Chapter 1: iDecide

Sam and Carly were on the platform a few feet to death.

In this moment Sam thought she couldn't be saved so she decided to just tell him, how she felt about him as Freddie shouted Carly's name.


She was the one Freddie loved not Sam.

Why would she tell her feelings towards him?

Sam iQoL Alone

Sam feels unloved.

His feelings wouldn't change.

He would never shout I love you back.

It made no sense.

Freddie was all for her but she hated his obsession with Carly.

It was killing her.

It hurt her too much.

There was only one way to get rid of it.

Sam pushed Carly out of the way as she went for the empty air.

Chapter Two: iRealise

From that day on it was not the same for Freddie.

He can still remember it like if it happened a few minutes ago.

He wanted her back.

Nothing was the same anymore.

He wanted to take a chance, to find her.

He went towards his kitchen pulled out a knife placed it to his chest and a few seconds later a piece of metal hit the floor together with a pale body.

But was he going to find her? Was what he just did right? How will he find her or not?