Summary:Carly and Freddie have to do a project together,but soon...will true love happen? Will feelings get hurt?

Scene 1-School

It was a normal day at school,Carly and Freddie were at their lockers,and discussing their project. "So,you'll come over tonight and we'll work on the project?" Carly asked. "Yep." Freddie said. Sam walked over full of excitement. "Hey,Carly and Freddie!" "Why are you so happy?" Freddie asked. "Um...Freddie,I am happy because....I saw you..." Freddie looked shocked. "WHAT? What does that mean???" He asked,anxious for an answer. Is he happy about it? Sam thought. "I like you!" Sam spit out. Carly gasped and smiled. She texted to Sam: You finally told him! :) Sam read the text,and smiled at Carly. "So,will you go out with me?" Sam asked. Freddie looked at Carly. Carly smiled,Sam smiled,Freddie sighed. "I'll think about it." He said. Carly and Sam looked disapointed. Carly texted to Sam:I'm sorry :( Sam texted back: It's fine,he technically didn't say no! :) Carly laughed a little. "What's so funny?" Freddie asked. "Um...NOTHING!" Carly screamed. "OK...." Freddie said. It was an awkward moment of silence. After a little while longer of silence,Sam finally spoke. Of course,it was related to food. "I'm gonna go get some meat!" She said. "Have fun with that!" Freddie said as he walked away. "YOU FINALLY SHOWED YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS FREDDIE!" Carly shouted,excitedly. "Shh,don't make a big deal out of it,Shay!" Carly jumped up and down. "But,it IS a big deal! He may say yes!" "And he may say no!" Sam added. "Whatever,go get your meat!" Sam smiled. "Will do!"