Hey, Hey, Hey! It's ILoveSeddie1234321 with an iCarly and Harry Potter crossover fic! WOOP! XD I hope you enjoy! lol

Template:Fanstories Home CARLY POV

Sam, Freddie and I were sitting in the iCarly studio on our little bean bags. Sam and Freddie were watching some show on Snick while I was finishing reading the epilogue of one of the Harry Potter books, The Deathly Hallows. 

Sam had mentioned the series a few weeks ago, so I bought the first book and I had been hooked ever since! I never liked a book series as much as this one. 

I read the last sentence of the epilogue and closed the book slowly. 

Sam looked over to me, "You finished?" 

I nodded happily, "That was one of the best books ever!" 

"I told you! Harry Potter changes you..." 

I giggled, "Yep. Hey, why didn't J.K. Rowling write another book? The rest were amazing." 

Freddie shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe she got hate letters or something." 

Almost simultaneously, me and Sam yelled, "WHAT?!" 

"How could anyone hate Harry Potter?!" I asked. 

"It's possible." Freddie said, "Plus, I don't even like Harry Potter that much." 

Again, Sam and I yelled, "WHAT?!" 

I could tell that Freddie immeadeatly regretted saying that, "Whoa Whoa! Stop! I just said I don't like Harry Potter that much." 

I raised my eyebrow, "Have you read the books?" 

"Well, no. But still-" 

"You have to read the books!" Sam interrupted him, "If you don't, you'll NEVER understand why Harry Potter is awesome!" 

"Well sorry," Freddie said, "but I'm already in the middle of a book." 

I rolled my eyes, "That Algebra and Trigonometry book you're reading doesn't count!" 

"Yes it does!" 

"No it doesn't!" 

"Fine! How about I rent the movies and watch them..."

"NO!" Sam said.

"Yeah," I said to Freddie, "You HAVE to read the books first!" 

Freddie groaned, "I 'have' to?" 

I stood up and faced Sam, "Ok then, is then, is there any other way for Freddie to get into Harry Potter?" 

"Of course there is!" a familiar voice said. It wasn't Sam and it wasn't Freddie. I turned around. 

There over by the door stood Mitch; my Christmas angel.