Enjoy! (That's really all you can do ;))

Chapter 1 (Freddie POV)

"Carly? Caaarly?" I called. "Yo, Spencer!"

I walked inside Carly's apartment, surprised at the quiet surrounding me. I headed for the kitchen, looking for a note. Just as I suspected, there was one taped to the fridge.

Freddie- Gone to Build-a-Bra with Sam. Will be home at 3:15.

I sighed.

Ugh I thought. Simply boring.

"So, now what?" I mumbled. It was going to be a good 15 minutes before Carly and Sam got back and I was NOT going back home to my insane-filled mother.

Oh, and as I forgot to mention, Sam and I are dating. Now don't go all judgemental on me! It was Sam's fault, kind of. She kissed me first. And, when it happened, I felt...relief. I didn't know why exactly, but maybe it was because I could finally detatch from Carly. Yeay, yeah, it's a mean thing to say...but isn't it mean to not even give me a CHANCE before you say 'no' when I ask you out? You agree, I KNOW you agree. When I gave up on her, it felt like someone gave me fresh air so I could breathe. Who knew, that under that tough skin, there was a heart that could love inside of Sam? I know I didn't. Anyway, I flopped myself down on Carly's couch and took out my Pearpod. I flipped through my songs (I had a HUGE varity) and finally chose a good love song that reminded me of Sam.

(In progress, having a hard time finding a song that relates to Seddie!)