It was carlys first Day of high school she it being prepared and it was Spencer’s last day of mediacal school summer break he invites His friends over to McDonald’s. the moms name is Zelda. Spencer to McDonald’s with his friends. A guy answed Zelda’s doorbell. Zelda opened it. A man named Xander had a plate of poison brownies. Zelda bit half a brownie. It tasted like soap and swallowed it. Zelda called nine one one. Nine one one what’s your emergency. I accidentaly ate half of a poison brownie. What’s your address. 321 main st. The emblance came then picked her up. She came to the hospital. the doctor called spencer while he was grocery shopping. This is Doctor zac zelderman saying your mom ate something posioning. Then she called carlys teacher Mrs Smith your students mom ate something poison. Carly Shay attention attention your mom ate poision please come to the downtown hospital. Carly walked out of the school and walk to the hosital. Twenty mintues later Carly was in the main office or lobby and told someone in the office do you see my mom or Zelda room 987. She went to the ninth floor. And she seen mom at the hospital She was dying mom mom. Carly called her dad from Iran in the miltary. DAD!!!!!! COULD YOU PLEASE COME TO THE HOSITAL BUY A TICKET TO IRAN THREW SEATTLE. Thirty minutes later she died. BBEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Waaaaaa said Carly. Spencer was laughing. CARLY WALKED home. Carly cried half of the day she talked to dad he was laughing sunday night was the wake then monday morning was the funeral. dad said rot in hell. Carly said that’s not nice go away, I hope in a half century You’ll dont see her in Heaven. then the ending credits showed the lunchin.