, and a hair trim. And your face looks, oh my god, SO gorgeous after that facial! You could model for skin products- you have such a healthy, glowing tan. And *gasps* I totally heart that color on your nails! Light pink!"

Sam: "Yeah, no thanks. What's up next?"

Freddie, smirking: "We are taking you to buy makeup at Sapphira."

Sam: "Makeup? I'm not a sissy!"

Carly: "Sam."

Sam: "Yeah?"

Carly: "I wear makeup."

Sam: ", let's go to Sapphira?"

The three teens walk to Sapphira. Carly jumps up and down and claps her hands.

Carly: "Ooh, yay, I just love Sapphira! I can't wait to select the perf makeup for you."

Sam: *grumbles and fluffs newly-trimmed and detangled hair* "Whatever. Let's get this over with."

[Warning to guys- the next part might be a little boring. I'll try to make it short. ;)]

Carly: "First, every girl needs a good mascara. Your eyelashes are so light, so you'll need a shade of brown. Ah, here- perfect! Beanfeet's MADgal Lash. Even comes in brown."

Sam: "Shoot me." *makes a gun out of her hand and points it to her temple*

Freddie: "Ugh, me too. *pulls out cell phone; speed-dials Spencer* Hey, bro, what'cha doin', where are you? Oh, at the fountain? Cool. Be right there- what? How hot? A nine?! Wow! Okay. Later. *hangs up* Spencer's hooking up with a hot girl at the fountain. So I guess I need to hang out with you guys... ugh, girls."

Sam: "No one cares."

Carly: "Sam! ... okay, here, this cheek stain, and this light pink Styla lipgloss..."

Sam: "Who's gonna pay for all of this?!"

Carly: "Don't worry- I saved up all my Sapphira gift cards and I saved up money for a shopping spree for a while! All on me!"

Sam: "Aw, no, Carls, you don't have to- GREAT!"

Carly: *laughs* "Come on. Let's select your eyeshadows. Ooh, how about this bronze palette from Urban Decoy..."

-voice fades-

Scene 3

Carly, Sam, and Freddie are seen walking into Carly's appartment with bags from Sapphira.

Sam: "Oh my, can't believe it's already almost seven."

Freddie: "Oh my! Sounds so old-fashioned. Oh my! Oh my- oooowwwww! SAM!" *falls to the floor*

Sam sits down on the couch, satisfied. Stands up again. Sam: "I'm getting myself a root beer."

Carly: "You finished those yesterday! And anyway, weren't we going to make you over with the new products we got? Come on!" *walks to stairs*

Freddie: "Hey- where's Spencer?"

Carly: "Oh, I think he stayed at the- AAAH!"

Spencer has popped up from behind the kitchen counter and jumped on Carly.

Spencer: "Wow! I'm givin' you kids *ruffles all three kids's heads* quite some surprises today! Well, I'mma read a goooood book now."

Sam: "Why..?"

Spencer: "Because, in the fantastic book I'm reading right now, it tells you to be spontaneous if you want to attract ladies."

Freddie: "That's the book you're reading? That's so- *lowers voice* can I read it?"

Spencer: "Sure, man."

Carly: "Anyway, why does planning 'surprise attacks' on us make you look spontaneous in front of ladies?"

Spencer: "Oh, well, yeah, hm, it might be good for... good for... eh, practice! So I can practice being fun and impulsive in front of you guys, and then using *squints eyes and looks to the bottlebot* the acquired knowledge.. for the gals! YEHAHA!"

Sam, from practically inside the fridge: "That's such a lame- hey! Found another root beer! *takes a sip* Aw, man, it's almost empty. Oh, right, that's the one I had yesterday and put back in the fridge because I was too lazy to throw it away."

Carly: "Sam... Well, Spencer, have fun reading your 'great book'! and Sam? Now come up to my room, let's give you a make-over!" *starts up the stairs with Sam* "Oh! Wait." *runs to the kitchen and grabs a camera* "Let's do before-after pics!"

Sam: "Ah! No!"

Carly: "Yes!" *quickly snaps picture before Sam can scurry away* "Yeahh, that'll do."

Sam: "Ugh. Whatever."

Freddie, piping up: "Well, I'm NOT coming with you girls. Sorry Carly." *clears throat* "I'm gonna hang with Spencer. See ya."

Sam: "Oh, please, you just want to read that book so Carly will date you. The truth? It. Will. Never. Happen! Fredbag."

Carly: "Sam, don't be so harsh. But- yeah it won't happen."

Sam puts on a satisfied smirk.

Freddie: "That's not the reason I- darn, you're right, but... whatever. Later." *goes to the direction of Spencer's bedroom*

Carly: "Sam? It's time."

Sam: "O-kay."

-Carly and Sam in Carly's bedroom, at makeup mirror-

Carly: "Go wash your face in my bathroom. Use my soap and then apply my strawberry-scented face lotion. 'Kay?"

Sam: "Soap? Okay, fine..."

-Sam emerges out of the bathroom with rosy cheeks-

Carly: "O-kay, I think you actually did everything right." *looks down at a yellow lined paper* "Face cleaned and moisturized? Check." *scribbles something on the paper*

"Okay, now sit down. Let's give each other makeup-artist names. That makes it only ten times more fun. We'll pretend like you're the customer in Bloomingdale's and I'm your personal beautician. I'll be Jade!"

Sam sits down. Sam: "Ooh, cool. Hmm... I'll be Blair."

Carly: "Oh! Nice. Like Blair Warwoods, from Gossipy Gals." *takes out a nude-colored round powder* "I'll begin by powdering your face to cover anything uneven. This is the on-sale one from Beanfeat!" *dusts the powder on Sam's face with a large, soft brush* "Okay, now I will put some of my favorite cream blush on you. *grabs a pink box out of her own makeup drawer* Sit still." *blends the creamy formula on Sam's cheeks*

Sam: "Whatever you say, Jade." *rolls eyes*

Carly, in a fancy British accent: "For sure, Blair!"

Sped up- Carly putting an eyeshadow base on Sam's eyelids, dusting on three different shimmery-bronzey shades of eyeshadow on Sam's eyes, lightly lining both of Sam's lashlines with a soft dark eyeliner pencil plus a winged liquid liner on top, curling her eyelashes, and applying two coats of mascara with a fat brush.

Carly, in her normal voice: "Wow! Oh my gosh. Wow! Sam! You look hot!"

Sam: "Yeah, that's how mama likes it." *pauses* "Now let me see my reflection!"

Carly, back to the British accent: "Why, certainly not, Miss! I must still color in and gloss up your lips."

Sam: "Whatever. I mean, sure.."

Finally, Carly shows Sam her reflection.

Sam: "I actually look... get this gunk off of my face!"

Carly: "Sam! You are wearing that eyeliner, the blush, the mascara, and the gloss to school tomorrow! No 'buts'!"

Sam: "But..."

Carly: "No 'buts'!"

Sam: "But..."

Carly: "I said no 'buts'!"

Sam: "Fine."

Freddie enters the room.

Carly: "Hey, Freddie! What'cha been doing? Okay, you just HAVE to look at Sam!"

Freddie: "Just chattin' with Spencer. Whoa! Is that really her?!"

Sam: "Better believe it, circus boy. But don't believe I'm enjoying this. And now Carly wants me to put this goop onto my face to school?!"

Freddie: "Oh, Carly, I think you did a wonderful job."

Carly: "Freddie, that's totally copied from the book."

Freddie: "No, it's not! ...Carly. Your eyes are beautiful."

Carly: "Freddie, stop."

Freddie: "Oh, I'll do anything! Of course I'll stop."

Carly: "Oh, Freddie... Sam! It's only eight o'clock. We totally can't waste that gorgeous look. We are going out!"

Spencer enters the room. Spencer: "Heard that."

Sam: "You were eavesdropping, weren't you."

Spencer: "No, I just happened to stand close to the door and listen to every word you were saying."

Carly: "Spencer, you're delusional. So- where should we go? *looks to Spencer* Wherever we go, you drive us."

Spencer: "Okay..."

Sam: "Oh! I know this place. I used to dance there with Melanie a lot. You know, before she moved- anyways, Carly, I don't wanna go out with this-"

Carly: "Kay! Spencer? Freddie? Wait here. We'll be down in a few."

Freddie: "Sure, Carly, I-"

Carly: "STOP IT!!"

-Carly and Sam are seen taking the elevator up to Carly's room.-

-Carly and Sam are shown running down the stairs. Carly is wearing a red-and-black spaghetti-strap minidress and black flats, Sam is also dressed up nicer than usual in a dark blue long tank top and ripped half-see-through leggings. On her feet are olive-green converse. Carly also made Sam wear a glittery plastic heart bracelet.

Spencer: "Nice! You girls look cute."

Carly: "Thanks!"

Sam: "Yay, cute..." *fakes gagging herself*

Freddie: "I love that dress on-- *receives a warning glance from Carly* --never mind."

Spencer, waving around his car keys: "Okey dokey, let's go!"

Carly: "Sam? You are NOT inviting any boys into a game of 'Declare or Dare' like you did at the last party."

Sam: "Okay, fine, whatever.."

Carly: "Great! Now tell Spencer how to get to the place."

Sam: "It's called 'Disco Dance' or something. For relatively young people, so nothing will be happenin'."

Spencer: "Ooooh! I love that place. Know where it is. Let's go!!"

Freddie: "Well, someone's enthusiastic....- You wanna get a girl, Spence?"

Spencer: "Yeah... let's go! *shoos kids out of appartment and locks the door* Yeahah!"

Carly, heard from the hall: "What about that chick you met at the mall?"

Spencer: "She had a boyfriend."

Carly: "Oh."

Scene 4

The four of them enter a building with disco ball-like decorations. Spencer immediately dashes off, leaving Freddie, Carly, and Sam standing.

Carly and Sam are shown dancing with random guys in the place who asked them to dance. They return to Freddie.

Carly: "Hey, Freddie, why aren't you dancing?"

Freddie: "No one asked me yet."

Carly: "C'mon, you're kidding- it's been almost one and a half hours since we got here. I can't believe you didn't dance yet."

Sam: "I kinda can!"

Carly: "Sam!"

Sam: "Okay, Freddie's not hot, and in discos, you don't ask someone to dance because of their >inner values< or all that jank. You're not tan, not fit, and shorter than most of the girls here." *laughs*

Freddie: "Well... my mom doesn't let me, um, tan naturally in the sun..."

Carly: "Okay, go to Spencer, and you two can work out a fitness plan."

Two guys are seen walking over to Carly and Sam.

Guy No. 1: "Hey, if it isn't the chicks from iCarly!"

Guy No. 2 laughs.

Carly trades a glance with Sam. "Yeah, that's us!"

Guy No. 1: "Up for a dance, Carly? Tom, you can have Sam."

Guy No. 2: "No prob. They both lookin' hot!"

The girls laugh and dance.

Scene 5

Carly yawns and stretches in her bed. The sun is shining in her face. Oh my god, already 11 o'clock am?

Carly quickly jumps out of her bed, washes her face in the bathroom, and sits down at her vanity. She pulls out her pink hairbrush and quickly strokes it over her hair. Then, she applies her favorite sparkly lipgloss, curls her eyelashes, and applies the mascara Spencer had given her for her last birthday.

She quickly dresses into a dark purple scoop-neck shirt and khaki shorts.

Carly sleepily stumbles down the stairs. Spencer is seen lying on the table in front of the TV.

Carly: "Spencer? What are you doing there on the table?"