This is a story about the iCarly gang.


This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
iMeet Amanda is a crossover fanfic with The Amanda Show :) The story continues after iPWV and iDSAF.


  • Miranda as Carly
  • Jennette as Sam
  • Nathan as Freddie
  • Jerry as Spencer
  • Noah as Gibby
  • Amanda as Amanda/Penelope
  • Drake as Drake
  • Josh as Josh
  • Nancy as Nancy/Ms. Shalley
  • Boog!e as T-Bo

Scene 1 is in Ridgeway High School. Sam and Freddie go down the stairs and meet Carly near her locker.

Carly: Hey guys!

Freddie in a bummer voice: Hey

Sam: Sup Carls

Carly: Freddie why so bum?

Freddie: Cuz remember Ms. Carson told us we need to make a journal?

Sam: Yeah

Carly: Of course! Why?

Freddie: A dog ate it!

Sam and Carly laugh at Freddie

Freddie: What's so funny?

Carly: Cuz that's the oldest excuse in the book!

Sam: And I'm the expert in excuses and that is the lamest!

Carly and Sam continue laughing

Freddie: I'm not kidding! A dog did eat my journal!

Carly: Oh

Sam: Well that "dog really is...REAL BAD!

Carly and Sam continue laughing

Freddie: Guys stop laughing!

Carly: Okay.

Ms Briggs go down the stairs and goes to Freddie.

Ms. Briggs: Freddie

Freddie: Yeah

Ms. Briggs: Even though I hate you

Freddie in an upset tone: Oh come on!

Ms. Briggs: We found your homework

Freddie in an exciting tone: Really?

Ms. Briggs: Yes get it in Principal Franklin's office

Sam: But it's not real!

Freddie makes an I Told You So look at Sam

Sam: How much did Freddie pay you!

Ms. Briggs: So you still don't believe huh? DETENTION.

Sam: You do know that Principal Franklin doesn't make you have detention now right

Ms. Briggs: I don't...nyah. Freddie, come now

Freddie: Sure Ms. Briggs!

Freddie goes with Ms. Briggs and looks back at Sam

Freddie: Told you so

Sam: Nyeh

Freddie: Nyeh

Freddie looks to his front

Carly: Wow.

Sam: Why wow?

Carly: That was awkward.

Sam: Agree

They both pause for a while

Sam in a question tone: Hey wanna buy Tater Tots?

Carly in a high tone: Yeah sure

Carly closes her locker and they both talk to each other while walking

Carly in a bummer tone: I can't believe Freddie fooled us

Sam: Just look up on the tater tots

Carly in a high tone: Yeah

Scene 2 Intro

Scene 3: Shay's Apartment. Carly and Sam enter the apartment.

Carly in a question tone: Where's Spencer?

Sam: I don't know he's supposed to be here by...

Spencer surprises them

Spencer: AHH!

Carly and Sam in a frightened tone: AHH!

Sam in a mad tone: Dude you scared my chest and heart! Feel it

Carly in an explaining tone: No feel mine!

Sam in a mad tone: Why'd you scare us?

Spencer: Cuz I thought you're Socko!

Carly in a mad tone: How could Socko go inside and he doesn't even have the keys!

Spencer in a guilty: Yeah you're right

Sam: Shouldn't you be making Spaghetti Tacos for tonight?

Spencer: I would but I won't

Carly in a depressed tone: Why?

Spencer: Cuz do you remember The Amanda Show?

Carly in a happy tone: Duh!

Sam in an excited tone: That's my fave show!

Spencer in a soft tone in the beginning then makes a louder tone: Well we're gonna GO AND WATCH THE REUNION EPISODE!

Sam all happy: WHAT! HOW!

Spencer: Well I got it from Socko's cousin!

Carly: Who?

Spencer: Ticko

Carly in an obvious tone: Ahh

Sam in a cool tone: Amanda's my fave show! But I hate the part when that girl Penelope sneaks in

Carly: Yeah.

Sam in a jumpy tone: O my gosh I can't wait!

Carly: When is it?

Spencer in a Penelope voice: This Friday please

Carly in a happy tone: Cool!

Freddie enters the apartment


Freddie in a weird tone: Yeah

Carly: We're gonna see Amanda!

Carly and Freddie hug

Sam in a jumpy tone: I'm so excited I can't wait!

Sam runs to Carly and Freddie and hugs both of them

Carly: Wait where are they filming it?

Spencer in a Penelope tone: Here in Seattle please

Freddie: I used to love that show!

Sam: Yeah.

Carly in a happy tone: Guys! I got a text from Amanda herself!

Sam in an excited tone: O my gosh! What did she say!

Carly in a cool tone: She said Hey iCarly! Hope you can come to the filming. I love iCarly and I want you guys to come here for free VIP.

Sam in a more happy tone: Cool! But we have other tickets

Freddie: Why not let's give it to Penelope Taynt? You know, Amanda's "number one" fan

Sam: Nah why not let's sell it!

Carly in a depressed tone: We can but we can't

Freddie and Sam in a worried tone: What? Why?

Sam: I toled you we gotta stop doing that

Carly in a sad tone: The ticket people have the people's name and actual photos.

Sam in a depressed tone: Ugh. Looks at Freddie. It's your fault!


Carly: Guys stop fighting!

Sam: Fine.

Spencer in a question tone: So what are we gonna do?

Carly: We talk to Amanda!

Freddie: Yeah

They all go out from the apartment and closes the door

Scene 4: Gibby's House. The doorbell rings and Gibby gets it

Gibby: Oh hey Ms. Shalley

Ms. Shalley: Oh hey Gibby

GIbby: What are you doing here? I didn't fail right

Ms. Shalley: No you didn't. I just went here to talk to your mom and...looks at Guppy...who is that very cute boy?

Gibby: Don't you notice? It's my brother!

Ms. Shalley: Really? Don't notice.


Ms. Shalley: He's so cute! And Happy Birthday Gibby

Gibby: It's not my bithday!

Gibby's Mom: Hey Gibby, Guppy want some o...ranges Ms. Shalley what are you doing here?

Ms. Shalley: I came here for Guppy!

Gibby: She just got so much with Guppy's cuteness

Gibby's Mom in an upset tone: Why does that happen to everyone

Gibby: I don't know

Guppy: Happy Birthday!

Ms. Shalley: Aww!

Gibby: Ms. Shalley I thought your here for my mom

Ms. Shalley: Plans changed

Gibby: Ohh. Then please go NOW

Ms. Shalley: With Guppy?

Gibby: No.

Ms. Shalley: Well, alright

Guppy: BYE!

So that's Part 1. Hope you guys like it! :)