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Chapter 1: Melanie ReturnsEdit

01. Melanie Returns
Summary: Melanie returns to Seattle to see her family, friends and her new boyfriend Freddie. When she finds an old photo album, everything she knew is going to change.
Rating: T
Characters: Freddie
Pairings: Felanie (doesn't end this way)
Sidenote: A fanfiction I made a couple months ago. I'm writing a sequel for it at the moment.
Disclaimer: iCarly isn't mine!


"Spencer!" I yelled. "Spencer! We're running late!" I called after him.

"I know," Spencer said. "Just a sec, I'm just about to finish this sculpture,"

"You told me that half an hour ago;" I said irritated, "Your sculpture won't walk away,"

"Won't it?" Spencer said, peeping his head through the opening of the door. At a sudden a robot with the height of fifty centimeters walked into the living room. I had to admit that I was impressed by my brother, though I was already angry with him because he just wouldn't stop sculpting and give Freddie and me a lift to Sam's house.

"It's cool," I said, but although I meant it, it didn't come out that way. "Would you now give us a lift?"

"Kay," Spencer said, "just picking my coat. Go get Freddie,"

I smiled. I walked down the hallway and knocked the opposite door.

"Are we ready?" Freddie asked opening the door. He was absolutely pumped to see his girlfriend again. No, no, Sam's not Freddie's girlfriend. Although they were in good terms now, but they would never have a romantic relationship. At first, because it would be too weird to be hitting on the girl who made your life a hell for a very long time, and at second, because it would be infinitely weirder to hit on the sister of your girlfriend. Yep, that's right; Freddie's girlfriend is none other than Melanie. Melanie Puckett was Freddie's girlfriend and I knew how proud he was on that fact. At first it was a little weird for me to miss Freddie's admiration for her, but I was very glad for her best friend to finally find someone, who truly loved him back.

"Yes we are," I said with a smile. "Spencer!" she yelled.

"I'm here!" my brother yelled back and he appeared in the hallway just a second after that. "Sorry Freddo for being late,"

"No prob, Spence," Freddie replied friendly, we took the elevator to the ground, ignored the complaints of their beloved doorman, walked out of the Buzzwell Plaza and hopped in Spencer's small car.

"Ready guys?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah," Freddie and I called in unison. Spencer started the car and put on a fast type of music. Freddie and I moved our heads at the beat. Pam papapam, pam papapapapam. We had fun in the back seat. Fifteen minutes later we were at Sam's house. Sam and Pam were on the airport to pick up Melanie. Sam had given Spencer a key as a preparation for Melanie's little 'Welcome home'-party. Spencer opened the door and went in, followed by Freddie and me. Freddie and I sat on a worn-out sofa, while Spencer took a little less worn-out chair. Now we just had to wait for the Puckett's. Freddie had pulled out a deck of cards and I decided to play a game of War. After fifteen minutes we heard the doorknob turning. The door opened and it revealed Pam, Sam and Melanie.

"Melanie!" Freddie and I exclaimed and Melanie ran immediately to Freddie to give him a hug.

"Take it easy girl," Freddie chuckled. "You might want to greet the Shay's first,"

"Why?" Melanie asked with a smile still with her arms around his neck.

"Save the best for the last," Freddie said with a cocky voice. I couldn't help to roll my eyes with a smile. I admitted to myself that Freddie was kind of cute when he got all cocky.

"Good point," Melanie played along. She released Freddie from her grasp and walked to Spencer. "Hey Spencer," she said and she gave my brother a hug. She released him and turned to me.

"Carly!" she exclaimed and she wrapped me tightly in her petite arms. I embraced Melanie's neck with my arms.

"How are you doing, Melanie?" I asked.

"Fine," Melanie said. "I just missed my boyfriend… and you of course," she said with apologetic smile. I smiled back. I think I have yet to get used to it that someone called Freddie her boyfriend. I just don't really know why.

"Go get him, Melanie," I said when she released Melanie. I saw how Freddie was talking with Sam. They laughed together. Probably one of those food jokes of Sam's. I enjoy the fact that Freddie and Sam got much more along together. I remembered when Freddie bought MMA tickets for him and Sam. Sam wouldn't accept it at first, but after a touching scene the two became best of friends. Melanie put her arms around Freddie's waist, joining them in front of his bellybutton, and put her head on his strong back.

"Hi Freddie," she said. "I missed you,"

"I missed you too," Freddie said, "Can I turn around now?" he asked teasingly.

"Well, okay," Melanie teased back. She released him and let him turn around to face her.

"Oh," Freddie said. "That's how you look like," he smiled. I wondered if I saw him ever that happy and yeah, I think them make a cute couple. I looked at Pam and her face was a little ehhr, painful. Like she didn't like what she saw. What could possibly wrong with Freddie loving Melanie? Melanie looked a lot like Sam, but had a very gentle character, much like Freddie's. The two were enveloped in a hug and when they broke the hug to look at each other they gave each other a couple of quick kisses. They were so happy to see each other after such a long time.

"So," Freddie said. "How long will you stay here?"

"The entire summer," Melanie said happily. "Just to spend time with you,"

"Good," Freddie said. "I look forward to it,"

"Yeah," Melanie said. "Me too," she rested her head against his chest and he gently pressed her head against him, slowly playing his hands through her hair.

Chapter 2: The third kidEdit

02. The third kid


The party was over. Sam talked to Carly and Spencer, while Freddie and I were saying good-bye like they will never see each other. Pretty pathetic, but that's what you get if you weren't able to see your love after eighty-five days, and yes I actually counted them. We made sure nobody saw us when we shared a romantic kiss. It was much longer than the short pecks at our reunion. We were actually making out.

"Freddie!" we heard Carly yell. He had to go, but I didn't want to let go that easily. I pressured the kiss even more, making Freddie moan a little by surprise. I closed my eyes, knowing that this kiss won't last much longer, so I savored each millisecond of the kiss.

"Okay Fredlumps," Sam said, when she caught Freddie and me, "time to stop your germs from getting into my sister and to go to your own lair" I knew that Freddie and Sam laid down their differences and became best friends lately, but that didn't mean that Sam was making Freddie's life much easier. She just knows when to stop now. Freddie groaned, but obeyed. He pecked me on the cheek and walked to Spencer's car. Spencer started the car and I kept waving until I was sure I couldn't see the car again. Then Sam and I decided to go inside.

"Melanie," my mother said. "You'll be sleeping in Sam's room," both me and my sister groaned.

"Oh well," I said. "Thanks for giving me a bed," I said under my breath making sure my mom didn't hear it. She loved me, but she is kind of uncaring. No one could ever deny that.

"Well actually-" Pam said, with an apologetic expression.

"I have to puff my airbed myself," I finished mom's sentence. I sighed and went upstairs to find the airbed. This was far too familiar. I opened Sam's room and looked around. What a mess! How could Sam live in this? "Sam!"

"What?" Sam asked when she ran into her room, "Who died?"

"Nobody," I said angrily.

"Bummer," Sam said and she turned around to leave her room again.

"Sam," I yelled her name again, "it's a mess!"

"Oh no," Sam said rolling her eyes, "the neat freak is home again. If you want it clean you have to take care of it yourself."

"Fine!" I yelled, "but don't whine when you can't find something back,"

"Okay" Sam was convinced "I'll help. I don't want you to throw away all meat under my bed,"

I was grossed out, but I tried not to show it. I knelt over the mess and started to put things on their places. Actually cleaning up wasn't that bad. It had been a long time ago since the last 'sister time'. Granted, we might not be the best of friends, but I wouldn't even think about hurting or hating her either. Sometimes we have a lot of fun together, like now. We talked a lot and I was already used on Sam's weird habits and maybe Sam might to get used to mine.

"Sam," I said, "I'm going to get the airbed,"

"Kaykay," Sam said and she plopped in her bed. I chuckled and climbed the ladder leading to the attic and looked around. For an attic it wasn't that large. It was probably ten by ten meters. I found myself in the middle of the floor. There were boxes and cases and loose objects everywhere. Where was I supposed to look for the airbed? I decided to take the direction with the most boxes. I opened one and found that there were a huge amount of books in it, which was odd, because neither Sam nor our mother were really into books. I shrugged and closed the box. I took the next box and found even more books. I found another three big boxes with books, until I found something else. There was a lockless chest in the corner of the attic. I walked to it and opened it. It was filled with albums. Photo albums. I took one of the albums out of it and saw some marriage picture of my mother with a man. They looked happy and mom looked so smart and not like she looked like in the present. I wished she had that mom on the picture. Then I put the album aside and found several pictures of my mom being happy with her husband. I wondered what happened to that man and even more if he was my father. There was another picture of the same man in a military uniform. So the man was a military. Maybe he knew Captain Shay. I wondered if there were photos from Sam and me anywhere, so I put the map on the one I took out of the chest earlier and took the one with the inscription December 1993 – August 1994. I couldn't believe that there were even dates in the photo albums. I looked up April 17, 1994. There were a couple of baby photos. I felt a smile on my face as I wondered which one was who. She was surprised however that there were three photos. I turned the page and was surprised by the view. "Hey that's weird," I told myself. On this page was only one photo with three babies on it. There were also two women smiling into the camera. One of them was Melanie's mother. Her laugh was faint though. She looked troubled. The other woman didn't seem familiar. She had her hair dyed Bordeaux red. Suddenly I heard steps coming from the ladder.

"Melanie!" it was Sam. She appeared at the point where the ladder was. "What take you so long?" she was clearly annoyed.

"I couldn't find my airbed," I said truthfully, "but there is something else I want to show you," she signed from Sam to her own direction and Sam approached her. I lifted the photo album at the page of the three infants. Sam bent over.

"Is that our baby picture?" Sam asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I guess," I said.

"Then who is the third kid?" Sam asked.

"I have no idea," I answered.

"Can you turn the page?" Sam asked. I did that a couple of times and they saw another couple of photos, some with one, some with two and some with three babies. Suddenly we came at a birth announcement. It was torn.

To Samuel and Pamela Puckett are born:

Melanie Madoline Puckett

Evette Samantha Puckett

Then there was a tear. Both Sam and me were baffled. At a certain moment Sam said: "The airbed is over there,"

You guys have any idea who the third kid is?