Scene 5: The Amanda Show Set. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer go inside the set and walk.

Carly: Wow

Sam: It's the exact replica of the set!

Freddie: And we're gonna meet herself!

Spencer: Sam why'd you say my butt's flat!


Sam: Come on Spencer! That was 7 months ago!

Carly in a soft tone: But you really made him mad

Spencer: Come on! It's like two fresh apples!


Freddie: Spencer we're here to see...Freddie looks in front and sees Amanda

Freddie: A-a-a-Amanda!

Carly: O my Gosh it's really you!

Amanda: iCarly!

Everyone hugs. Spencer just stands there

Spencer: My butt is not flat!


Amanda: What is he...

Carly: He's talking about his flat butt

Amanda: When did it happen?

Carly: It happened 7 months ago


Amanda: And why is he...

Carly: He's still mad

Amanda: Ahh


Amanda questions Carly: So why are you guys...

Freddie: I'm Freddie Benson!


Sam: We know dorky pants

Freddie: Sam why do you have to tease me!

Sam: Cuz you said something lame

Freddie: I was only nervous

Sam: Whatever

Carly: GUYS!

Sam and Freddie: WHAT!

Sam and Freddie slap their faces


Carly holds both of them and drags them away from Amanda

Carly: Don't embarrase yourselves by fighting here!

Sam: Well Freddie started it

Freddie: What do you mean...

Carly: GUYS!

The staff and crew look at them

Carly: Nothing everyone! *LAUGHS* Go to work! *LAUGHS*

Carly: So stop fighting!

Sam: Alright!

Freddie: We promise

Trio goes back

Amanda: Why'd you scream?

Carly immediately: NOTHING


Spencer: So why not let's see the snack table and maybe there are FRESH APPLES there

Amanda: What's with Spencer?

Carly: He really thinks he has a nice butt

Amanda whispers: But does he?

Carly whispers: No

Spencer: HEY!

  • Laughs*

Scene 6: Bushwell Plaza Lobby. Gibby goes inside and walks to Lewbert.

Gibby: Hi Lewbert!

Lewbert: What do you want, Gibbah!

Gibby: It's Gibby not Gibbah

Lewbert: I don't care

Gibby: Okay. So my name is Gibbah. *laughs* Where's Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer?

Lewbert: Somewhere where you are not allowed to be!

Gibby: They went to Canada?


Lewbert: You're not allowed in Canada?

Gibby nods his head

Lewbert: Wow. (pauses) ME TOO!

  • laughs*

Gibby: They ban shirtless wonders!

Lewbert: They ban warts!


Gibby: Tell me more

Lewbert: Are you banned from Fat Cake shops?

Gibby: Yes! They say I don't have the sense of Fat Cakes!

Lewbert: That's what they said to me too!


Scene 7: Outside the Set of The Amanda Show. Penelope bumps in to the iCarly cast

Penelope: You're the iCarly cast please!

Sam: And you're the number 1 fan of Amanda! NOT PLEASE


Penelope: I love iCarly! I might just be iCarly's number one fan please!

Carly: Would you like The Amanda Show tickets?


Freddie: In one condition

Penelope: Anything please!

Freddie: You

Penelope: ME PLEASE


Freddie: Need

Penelope: Me need to...

Freddie: Stop

Penelope: Stop

Freddie: With being a freak


Amanda walks by

Penelope: A-A-AMANDA!

Amanda: Wait you're that crazy girl!

Penelope: I-i-i will stop being cr-cr-crazy

Penelope faints


Amanda: Well for what she did last time...SECURITY!

The secrutiy comes and takes Penelope


Amanda: Can't wait for you guys to star in my show!

Carly: Wait, you want us to star in your show!

Amanda: Yeah! And I'll take those tickets

Sam: Hey where's Spencer?

Spencer walks with a paint ball on his forehead


Spencer: I got hit by an assassin when I went outside

Carly: We see

And that's Part 2! Part 3 coming!