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I've written a part 2 to iOMG in my own way and how I think it should be. There are some OOC parts and a couple of unexpected as well. I've only done Carly and Freddie POV's. ENJOY!!

(Previously on iOMG)

Freddie: Remember we were wondering why Sam has been being so nice to me and Brad?

Carly: So what did you find out?

Freddie: Her mood...(opens laptop)

Carly: Sam's in love? (later talking to Sam) I know you love Brad!

Sam: I don't love Braaad! (later with Freddie)

Freddie: You'll never know what might happen if you don't...

Sam: (kisses Freddie then says) Sorry.

Freddie: It's cool.

(Part 2 Carly's POV)

I didn't think about it. It never came to mind. love. With Brad? No, not Brad. In love...with Freddie! "Sorry." Sam said after they kissed. "It's cool." Freddie said. No. No it wasn't. At least not with me. "So...uh..." Sam said. "I should get back to my project." Freddie said, heading for the door. I panicked. I ran from the room. I heard the Freddie close the door. Did he see me? No. He walked past me. He still had that dazed look on his face. The very same face he had from when I kissed him. Jealousy and anger flowed through my veins. I was hot. I needed to punch something. Now I knew how Sam felt when she couldn't get meat from the store. Sam came out next. She didn't look any different to me. Her eyes just stared ahead. I guess that's her way of being shocked. I waited 5 minutes after Sam left, then made my way to the door. I sat in the main hallway for about ten minutes when an anouncment came from Principle Franklin over the loud speaker. He was just reminding us about the Talent Show on Sunday. We always had a talent show before the kids left after the Lock-in. We've known about it for weeks, so we were all prepared. I had chosen to sing 'Who Says' by Selena Gomez. I had practiced it until I knew it by heart. I walked back to where I left Gibby and Spencer. Spencer was banging on the glass saying "Let me out! I gotta go!" Gibby was laughing. "Say pleeease!" he said, laughing harder. I groaned. I walked around to the back of Stimulus Chamber and opened the door. Spencer ran out and headed for the bathroom. Gibby kept laughing. "You should of seen him!" he said. I laughed along for a few but I just didn't feel like it. The kiss still bothered me. I know it shouldn't of, but they promised 'no more secrets'. Their first kiss made me mad, but not as much as this. I pushed the thought out of my mind. "How'd he do so far?" I asked Gibby. "Ok, so far." he replied, still breathing hard. Spencer came back and pointed at Gibby then me. "You are eviiil!" he said. "What if I died?!" he said. I wasn't listening. I was busy thinking about Sam and Freddie.

(The next morning, Freddie's POV)

Alright, alright. I'll admit it. I didn't expect the kiss. So does that mean we're dating? In a way, I guess. I never thought I'd be going out with Sam. Only with Carly, and when we did, it didn't last long. I was surprised it lasted longer than a day! But Sam? She's next in line. In fact...scratch that. FIRST in line, that is. After all those times Carly turned me down and after what she told Adam, I couldn't take it anymore. "So you and Freddie are definitely NOT a thing?" Adam had asked. "Oh God, no." Carly replied. That hurt. It made my heart sink, to think that we would never date each other again. She doesn't know I over-heard. I was coming back up to give her the sailors hat when I heard it. I took off the sailors hat and looked at it. Tears almost came to my eyes. I didn't let them. It was silly to cry over a girl. But Carly was different. I wiped my eyes, put the hat on the floor, and went back downstairs. I would miss dating Carly. I really would. Anyway, back to the present. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face. What am I gonna tell Carly? I thought as I left the bathroom. Then I went back to my project. I was at the door when I saw Sam in there, talking with Brad. Aw crap. I thought. I took five deep breaths and walked inside. "Hey." I said, trying to remain cool. Sam blushed a little but didn't smile or let Brad see. "Hey." she replied in her tom-boyish way. Brad looked at me then Sam. "You guys ready?" he asked. "Yep." Sam and I replied at the same time. We slightly smiled at each other. While we were setting up, I asked Sam what she was doing for the Talent Show later that day. "Singing 'Generation Love' by Jennette McCurdy." she said. "Cool." I said. "What about you?" she asked. "Nothing. I don't have a talent." I said. "Oh. she replied. "We need another test subject." she added. "What about Carly?" I asked. "Ok. Get her. But remember, not one word about the kiss." she whispered in my ear. I nodded and went looking for Carly.

(Carly's POV)

I was sitting in a chair by the window when Freddie came up. "Hey Carly." he said, sitting next to me. I moved a little closer to him. I was still mad at him, but is wasn't ALL his fault. Part of it was mine. I had waited to long to tell him that I still loved him. "Hey." I said. "Listen. Sam, Brad and I need another test subject. Will you be it?" he asked. So that's all I am to him now? A stupid test subject? I thought. I couldn't think HOW I could cope being in the same room with my betraying best friends. But I didn't turn him down. "Ok." I said. I don't think he noticed the coldness in my voice 'cause he said, "Great! Come on." I groaned. I followed him to his project. "Hey Carls." Sam said. I didn't reply, but I waved. "Just sit in the chair and look at the pear-pad." Brad said. "Test two, operation 'Mood-face', subject Carly Shay." Freddie said into his pear phone. "Ok, Carly. Just stare into the pear pad and keep your head still." he added. "Ok." I said. It only took a few minutes. Suddenly, Freddie's face turned to shock and amazement. I waited for the results.

(Freddie's POV)

Woah. This was to amazing. Nothing like this had happened before. Let me tell you how it got started. Sam, Brad and I needed another test subject, so we asked Carly. Carly agreed and she followed me to our project. She followed all the instructions and I took the test. When it was done the words, not WORD, flashed in red and black colors. The words were JEALOUSY and ANGER. Jealousy in black and Anger in red. "Carly?" I said. "Hmm?" she said. "Come here." I said, motioning her to me. "What?" she asked, soon by my side. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Look at the screen." I said. She looked and tensed up. "Oh, nothing." she said, moving closer to me. Our shoulders touched, but I wasn't paying attention at the moment. I eyed her suspisiously. "Ok." I replied. The loud speaker beeped and Principle Franklin's voice sounded. "All those participating in the Talent Show please get ready and go to the auditorum." he said then clicked off. "I gotta go!" Carly said, running from the room. "Me too." Sam said, picking up her backpack. "See ya in the crowd." she called as she left the room. "Ok." I called. After ten minutes of cleaning up our project and think of Carly's emotions, I walked down to the auditorium by myself. Brad was long gone, leaving to get ready for his magic act.

(Carly's POV)

I was freaking out! I couldn't wait! "Talent Show in 5 minutes!" someone called. Freddie came up behind me. "Good luck." he said, grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze. He smiled. Something about that smile gave me a warm feeling in my heart, like I could still love him without worrying about Sam. He held my hand for a few more seconds, then let go. A small spark came as his fingers rubbed against mine. He left off the stage and sat in the far back row. The Talent Show was starting. "First up, singing 'Generation Love' by Jennette McCurdy, Samantha Puckett!" Principle Franklin announced. "Wish me luck!" Sam called to me as she disappeared behind the curtain. Luck. I thought. "That's what I need." I muttered, sitting in a chair. She was amazing, though. And although I was still mad at her, I couldn't help but clap. When she was done she went and (of course) sat next to Freddie. "Next up, Carly Shay!" the principle said. Everybody clapped. Well...ALMOST everybody. Sam and Freddie didn't. They were busy kissing! That's it! I thought angrily. I turned to the band who were getting ready to play 'Who Says'. "On second thought...can you guys play 'When It Was Me' by Paula DeAnda?" I asked them. They looked at each other and nodded. "Good. Play that." I said. I turned to face the crowd. The music started and I jumped into it. "She's got green eyes and she's 5'5, long brown hair all down her back, cadillac truck, so the hell what? What's so special about that?" I sang. I knew the discription didn't fit Sam, but I didn't care. I was sending a message to Freddie. I wasn't really paying attention at the moment, but near the end of the song I realized nothing was going to change. They were still kissing. I was about to cry but I fought the tears back. I waited until the end of the song. When it ended, I ran from the stage. I ran to the very spot where this whole thing started and cried. The tears just kept flowing. I slid down the brick wall until I was sitting on the stairs. Freddie came out. "Hey. You ok?" he asked. "No. Now leave me alone." I said. He sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. "Carly, you can trust me." he said. I couldn't trust you with Sam. I thought, but I still smiled at him. It was hard not to. Kind, caring and calm. That's how Freddie is. "Freddie?" I asked. "Yeah?" he said. "What...what would you do if I told you I still...still loved you?" I asked him. He stood up and thought for a minute. "I don't know. But let's be real. That's never gonna hap-" he started to say. I didn't let him finish. I kissed him. Right then and there. A sharp spark came up and entered when our lips connected. His arms slowly wrapped around me, like snakes holding on to their prey. It only lasted for a few minutes, but it felt like forever. But reality settled in. We broke. I backed up and looked at Freddie. His face was red and his breaths were long and deep. I thought about when Freddie was just this weird little kid that was crazy about me. I love you, you just want to be friends... his voice echoed. That didn't matter to me anymore. I wanted to be more than JUST friends. I loved him, and then I finally realized it. When it was to late. "I'm...I'm sorry." I said. "No, no, no. It's ok." Freddie said. "No it's not. I know you're dating Sam and-" I said before Freddie interrupted. "Wait, how'd you know?" he said. His voice sounded concered, like I'd break out into tears again. I wanted to, but I kept my cool. "I saw you two kiss made me realize that..." I said before pausing. "Realize what?" Freddie said. "That I still loved you." I said, looking down. My face grew hot and I knew I was blushing.

(Freddie's POV)

At first, I thought it was all a joke. That at any minute, Carly would burst out laughing, saying that she couldn't believe I fell for it. I waited in 5 minutes of silence, waiting for Carly to do so. But she didn't. Finally her voice broke the silence. Here it comes. I thought sadly. But that wasn't what she said. "I'm...I'm sorry." she said. "No,no,no. It's ok." I said. "No it's not. I know you're dating Sam and-" she started to say. "Wait. How'd you know?" I asked. How did she know? I thought. "I saw you two kiss made me realize that..." she said then paused. "Realize what?" I asked. I hoped she didn't break out into tears again. She hated crying in front of me, even though she did that night. "That I still loved you." she said, looking down. Even in the deep moonlight, I could tell that she was blushing. After she said that, I REALLY thought that this was all joke. I laughed. "You're lying now." I said. "No I'm not!" she yelled. The seriousness on her face stilled my laughter. "Carly, come on. You've had a whole YEAR since that taco truck accident to tell me this. Now you tell me?" I said. "See? This is why I was to afraid to tell you this. I KNEW you wouldn't believe me!" she cried. "You can't be serious! Where are all the cameras? Is Sam hiding behind the bush?" I said, looking around. "NO!!!" she yelled. "I thought you still loved me. Did that kiss from Sam cause you brain to rot?! I wanted to tell you, but I was to shy. Every time I got the nerve to tell you, something stopped me. Now I tell you and...and," she stopped and sighed sadly, "you don't believe me." she added, heading for the door. By that point, it had started to drizzle. The rain drops landed softly on my head. "Carly, wait." I said, grabbing her shoulder. She twisted out of my grasp. "Leave me alone." she said. She walked into the building and slammed the door behind her. I was left alone. I listened to the low, but seemingly quiet, drip drop of the rain. "I bet she's high-fiving Sam right now. Everytime I asked her out or 'made a move' she said no. She didn't mean it." I told myself. Right? I looked up at the sky. The rain landed on my face. A few miles away, I could hear thunder. I searched for the moon and stars, but they were hidden behind a thick blanket of cloud. All I could think was, What am I gonna do now?

Part 3Edit

(Sam's POV)

I pounded on the bathroom wall. "Why?!" I screamed. I looked in the mirror. My hair was a mess and my eyes were wild with surprise. "Do I HAVE to love him?!" I screamed at no one. I had never expected that kiss. Nor had I expected to love...Freddie. Carly. What would I tell her? HOW could I tell her. She was my best friend and I went and betrayed her. I felt guilty. What if SHE loved him, too? I never found out... I thought. Since the taco truck accident, they seemed to have gotten closer. Like boyfriend/girlfriend close. I had never felt more sorry in my life. I literally mean my WHOLE life. I could imagine the whole conversation now:

Me: Carly, I'm sorry.

Carly: For what?

Me: I kissed Freddie.

Carly: WHAT?!!!

At least that's how I thought it would start out. I didn't have enough time to think how far the conversation would go, because it was time for the students to go home. Principle Franklin was dismissing everyone over the loud speaker. First he was dismissing those that got on the buses. Some kids lived to far to walk, so even though it was the weekend, they had to have the buses come in. I groaned. "What to DO?!!" I muttered angrily as I left the bathroom. As I walked out the door, I bumped into CARLY. My stomach filled with dread by the look of her face. It was sad and her eyes were red and puffy. She was looking down, not at me. Had she seen? Had she seen us kiss? I thought. I hoped not. "Hey, Carls." I said. "Hi." she said. "Are you ok?" I asked. Before she could answer, Principle Franklin started talking again. "All those on bus 4 please report to your bus." he said. "I have to go." Carly said. She was on bus 4, along with Freddie. My mom was going to pick me up. "Bye." I said. She ran off toward her bus. I wanted to run after her badly, but I remained in my spot. I wished I knew how to tell her what happened. (Carly's POV)

I got off the bus and went up to my apartment. I walked to my door and started to take out my keys, but someone was blocking the door. Freddie. "Hey, Carly." he said. "Hi." I said quickly. I hoped he had forgotten about the kiss. I didn't feel like talking about it. "What are we doing for iCarly tonight?" Freddie asked. "I don't know. I was hoping to wait for Sam..." I said. I saw Freddie twitch. I know why you're twitching. I know your secret. I thought. It was obvious he didn't hear me say that I knew about the kiss. He was to focused on the kiss from me. I had wanted him to suffer. The way I did when I saw them. For betraying me. But now I felt sorry for him. It wasn't his fault. Not completely. SAM came onto HIM. He didn't expect it. We stood in silence while I opened the door. "Coming in?" I asked. He nodded. "I'm coming." he said. He walked through the door and stopped. He was looking up. I followed his gaze and saw Spencer. "Spencer, what are you doing?" I asked. He looked down. "Oh. Hey guys. I'm just trying to fix this broken pipe with ducktape." Spencer said. "Ducktape? Just get a real person who can fix that pipe." Freddie said. "Dude, I'm fine. I've got my leg wrapped around this other-WOAH!" Spencer screamed. He hit the floor hard. "Are you ok?!" I said. "Yeah." He replied. He groaned as he pulled himself up. "Ow." he said. Freddie looked up. "You sure that pipe will hold up?" he asked. "Oh, yeah." Spencer said. "I don't think so. The tape is already peeling." I pointed out.