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Recommended for teen-level readers.

This is both a story and a place where you can play the song game (from ICarly Wiki) without having to create a blog, so anonymus users can create these games! But first, here's the story:

Part 1Edit

Spencer: CARLY! Come to the kitchen!

Carly: Okay!

('suddenly her pajamas transformed into her cutest skinny jeans, a "Church Pants" Penny-T, and a couple braclets appeared on her left arm, followed by her socks and tennis shoes, and her hair was already brushed, and her teeth were brushed, white and shinier than ever.)

Carly: Woah!

(Carly walked to her bedroom door, and next thing she knew, she was at the table, in front of a plate of pancakes with maple syrup, just how she likes it, a handful of bacon, cooked to her preferences, scrambled eggs, toast, and a glass of orange juice freshly squeezed)

(Carly ate all of her food, down to the last piece of scrambled egg.Right then, it's reveal this was all a dream. Carly wakes up, and does her morning routine)

Carly: The bus is here! I'm gonna be late! I can't deal with spending the whole weekend with Mr. Howard & Miss Briggs, especially since Principal Franklin is sick! (Ran to the elevator) Out of order! I'll never get down in time! I'm gonna have to do it!

Spencer: Do what- NO!

Carly: Yes.

Spencer: Oh, boy.

(Carly had found a matress, tossed it out the window, backed up, and jumped out the window, falling 8 floors down.)

Carly: (staring down on the small area where the matress is) What have I done?

(Carly landed on the matress, but bounced off to the concrete pavement. Carly was surprised to be alive. She did not have any life-or-death-severe injuries, but when she got up, she found some blood on the pavement, and parts of her fingernail got chipped. Then, she saw someone who she would never expect to meet, someone who a certain teacher of hers is obsessed with, somone who is promoted on Freddie's new clogone. It was Randy Jackson.)

Randy: That was some fall ya took, dawg!

Carly: Yeah, I know! Why are you here?

Randy: Well, vacation. You feel me dawg?

Carly: Umm, what? Anyways, I've gotta get to school.

(The bus left at that right moment.)

Randy: Yo, seems you're gonna miss school, hey, I can invite ya to a ride in my limo, dawg.

Carly: Sure. Thanks.

Randy, No problem, dawg!

(Carly gets inside the limo and asks to go into the hot tub. Later, the limo pulls up at Ridgeway High School. Carly gets out of the hot tub and turns off the HD television. She goes for a quick stop at the sauna to dry off, and exits in front of all of her friends)

Sam: Woah! Awesome ride, Carls!

Freddie: Yep! Lookin' awesome too! Ya know you look really cute in that! Wanna sorta, just, ya know, kiss-

Carly: Freddie, It'll never happen.

Freddie: Didn't think so.

Shane: Hey, Carly! Wicked ride you've got there!

Carly: Thanks, Shane, I noticed you're out of your cast.

Shane: Yeah, and no, I'm not gonna date you

Sam: Yay, he's gonna date me!

Shane: No, I'm not. I'm dating Wendy, but if you want I can see if you'd like Duke.

Sam: The sweaty wrestler, nope. Not a chance.

Shane: He likes meat.

Sam: Where's he at?

Part 2Edit

(All the way to Halloween, Carly was super popular. A group of people followed her all around the place, and not just Freddie, Sam, and Gibby. There was also Jake (that terrible singer), Nate (Carly spat in his eye before), and Adam (That guy at the Fanwar time).

Carly: Okay, Jake, Nate, Adam. You've been following me since spring! Don't you have to get to Chemistry? I'm going to Math. Thanks.

(Everyone left)

Carly: Just those 3!

(Sam, Gibby,and Freddie turn around)

Gibby: We have to get to that Training Bros club.

Carly: You go there?

Sam: Carly, hold this.

(Sam gave Carly her root beer, pushed Gibby into a closet, and we hear screaming. Sam and Gibby come out of the closet.)

Sam: Thanks.

Gibby: Ow! Sam kicked me at my everywhere!

Sam: Oh, man up!

Carly and Freddie: SAM!!!

Sam: What?

(scene switches to the Bushwell apartment)

Spencer: "I'm cooking, I'm cooking things, cooking things for people to eat, I'm cooking, I'm cooking things, things that people will che---"

Carly: I'm home!

Spencer: Hey, shouldn't you knock when you're entering someone else's home?

Carly: Uh, yeah, but, this is our home

Spencer: Oh yeah, oof!

Carly: What's wrong?

Spencer: Remember Dr. Dresdin, well he gave me a pill that wasn't approved in the U.S., Canada...

Carly: Was it in Cuba?

Spencer: No, but in Sao Tome and Principe.

Carly: Where the heck is that?

Spencer: Somewhere in Africa. Anyway, he gave me a pill to help me with, well, my sculpturing skills have been getting lazy.

Carly: Are you sure? You've made an entire collection of pottery things, you know, plates, cups, bowls, silverware, and even a cabinet for it!

Spencer: Yeah, oof! Anyway, what am I supposed to do with that?

Carly: You can sell them at a yard sale.

Spencer: Okay, but where do we find a yard?

Carly: Okay, apartment sale.

Spencer: Why would we sell our apar- oh....

Part 3Edit

Spencer: Carly, how 'bout you and your friends go around the place and tell about the yard sale. Oof!

Carly: Okay.

(Carly goes across to Freddie's apartment and knocks on the door)

Carly: Hello Mrs. Benson.

Mrs. Benson: Bleh.

Carly: Can I see Freddie?

Mrs. Benson: No. He's having his tick bath.

Carly: TMI. When will he be out?

Mrs. Benson: 23.5 minutes.

Carly: Okay. Bye.

(Carly goes down to Sam's)

Carly: Sam!

('The door opens, but closes. Carly hears Sam say "Mom! Let me get the door!"

Sam: Sorry 'bout that, Mom was trying on one of her bikinis, didn't want you to be...

Carly: Yeah...

Sam: Yeah....... Um, so what is it?

Carly: Spencer's having a yard sale, so we're gonna get Gibby and Freddie to help promote, but Freddie's having a tick bath.

Sam: How long till that nerd's out?

Carly: 23.5 minutes.

Sam: Let's go get the other nerd.No

Carly: Okay.


Gibby: Go away Sam!

Carly: We're just gonna ask you if you could help promote a yard sale Spencer's havin'.

Gibby: Okay. Next time, leave with that.

Freddie: Mom! I'm done with my shower!

Mrs. Benson: No you're not! How do we know if there are anymore ticks?

Freddie: Did you see any ticks go down the drain? I don't have ticks!

Gibby: Sounds like Freddie is wanting to get out. I'll help. Mrs.Benson! He's done!

Mrs. Benson: No he's not!

Gibby: How about I go and find a nice fancy dinner for you. On me.Hey,Sam, Carly, do you know where I can find a fancy dinner?

Carly: How about we bring her to the Olive Gar--

Gibby: I don't want to remember that experience.

(Sam punches him)

'Gibby': Ow!

Freddie: Hey guys. I heard you're having a yard sale.

Carly: Yep.

Sam: I'm gonna start.

('Sam starts walking around the apartment, rapping)

Sam: "Come on down to the yard sale in the apartment,yo! We've got pottery stuff, plates and bowls, ya know!"

Carly: I've made you guys some signs.

Freddie and Gibby: Thanks!

Carly: Yep. You guys go where you want, I'll go to every other floor.

Freddie and Gibby: Okay! Jinx,Double Jinx, Triple Jinx!

Carly: Bye!